Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plugs

I’m a child of the 80s. I grew up watching Trap Door and Duckula, listening to the Cure and the Damned, and eating Sherbet Dip Dabs and Swizzles Love Hearts. Now, as a middle-aged wife and mother…well, I still do all those things, actually. Most of me has grown up, but I still love many of the things I loved back then. Especially the Swizzles Love Hearts, they’re like, my fave sweetie sweets ever. So, I guess that’s the main reason I wanted to get my hands all over these Play with Me Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plugs by Blush Novelties.

It was one of the larger, Naughtier Candy Heart butt plugs that I really wanted and I tried my best to find one. They weren’t available in the UK when I first spotted them, but around the middle of 2016, I finally found one on Amazon. I intended to review it, but Blush asked me to hold off until they released their updated packaging, and told me that, because I was waiting, they’d send me another plug!

In a recent package from the awesome Peepshow Toys, I found that Blush had indeed sent me a second one. Luckily, it was one of the original Naughty Candy Hearts, so now I can tell y’all about both sizes so that you can choose which is right for you.

But first, the new packaging. It’s a massive improvement on the old stuff. When I got my first plug from this line, I nearly lost a finger getting into the package. It was that plastic stuff, with more plastic stuff inside. But not, Blush have upgraded that to a lidded plastic shell that’s easy to get into, and it sits inside of a pretty paperboard box.  It has all the candy hearts printed on pink panels, with pink foil blocking and cute Play with Me branding. I approve of this newness!

Not all of the toys that come out of the Blush Novelties toy factory are silicone, but happily, these plugs are. Both sizes are made from super smooth silicone that’s firm to the touch, and there’s nary a seam in sight.

Great for those who have tried fingers and thumbs and are now after something a wee bit bigger, the original Naughty Candy Heart measures up at:

  • 5” in overall length, 2.5” insertable
  • 5” in girth at the widest point
  • 75” neck
  • 5” wide base

If you need something that has more of a noticeable presence in your rear, the Naughtier Candy Heart’s stats are:

  • 5” in overall length, 3.5” insertable
  • 5” in girth at the widest point
  • 1” neck
  • 75” wide base

They’re tapered, pear-shaped plugs with stubby necks and wide anal safe bases. Those bases are what make these things oh so special. They’re heart-shaped, which I guess isn’t anything out of the ordinary, but when you insert your chosen plug and bend over, any lucky bugger who happens to be allowed to look will get more than a cheeky eyeful.

Yep, stamped into the bases of these plugs you’ll find the Love Hearts (or Candy Hearts) aspect at its, well… at it’s naughtiest. Suggestive messages that range from sweet to spicy. They come in three colours, and each colour has a different message.

Naughty: Spank Me Naughty: Be Mine Naughty: Do Me Now
Naughtier: Fill Me Up Naughtier: Ride Me Naughtier: Fuck Me

Both of mine are purple, and I’d normally screw my face up about that, but the sentiments in the bottom are pretty much perfect for me so I don’t care that the colour is a bit boring. I mean, a butt plug that instructs the Fella to ‘Fuck Me’ when I flash my ass is just the best thing ever.

So, using them. The Naughty Candy Hearts plugs are really easy to insert. Like I said above somewhere, they’re tapered, but what I didn’t say is that the taper is very pointed. Not jabby pointed, but cheek-partingly pointed. It passes into the anus with ease, and then it’s up to you how quickly or slowly you let yourself feel the stretch. The smaller plug won’t give you a great deal of that, but the larger one gives a nice widening feel.

With the base being quite large it’s easy enough not just to get hold of, but to keep hold of. So, if you’re like me and enjoy a bit of thrusty teasing before the plug slips home, you can do that with these. Even with lubed up fingers (water-based lubes only peeps).

Once they’re inside me, I have experienced a little bit of digging in from the Naughtier Candy Heart. The pointed end isn’t bad, but the top of the heart can chafe a bit. But there’s no nipping from either neck, and my rubbing issues are very likely down to my big arse and nothing at all to do with the lovely smooth silicone base.


Wearing them for long periods of time is fine because they’re so comfortable to wear, provided you remember to pop the plug out to reapply a bit of lube every so often. The anus isn’t self-lubricating and silicone seems to make it dry up quicker than say, a glass plug would. Trying to take a dry silicone toy out of your dry ass is definitely one to avoid. Really, I wouldn’t be surprised if the term ‘rip you a new one’ was coined to describe this exact sensation. Ugh, no.

But other than that, they’re comfy. They offer a good stretch on insertion, feel nice and filling if they’re worn during vaginal sex, and if your partner has a penis, things will feel tighter for them, too. And did I mention that they look great? The Fella does this sexy snigger every time he sees I’m wearing one, cos they sure do get the point across.


Once playtime is over, Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plugs can be cleaned in the same way you usually clean silicone. I wash mine in soapy water, but rather than using hot or warm I use cold. Warm water tends to set any funky butt smells into or onto silicone (and there will be a smell, cos there ain’t no ass on earth naturally rose scented) but cold water lessens those smells. I use a toy cleaner after that, and nine times out of ten that gets shot of pongs and whiffs. There isn’t a storage bag or anything included, and the packaging isn’t a permanent solution, so you’ll need to sort that out yourself. They do look mighty cute on a shelf, though.

If you fancy giving one of these a try, click the banner below and go check them out at Peepshow Toys.

Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plugs Review, Scandarella

The Naughty Candy Heart Butt Plugs was sent to me by Blush Novelties via Peepshow Toys in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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