Mini Marvels Marvelous EggCiter

Easter is coming! Not quite as catchy as the Stark’s motto, I know, but it’s the one floating around our house right now. And just like Valentine’s Day, I’m listening to my friends say they’re sick of the tired old traditions of hot cross buns and *gasp* chocolate eggs. But, as you might expect, I’ve had a toy suggestion up my sleeve like a good little sex blogger. What did I tell them to ask for? A Mini Marvels Marvelous EggCiter by Cal Exotics.


When I first spotted this new range of toys I was super excited. The packaging makes me happy, and the little vibes are all adorable. There are four different options available and I was eggstatic (sorry) when Sh! offered me the opportunity to review one.

I’ll say it again; I love this packaging. It’s so funky and fresh with its bright, bold colours, but at the same time the characters on the front give it a retro feel. I think it’s accessible, though it might not appeal to those who prefer a more sophisticated look to their packaging.


One thing I will say is, did the box really need to be that big? As you probably know, I believe sex toy packaging is important, but the box the Marvelous EggCiter comes in is twice the size it needs to be. Less would have been more, in this case.

But the most important thing is what’s in the box; the Marvelous EggCiter, a usb charging cable, and a generic info leaflet. It’s a useless piece of paper that I didn’t need to read. All of the information I need is printed directly onto the box.


Each of the Mini Marvels is made from a different coloured silicone, and the Marvelous EggCiter is the loveliest shade of blue. Some silicone is so smooth it glides across the skin, but this silicone has a bit of texture to it. It’s barely noticeable but it does give the toy a bit of drag.

What a tiny thing this vibe is! When they said mini they meant it. The cute blue egg measures 2.75” from end to end, and it isn’t even 2” wide. It isn’t flimsy or difficult to hold, though. The 5.25” girth makes sure of that. It’s the perfect fit for my palm with enough peeking over my fingers to let the pinpoint tips stimulate my clitoris.


I say tips because the point of the egg is split into two prongs by a deep channel that wraps around the top of the toy. The Fella says it reminds him of Pacman, which I said I could kinda see. If it was rounder, yellow, had eyes and looked nothing like it does, it would definitely look like Pacman.

But anyway, mocking my husband aside, the Marvelous EggCiter is designed with clitoral stimulation firmly in mind. Those prongs can nestle either side of it, or they can be stroked over it, or one side can be used to hit that spot that gets you every time.

So, after giving it an initial charge (it takes 2.5 hours from flat) I checked out the vibes.


The Marvelous EggCiter is operated by two buttons; an ON/OFF button and the function button beneath it. There are three intensities and seven patterns on offer, and all of them are pretty damned good. You know me, I’m not usually enthusiastic about patterns, but these ones I like. I think it’s because of the power behind the vibes rather than anything to do with the patterns themselves.

Oh, did I not mention that the vibes are fantastic?

I was hugely impressed with them when I did the nose test. Instead of making me want to sneeze they made me want to check my bone for fractures. Such deep, rumbly goodness! It’s quite noisy, though. Even on the lowest setting it can be heard from under the covers, so while it’s discreet in size, it’s a bit obvious in sound. I’ll mention here that there’s an automatic travel lock that kicks in every time you switch the toy off, so if you decide to carry it with you there’s no risk of it being accidentally knocked on and giving the game away.


Using the Marvelous EggCiter is super easy. I do my best to concentrate the lube I use (water-based only) right on the tips. Stroking them over my inner labia feels nice, but not as nice as placing the prongs either side of my clit and quickly wiggling it up and down does. I come so fast doing that it sometimes feels like a waste of lube, because I end up over-sensitised and need to stop. But I’m never unhappy when I stop cos the orgasms are always so damn good.

Another way I like to use it is to switch it on, put it in my knickers and do whatever it is I’m doing. Writing erotica, watching Tayte Hanson topping all over the place, or giving the Fella head…all while a little vibe buzzes happily away between my labia. It isn’t enough to make me come, but it gets me close enough that tipping myself over the edge isn’t much work at all.


As it’s waterproof, I gave it a shot as an internal vibrator. As a love egg. I’m not 100% sure if it was a good idea because it wasn’t half warm when I squeezed it out, but while it was in there it felt rather nice. Better than most actual love eggs I’ve tried, if I’m honest. The Fella used a finger to keep it rocking against my G-Spot, and all it took was a little tongue on clit action and that was me done.

Speaking of the Fella, he likes this one, too. It’s kept away from his balls cos it’s a bit too much for him, but he likes to wedge it between my labia, over my clit, so he can stroke his cock over it. That presses it against me in turn, which feels awesome, and when our play turns into penetration there’s a clit vibe already there doing half the job. See, eggs really are versatile!


Cleaning waterproof vibes is as simple as washing them in soapy water or using sex toy cleaner. This one is no different. There isn’t a storage bag provided, and this toy really needs one. It loves all the fluff, dust and pet hair within three feet of it, so to keep it looking its best decent storage is a must. I keep mine in its box, just like I do most other toys.

If you’re a lover of strong rumbly vibes and are after a small, gorgeous silicone clit vibe, you could do a lot worse than this. Click on the banner below to go and check it out.


The Mini Marvels Marvelous EggCiter was sent to me by the Sh! Womenstore in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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