Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set

If you have a vagina that you’re able to put things in, something you should seriously consider getting hold of is a decent set of kegel weights. Whatever age you may be. They don’t need to be the all bells and whistles type that do everything short of telling you the time. A simple set like the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set will see you right.

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You get seven pieces with this set. Five solid ball-shaped weights (no jiggles) and two harnesses. Each piece is made of body safe silicone that feels very pleasant to the touch. It’s soft and slightly silky, which is the exact type of silicone I love.

As I’d never heard of Lurepink before, I did worry that the quality might be a little…below par. When I first opened the set up I immediately spied a seam on one of the balls, so gave them all a thorough checking. The seam is only noticeable on that one ball so I’m confident that they’re not ever falling apart.

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The beauty of a set like this is that it could potentially be the only kegel product you ever need.

As I said above, you get two harnesses with the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set. A single sling and a double, both of which are a lovely pale shade of grey. They’re stretchy and strong with 2.25” long retrieval tails.

Now, I know that some folks are concerned that if they pull too hard the tails on kegel balls might snap. There’s no need to worry with this set. I mean, there probably are some out there that will, but these ones are sturdy as fuck, they stretch to 7.5” with absolute ease. They ain’t snapping any time soon. Not if you’re just tugging them out of your vagina.

Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set Review - Two grey silicone harnesses, one single, one double, on grey with black bats background

Something else that’s nice and elasticated about them is the cradles themselves. They expand easily, allowing you to quickly pop your chosen weights inside. If you find them creasing a bit, just hold the ball itself through the little openings in the sling and then pull on the tail. Or, in the case of the doubler, the separator in the middle. This pushes any air out and helps the silicone flatten against the ball. In all honesty, it’s just a cosmetic thing. There’s no way are the balls falling out just cos there are a few creases. And even if they did, it’s not like the balls will get lost all up in ya. There’s literally no way for them to go but out, and if they do that you’re gonna know about it

You might be thinking at this point, what’s so special about this particular kit? It’s not like it’s the cheapest set around (it’s $50 – approx. £38) and I could get something similar anywhere. Well, yeah, you definitely can, but the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Ball Set has a little something extra that other shops’ ‘own-brand’ stuff doesn’t.

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Instead of the usual three weighted balls, you get five. The balls are coloured from white through a few pinks to a deep rose. The weights are as follows:

  • White = 35g
  • Baby pink = 40g
  • Light pink = 60g
  • Barbie pink = 70g
  • Deep rose = 80g

Just working your way through these weights in the single harness will be enough to take you from beginner to advanced kegeller. But then you have the double harness, too. That opens up so many more options. You can mix and match the balls to more closely tailor your work out to your personal needs. These are all of the weights available to you:







35g 80g 115g
40g 95g 120g
60g 100g 130g
70g 105g 140g
75g 110g 150g


Those weights go up in tiny increments but depending on the strength of our pelvic floors those few grams could make all the difference. If you use a weight that’s even a little bit beyond your muscle’s current strength you risk losing your grip. I know from personal experience how disheartening (and sometimes embarrassing) that can be.

You may well roll your eyes at me for saying this, but I recommend that you start with the lightest weight. Yes, even if you can hold it without issue and sometimes forget it’s there. If you’re unaccustomed to kegel weights this will still be a good way to let your vagina get used to having something heavier than a menstrual cup inserted while you walk around.

Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set Review - Single grey harness with white kegel ball inserted on grey with black bats background

If you’re over thirty or have had vaginal births whatever your age, you might find that the 35g is more of a challenge than you realised. I know that I did when I popped in my first kegel ball many years ago. If you don’t have to work to hold the 35g, switch to the next size after a week. If you do have to work, give it two weeks, or until you stop feeling the need to clench. Slowly working up the weights in two-week intervals gives your muscles a chance to tone up gently.

Inserting the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls is easy enough as long as you don’t struggle with reach. My own method is to put a token amount of water-based lube on the ball and a little on the opening to the vagina. Then I put my right foot on the edge of the bath and bend my left knee so that I can easily reach my vag. Once the ball is positioned at my entrance I use two fingers to push it inside, then my index finger to push it as far in as it’ll go. When I stand straight the ball will naturally drop into position and I’ll feel the need to clench my muscles. That’s when the work out begins.

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Bear in mind that your vagina is not the same as mine. You’ll need to find your own position for comfortable insertion. Some folks lie on their back with their leg raised, some squat on the floor, and others sit on the edge of the bed or a chair. If your vag lubricates easily you might need less lube, if it doesn’t, more. And you might not experience the natural drop that I do, either. Try a few things and see what works.

Once they’re inside me the Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls are really comfortable. The silicone tail is nice and smooth with no edges, so nothing digs in or chafes. I can wear them for hours at a time. I can feel their weight if I’m wearing the heavy ones and it reminds me to squeeze. Yep, ya gotta squeeze. Kegel weights do set off little natural reaction contractions when they shift inside of you, but it’s the active squeezing that speeds up your toning. Just make sure you isolate the correct muscle first (try stopping your flow mid-pee and you’ll feel it).

Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set Review - Double grey silicone harness with pink kegel balls inserted, on grey with black bats background

While it has been said that more than half an hour using kegel weights is bad for pelvic muscles, I’ve not had any issues. I’ve had mine in all day at times, and sometimes fall asleep with them in if they go in later on in the day. It’s done me no harm but again, your mileage may vary.

Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set Review - Double kegel ball harness in a woman's hand to show size, on grey with black bats background

One thing that’s important with all kegel weights is to remove them whenever you need to use the toilet. Yeah, they could slip out and land in the pot when you relax, but that’s not the only reason. Having something sizeable in your vag while you try to pee (the doubler is 3.5” long and 4.5” in girth) could put pressure on your pipes and prevent you from eliminating fully. When you stand up, that trapped pee finds its way out and the next thing you know, you pissed down your legs. This is not fiction, folks, it’s fact. Ask my favourite pair of socks if you don’t believe me.

To take them out just nip the little bulb on the end of the tail and pull. It will stretch a bit at first and you will feel the balls against your pubic bone. But then it’ll suddenly shoot out and that’s that. If you’re done, give them a thorough clean by taking the balls out and washing everything in soapy water. If you’re putting them back in, I find a quick rinse, a shake dry, and a bit more lube works fine.

Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set Review - Kegel ball and harness collection, on grey with black bats background

Lurepink supply a white satin bag with their kegel balls set so you’ll have somewhere safe to store them.

If you fancy trying this set, click the banner below and head over to Lurepink.

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The Lurepink Silicone Kegel Balls Set was sent to me by Lurepink in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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