Lovelife Flex Kegel Exerciser Set

Those who follow me on Twitter may have noticed that I made a statement that surprised me recently. While I’m a chick who adores her death metal and all of its accompanying blacks, blood reds, and skulls, there’s been a new love stealing over me that I’ve welcomed wholeheartedly.

I’ve caught the girly. I’m absolutely loving the magical rainbows and unicorns out there in the sex toy world, as well as the unashamedly feminine fluffy clouds, hearts and flowers.


So after the lovely Carolyn from Betty’s Toy Box and I had a chat, she agreed to send me the Lovelife Flex Kegel Set in exchange for an unbiased review, and I was beside myself with excitement.


OhMiBod’s Lovelife range is the epitome of soft femininity. Bubbling over with sweet pinks, clean whites, and pretty love heart shapes, I for one love it, and have been dying to get my hands of some of the pieces for ages.

Packaging wise, the Lovelife range is a win. The outer sleeves do have a lil’ bit too much pink going on, but the hard white storage boxes the products come in are gorgeous. Each product has its own unique pattern printed in pink on the box, and this particular pattern is wavy.


It may sound odd, but the best thing about them is they look like tissue boxes, and nobody would bat an eyelid if you left the box out where it could be seen. Well, unless they wanted a tissue that is, but I digress.

The Flex set comprises of three kegel balls, all made from beautiful soft silicone. Yes, that silicone is pink, but it’s a lovely shade. Kinda bright, but kinda dusky and muted too. Each of the balls are made from one piece of silicone, so are seamless, but they do have OhMiBod embossed on the main body. The little nooks and crannies that produces need attention when cleaning, and even though I think it’s cute, I would rather they’d been smooth.

The retrieval cords flow smoothly from the balls with no joins or nasty gaps, and they’re stretchy and strong. Flexible, if you will. They’re 3.5 inches long, and stretch to around 6 inches before they start to look stressed enough to snap. Pulling them out of your vag definitely doesn’t take that much force though, so don’t think you’re gonna snap them by accident, cos you aren’t.

Nearly all kegel balls I’ve come across have been either round, oval, or peanut shaped, with the odd egg shaped ones every now and then. But not the Flex kegel balls. These ones are heart shaped, and I adore them.

As they’re a kegel system, you get three pieces:



At a lightweight 35g (1.2oz) and with a circumference of 4.5 inches, this ball is perfectly suited to women who have given birth, who have never performed kegel exercises before, or who are over 30. I’m more of an advanced user, so the weight wasn’t a challenge for me, but I can appreciate comfort, and this one is really comfy to wear.

It’s the only one of the set to have a free roaming weight inside of it, and some refer to this type of kegel exerciser as a geisha ball. The weight knocks around inside the ball, and each little jolt encourages your muscles to contract. It also serves to remind you that, to get the most out of wearing a kegel ball, you need to squeeze.

Some women find the internal movement arousing, and I admit, with more noticeable movements, I’ve been one of them, but the motions inside this ball are very subtle, and as I went about my daily routine, I forgot I was wearing it until I needed to pee.



Once the beginner ball is conquered, the perfect next step awaits you in the box. At 45g (1.6oz), and 4 inches in circumference, the intermediate ball is heavier, but smaller than step one. Those women who are under 30, or have never given birth, but haven’t ever worked their kegels can start with this one if they wish.

It’s just as comfortable in use as the lighter ball, but gives you more of a workout. As there’s no free roaming weight, you have to remember to squeeze, but just wearing it will stimulate your muscles into making little contractions. I’d advise consciously squeezing though, just to get the most out of it.



Finally, the master of the intermediate ball can move on to the advanced one. At 85g (3oz) it’s more than twice the weight of the beginner ball, and though that may not sound like much given the weights we’re talking about, it is. The circumference is the same as the middle ball (45g – 1.6ox) but there’s two of them this time, vaguely following the peanut shape most other systems have to offer.

No comfort is lost with the added weight, but you do have to work harder to keep it inside of you. This one is also solid, so there’s no titillating jiggle to remind you to squeeze, but the weight alone should let you know it’s there.

The booklet that comes with your Flex set offers a suggested workout pattern for using these balls. As you grow accustomed to using them you’ll develop your own patterns and time periods, but the one in the book is a good place to start.


There’s also a care guide in there too, but it’s as simple as washing them in soapy water when you’re done(paying attention to the embossed surfaces), using toy cleaner spray if you have it, and storing in either the box (like I do) or in the white satin pouch that’s included with the set.

All in all, I love this little kit. It’s good quality, reasonably priced, and perfect for those who want something a little bit different from the usual egg and peanut shaped balls.

Betty’s Toy Box is a fast growing sex toy boutique from across the pond which offers hand-picked products that everyone can enjoy. Their style exudes 50’s glamour, and the pinups of the day would have been delighted by the quality of the products they carry.

Their mission is to encourage us all to embrace our sexuality, and the products they offer are products that they would be happy to use themselves. High end, sexy, and beautiful, there really is something for everyone. Click here to pay them a visit.

The OhMiBod Lovelife Flex Set was sent to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links were used in this post.

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