Lovehoney ‘A Little Bit of Magic’ Collection

If there’s one word that’s going to command my attention pretty much whenever I hear it, it’s the word magic. Magic is…magical. It fascinates and entertains, nothing can stir my imagination like the idea of magic can. If I hear the word, I wanna know what’s going on. If I see it in print you know I’m gonna check it out. And if I see a sex toy collection with magic in its name there’s no way I’m gonna turn down the opportunity to review it. That’s why I come bearing my opinions of the Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, pastel packaging with silver edges picturing three sex toys; a bullet, a classic vibrator, and kegel balls, on a rainbow background

I don’t have a great deal of experience with bricks and mortar sex shops, but I know for a fact that I’d be all over this kit as soon as I walked in the door. Why? Shiny packaging. I’m a Geordie girl so naturally, I’m half magpie, and shiny stuff is always gonna reel me in for a look. And if I was in a physical shop, my hand would definitely have gone in my purse for this one.

Inside of the shiny packaging is a trio of shiny toys. A classic vibrator, a bullet vibrator, and a set of kegel balls. The colours of all three pieces are to die for. Lovehoney does have their fair share of pink and purple, but when they do colour they make me squee. I’ll tackle each piece one at a time starting with…

Rainbow Kegel Balls
Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, multicoloured kegel balls in a black harness, on a rainbow background

Well, these are bloody adorable and no mistake. I mean, they don’t look all that much different from any other set of kegel balls in this style, but their colour is divine. I call it dirty unicorn. It’s like an oil slick. Dark and glossy but loaded with green, purple, gold, and sometimes blue, depending on the light.

There are two balls in this exerciser and they arrive tucked inside of their black silicone harness. This harness has 4.5” of insertable length and a 2.5” long retrieval tail. I love how silky smooth the silicone is. Some can be draggy, but this stuff is super soft. And it isn’t addicted to dust and pet hair, either. That’s always a blessing, cos some silicone is a bitch to keep clean.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, kegel balls in a woman's hand to show size, on a rainbow background

These balls are light enough to be used by pretty much anyone who can comfortably insert them. They’re not huge, but at 4.5” in circumference they won’t be considered small for some. A small amount of lube is all I need to slip them in. If I use too much they just slip and slide, especially because the harness is bendy in the middle. After smearing on a lick of lube I put my foot on the edge of the bath (or the bed, a chair, etc), bend my knees and position the first ball. Once that goes in, the other quickly follows with just the push of a finger.

I tend to push kegel exercisers in deep so that they can settle inside me naturally. When they’re in place my muscles give a surprised clench so I know when I’ve done it right. Because they’re light it would be easy for me to forget they’re in there, but these ones are jigglers. Yep, each ball has a free roaming weight inside that has a few purposes.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, kegel balls removed from their silicone harness, on a rainbow background

For me, the main one is reminding me to squeeze. Kegel exercise is at its most beneficial when you work with the balls. They also help some lubricate naturally as the constant touch on the vaginal walls stimulates them into excreting fluid. And lastly, they can be used for sexual stimulation. I don’t get the sexies from kegel products as a rule, but I know some people who can be stimulated to the point of orgasm by the weight and movement. That’s not what their true purpose is, though, so if you’re not among that group of folks don’t worry. I’m not either, cos a mild rattle ain’t enough to get me coming.

These rainbow kegel balls are comfy to wear, and once it’s time to remove them just pulling the tail has them out in seconds. Don’t stress about snapping the tail. It stretches to 7”, so unless you have a Mighty Morphin’ Power Vagina, it isn’t gonna fight you for them until the silicone gives out.

Keeping them clean is simple. Just pulling slightly on the silicone and pushing the balls out breaks the whole thing down. The harness goes in my sink and gets washed in soapy water. But the balls, though…they have tiny holes in the top for some reason. I don’t want water to get in there, so I wipe them down with a damp cloth and buff them back to a shine with a dry one.

Talk of holes might have you concerned about vag gunk, which is fair enough. But you needn’t fret. When the balls are inside of the harness they’re sealed. The silicone is so tight nothing is getting in there. If you find your balls don’t sit right in your harness, try holding the centre and pulling the tail. This releases the air and sucks the silicone snug against the ABS plastic balls.

Mermaid Bullet Vibrator
Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, green and white mermaid bullet, on a rainbow background

Okay, I’ll admit that this bullet was 90% of the reason I wanted this kit. Can you blame me, though? It’s frigging gorgeous. Something I told the Fella long ago was that, if I were a mermaid, I’d want a shiny green tail with white iridescent edged scales that glittered in the sun. And, oh look, this bullet is metallic emerald green with a white scale print! It’s basically my spirit bullet, people.

Measuring up at 3.5” in length and 2.25” in girth, it’s tiny little thing. I’ve always viewed bullets as external toys because of the size thing, but some might find them perfect for penetration. If you find penetrative play difficult, or if you don’t like anything bigger than a finger inside of you, you might well love this size toy.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, mermaid bullet from base to show button control, on a rainbow background

This particular bullet runs on a single AAA, and it’s exactly what you might expect from a battery-powered vibrator. You get seven functions, three of them speeds and the rest patterns. All of them are small on power and big on buzz. I won’t turn my nose up at this, though, for a couple of reasons. The first is that, just because my clit doesn’t usually respond to buzzy vibes other than to slap them away, many people prefer them to deep rumbles. What people? My closest friend, for one.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, mermaid bullet with battery cap removed, on a rainbow background

The second reason is that, to my utter astonishment, this little sweetie can actually get me off. I know! Crazy, right?! I really didn’t expect to come using this bullet. But I held it against my clit while the Fella fucked me uber slowly with a dildo that was uncharacteristically slim for me (review of that coming soon!) and after about 20 minutes I opened my eyes and was like, “Bloody hell, I’m gonna come!” And I did.

If you wanted to take this piece into the bath or shower with you, you totally could cos it’s submersible. I don’t do that, but I do like how easy to clean being waterproof makes it. Soapy water and a soft cloth to make sure I don’t damage the surface and it’s good to go. Yeah, I think this pretty print will scratch easily, and I reckon that it’ll probably wear off after a time. That’s why I’m gonna look after it.

Ombre Classic Vibrator
Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, multicoloured classic vibrator, on a rainbow background

It says a lot about the sex toy market when a person who deals with sex toys every day gets a surprise whenever they spot a classic vibe. You know, a vibe that your granny would recognise as something that would have given your grandad a turn back in the day? I don’t know if I just look at the wrong end of the price scale, but I don’t notice these much anymore.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, multicoloured classiic vibrator with battery cap removed, on a rainbow background

But this one…I’d notice this vibe with my eyes closed. My inner unicorn wouldn’t let me miss it. Classic vibes are rarely beautiful, but this one is. Rainbow ombre from tip to base, and so shiny I can see my face in it. Which sucks balls actually, cos taking pics of reflective objects when you’re an anonymous blogger is a nightmare.

It’s been a while since I last used a vibe of this type and I must admit that I was taken aback by its size. When I think classic vibe, I think long and thin. But at 7.5” in total length with a maximum circumference of 4.5”, this is bigger than I thought it would be.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, classic vibrator in a woman's hand to show size, on a rainbow background

Bigger, for me, is often better, especially with a curveless, textureless toy. I need rigidity and I need girth, and I get both from this ombre vibrator. It’s made from ABS plastic so is as stiff as they come, and while it isn’t a cunt stuffer, it is thick.

Like the bullet, the classic vibe takes AAA batteries. Four of them. And pushing the button in the base switches it on. Or does it? I thought mine was broken at first cos I pushed and pushed, but nothing happened. Then I held my finger down and heard a few clicks. Just before I tossed it aside, it buzzed to life.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, pink base and button of a classic vibrator, on a rainbow background

Again, like the bullet, you get seven functions, three speeds and four patterns. And the vibes are pretty decent for something so simple. There’s the hint of a rumble to them, and a bit of power to deliver it. It’s still mostly buzzy but it has what it takes to take my clit to the edge and shove it right off.

Something interesting has come out of my playtimes with this vibe. It’s helped me re-discover my love for simple, in and out, slow penetration. I can go deep, I can angle it to stroke my walls, I can pull it out to tease my clit before plunging back again. It’s assisted wanking at its most basic and I really enjoy it.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection, three sex toys; a bullet, a classic vibrator, and kegel balls, on a rainbow background

This is also a waterproof toy, so I clean it like I do the bullet. Carefully, making sure I don’t damage the beautiful surface. I’ve kept all of these pieces in their box cos I don’t want them getting knocked around. I’ll have to get bags for them sooner or later, though.

I really like this kit. There’s a different sensation to be had from each piece. They all look lovely and do their jobs well. If you have a unicorn/mermaid/little in your life they may well love each and every one of these toys.

To pick up your own set, click the banner below and head over to Lovehoney.

Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic review, Lovehoney 'the sexual happiness people' logo

The Lovehoney A Little Bit of Magic Collection was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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