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If you use sex toys – or even if you don’t – you’ll probably have a drawer in your bedside table dedicated to bottles, tins, and sachets of lubes, oils, and orgasm enhancers. They’re not called essentials for nothing, and the Fella and I go through mountains of the stuff every month.


I was thrilled to be sent a box filled to the brim with goodies from a company called LICX recently, as it was a brand I’d never come across before. Their operation seems to be quite small at the moment, but I can see it expanding quickly to include different types of product, as well as more variety of the stuff they offer now.

In my box, there was this fantastic selection of products:

The packaging for all LICX products is clean and modern. The boxes have no hinky images of bodies rubbing up against each other, or of women pulling questionable O faces splattered on the front. They’re funky, shiny, and informative, and that makes this brand very appealing to those who have reservations about buying products that are presented in an over sexualised manner.

As for the two lube tubes, they look like they could be hair products. Obviously, they have their contents written on the label, but you’d have to be a very curious so-and-so to want to get close enough to actually read it, so they’re safe to leave on a shelf in the bathroom without drawing unwanted attention.

LICX Deluxe Cream Lube 100ml
(available in 250ml pump dispenser, 100ml tube, & box of 5 x 5ml sachets)

I’ve used this lube a few times now, and I’ve only just figured out how I feel about it. It’s white in appearance, and the consistency feels like a cummy body lotion. It smells like body lotion too, and has a ‘cosmetics’ taste to it, kinda like when you get foundation in your mouth when putting on your make up.

It doesn’t feel lubey at all until you put it on your genitals. That’s when I get confused about it, because despite its unappealing appearance, it does actually feel quite nice. There’s no stickiness to it – not even if I leave it to dry untouched anywhere on my body – and it has a cooling effect that my clit kinda loves.

The Deluxe Cream Lube lasts quite a while during masturbation, but we’ve found that it does need topping up during penetrative sex, as the further it spreads, the quicker the skin absorbs it. It feels good for vaginal use, though it’s not thick enough for anal, and it tastes too powdery for oral.

Another thing to note about it is the ingredients list. It has some things on there that many people choose to avoid, such as Propylene Glycol and parabens, but if you’re looking for a water-based lube that isn’t a gel, and don’t mind using those ingredients, this is a good place to start. My verdict is, I like it. It’s different, but that isn’t a negative thing at all.

LICX Gel Lube 100ml + 5 x 5ml Sachets
(available in 250ml pump dispenser, 100ml tube, & box of 5 x 5ml sachets)

It’s pink! I’ve never had a pink lube before, so was quite entertained by the colour of this gel. It isn’t pink once it comes out of the tube though. It’s clear and gloopy, just like any other moderately thick, water-based lube.

The first thing to strike me – after the colour – was the scent. The only thing that springs to mind when I sniff it is ink. It smells like pen ink, so neither myself nor the Fella were keen to put it in our mouths. I know it’s weird that I’ll put something in my vagina that I’m reluctant to put in my mouth, but it is what it is.

I found the LICX Gel Lube to be a little on the sticky side, but it’s quite long lasting. I couldn’t get away with using it with my silicone sex toys as it seemed to encourage all the dust and fibres in the room to converge on whatever toy I was using, and I really didn’t want that inside me. During fingers only masturbation it lasted out the entire session with just two applications, though it had to be reapplied a couple of times during sex with the Fella.

Just like the Deluxe Cream Lube, the ingredients list isn’t something everyone is gonna be happy with. It is paraben free, so that’s a bonus, but it does have Propylene Glycol in it, and I know that that’s an eyebrow rasier for some. But for me, I have to say I do actually like this lube. I’m more than happy to use it, though it isn’t ever going to be my go-to, whether the Fella is involved or not.

LICX Arousal Gel for Her 5 x 5ml Sachets
(only available in a box of 5 x 5ml sachets)

Right, I’ll start this section off with the ingredients, because there’s stuff on there that many people aren’t gonna like. I will say first that the LICX Arousal Gel is paraben free but, once again, Propylene Glycol makes an appearance, and it’s brought Glycerine with it this time. Glycerine isn’t great for those who suffer from yeast infections, so if that’s you, be aware that this could be a trigger.

On the positive side, there’s ingredients in there that make me smile, because they make this product actually work: Peppermint Oil, and L-Arginine. They encourage blood flow to the genitals, and provide a strangely cooling, yet warming effect that increases sensation.

Every time I’ve applied it, it’s started off as a barely there tingle, but after a couple of applications – each a few minutes apart – it builds up to a lovely warmth that really wakes my clit up. The sensation doesn’t last as long as some other enhancing gels I’ve used, but while it’s there, it’s nice.

The gel is clear and quite watery, and that isn’t ideal when it’s coming from a tear in a sachet. If this had come in a pump action bottle I’d have been much happier.

Closer Intimate Wipes
(only available in flow packs of 10)

I love intimate wipes. They’re such a handy thing to have, because you don’t have to just use them for their intended purpose. I’ve used them for freshening up before and after sex, yeah, but I’ve also used them to clean lint and crap from toys before use, and I’ve used them to give those same toys a quick wipe down if I’m too pooped to get up and clean them properly once I’m done. We’ve even used them to clean different body parts altogether whenever the Fella decides that he wants to cum somewhere that isn’t my vagina.

There’s Glycerine in these particular wipes so, again, those who are prone to yeast infections should take note. The wipes have that unscented scent about them that smells fresh and clean, and they really do the job well. Using them after vigorous sex is quite pleasant because they’re cold, and the cool softness against a hot, abused vulva is very soothing. My only personal gripe is, I wish they came in a bigger pack.


All LICX products come in handy little sachets that can be stored in a bag with your fave toy, so you always have lube on hand for those masturbation sessions that take you by surprise, and they fit nicely in even the smallest, most cramped of bedside drawers. Or if you’re the travelling type, you can stash some in your suitcase or wash bag for those dirty weekenders, and the adventurous amongst us could even slip some into their handbags/back pockets alongside their condoms if they’re looking for a bit of fun on a night out.


In the LICX MIX pack of 6 sachets (pictured but not supplied to me by LICX) there’s even a couple of individually wrapped wipes, so there’s a quick clean up available to you too! Like I said, the Arousal Gel is pretty watery, so the sachets aren’t ideal for that, but for the lubes and wipes, they’re ace.

LICX is definitely a company I’ll be keeping my eye on in the future. I really like what they have to offer so far, and look forward to seeing what they come up with next!

All of the above products except for the LICX Mix were sent to me by LICX in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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