Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Review

It’s gonna be a Liberator-centric few weeks, folks, cos this is the first of four reviews coming in the next four weeks. There’ll be a cosy jizz proof blanket, a big boxy cube, and a sweet red heart all appearing on Scandarella soon, but today it’s all about the Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, image of packaging featuring a slim white woman draped over a grey pillow

I think one thing most people have done at some point in their lives is hump a pillow, regardless of the junk they’ve got in their pants. Sex toy users have more than likely wedged a dildo against a pillow or rammed a Fleshlight beneath one in a bid to hold it still. I’ve done the former many a time, and I gotta tell you, there’s not much more frustrating than solo sex with a dong that just won’t keep still.

This is just one of the reasons Liberator have become a personal fave of mine. Their positioning aids have gone a long way to enhance my sex life over the last few years, and their mounts have made toy assisted masturbation ridiculously easy for me. The Liberator Humphrey is their most user-friendly – and versatile – toy mount I’ve tried to date.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, image of all included components in their plactic wrap

All other Liberator mounts are entirely made of supportive, high-density foam. But Humphrey only has an inch-thick layer of this foam laid over the top of a soft core. All of it encased in a non-removable water-resistant lining. While the other mounts are solid with just a small amount of give, this dual-density construction makes Humphrey super pliable. It easily adjusts to accommodate the span between a pair of thighs. It’ll curve to fit the shape of a chair, it’ll bunch up to raise a toy higher.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, image of grey sex pillow positioned horizontally on a kingsize bed

In the middle of the pillow is a 5” hole. Because the foam and core are separate, you basically have the entire area between them to accommodate toys. Anything with a flared base and a girth of up to 11″ stands upright. Fleshlights and cordless wands fit in handle first. Mains powered wands do too, but those I tend to keep between the foam and the outer cover so that the wire can protrude from the zipper end.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, close up image of the open zipped end of a grey sex pillow

And that outer cover is lovely! It’s made of luxuriously soft, suede-feel microfiber, which in my case is grey. It feels so nice against the skin. It’s non-chaffing and absorbent. One of the best things about it is that it’s removable and machine washable. And even though it’s got a hole to slip silicone dicks in, and a little pouch within a pouch to fit bullets and pebble vibes, just flipping it over makes it look absolutely nothing like a sex pillow. It’s plain and innocuous, nobody need ever know what you do to it.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, close up image of the toy accommodating slit and vibrator pocket of a grey sex pillow

Given that it’s quite a size, teh Liberator Humphrey is supremely lightweight. I’d expected it to be shorter and heavier, so was kinda delighted when I saw how big it actually is. It measures 34” in length, 19” in width, and almost 10” in height. And I can throw it around the bed as easily as I can a regular pillow.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, image of a grey sex pillow positioned diagonally on a kingsized bed

Its length suits me down to the ground. With regular pillows, I have nowhere to put my hands when I play. I have to lean forward to put them on the mattress, and this alters the angle that toys enter my body. But with the Humphrey, I can keep my hands at a similar level to the toy. It feels more natural, almost as if I’m sitting on my OH with my hands on his chest. And if he’s actually around and wanting to play with me, the pillow is big enough to accommodate him too, so DP is easy, hands-free, and comfy for us both.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, close up image of a grey sex pillow with a multi-coloured dildo and a pink bullet inserted into their respective slots

Because I like using large dildos I was concerned that I’d be limited to grinding. My upper leg is only 13”, so I worried that, if I added an 8” dildo on the already 10” height, I wouldn’t have any room to rise so I could enjoy long strokes. But because the core is so soft, my weight pushes it down. When I lift my weight the core expands slowly, so doesn’t get a chance to return to its original height before I’m lowering myself back down again.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, image shows a grey sex pillow with a multi-coloured dildo and pink vibrator, positioned lengthways against the wall and the matress of a kingsized bed

I’ve used the Liberator Humphrey in many positions, all of them with great success. Sitting on chairs, kneeling on the floor, legs up the wall. But my favourite place to use it is in bed. I’ve always loved inserting a dildo and then lying back, using a rocking rhythm to massage my front wall. Doing this before the Humphrey was a pain in the arse. The dildo wouldn’t keep still, it would spin around, shift so that the angle or depth of penetration changed, or it would just slip out altogether. But with the Humphrey dildos stay exactly where I put them. They don’t topple over, they don’t move forward, back, or side to side, and the angle stays the same.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, image of a grey sex pillow with a dildo and vibrator

And my absolute fave way to use it is lying on my side with the pillow pulled between my knees. I do this late at night when my OH is at work and it’s lazy, easy, quiet penetrative masturbation (with vibes, if I choose) that doesn’t involve my hands at all. As I hug the pillow the microfibre fabric warms up, it’s soft, and squishy…it’s almost comforting, in a way.

I suppose the first thing people see when they look at stuff like this is the cost….and many of those people will shake their heads and move on to something else. That’s fair enough, cos exactly how do you justify buying sex cushions with their price tags in the £100s?

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, close up image of a grey sex pillow showing a multi-coloured dildo fitted into the toy slot

Well, I personally look at Liberator gear as an investment. If properly cared for, they have longevity. They can give folks with disabilities and physical difficulties the support they need to not just try different positions, but to enjoy sex in ways they may have been unable to previously. Big bodies and pregnant bellies can find support, weak wrists don’t have to hold toys, dildo assisted double penetration becomes hands-free. Liberator products improve and enhance play whether you’re alone, with a partner, or multiples of partners.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount review, image of a grey sex pillow on a kingsized bed, turned over to show how discreet it is

After price, the other thing you should be aware of when Liberator shopping is how much real estate they’ll take up in your home. Support pieces like the ramp are enormous, so you’ll need to consider storage before you buy. Luckily for Humphrey, it just looks like a big hulking pillow, so for this one storage is simple. Right there on the bed, ready for when you need it.

If you’d like to give the Humphrey a go, click the banner below and head over to Lovehoney.

Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Review, Lovehoney the sexual happiness people logo, purple text with a pink heart

The Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

10 thoughts on “Liberator Humphrey Toy Mount Review

    1. Haha, I thought it was weird. I mean, I get it, but Humphrey is such an outdated and slightly pompous name (sorry to all the Humphrey’s of the world) it gave me the giggles 😀

  1. Nice review! You mentioned using the Humphry for double penetration, were you able to really use it with a partner? If so what positions did you find the most successful? Thanks!

    1. Thank you! We can use it pretty well as a pair as its core is made to accommodate more than one body. I found that me straddling the pillow and using a dildo vaginally while my OH slips in around the back works best. Long dildos are key for this as they let me adjust angles without then slipping all the way out. If I’m in the middle of the bed he either sits behind me or kneels, and if I’m near the edge of the bed (on my knees for vaginal, my back for anal) he can stand between my legs 😀

    1. I think it is, yeah. It works well as a more shapable support during sex and because it lives on the bed it’s much more accessible than say, a wedge. If I’m sleeping alone I find it really comfy to use as a cuddle pillow, and if I’m watching TV in bed it makes for a fab actual pillow, so it has non-sexy uses for sure.x

    1. No, once you turn it over it just looks like an oversized memory foam type pillow. It’s also available in a few different colours. I was sent mine for review so I got the colour I got, but if you’re buying one you can choose something that’s a closer match to your own colour scheme. According to Liberator, the Humphrey fits inside of king-sized pillowcases, but I’m guessing that’s an American thing cos even the largest of my pillow shams are still far too small.x

  2. Hi there! This review has been the most useful I’ve found on any of the Liberator toy mount products, so firstly, thanks so much for the sheer amount of practical detail you’ve shared. My question: you mentioned you’ve used the pillow whilst laying back in bed and then inserting that way. This tends to be my go-to position as well – how exactly did you position the pillow doing this? I imagined you meant with it basically folded up between your legs and the pocketed toy jutting into you – am I close? If not, is the pillow pliable and comfortable enough to do this?

    1. Hiya!
      Yep, I pretty much mean lying on one half of the pillow and then pulling the other end up towards me so I can grind against the inserted toy or wiggle the pillow to move it around inside of me. Also, I like to prop pillows behind me so I can lie flat across them and the Humphrey. This works great for anal penetration.x

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