L’Amourose Mya Beads (Pro)

One of my favourite things to browse on sex toy sites is kegel balls! I have a few sets now – and a Magic Banana *shudders* – and picking the ones I like best isn’t easy. So instead of choosing a favourite set to review, I decided to choose my favourite brand. It was still a tough fight though, and while Fun Factory came a close second, L’Amourose won.



Yeah, The L’Amourose Mya Beads (pro) are a glorious thing from start to finish. The Black Diamonds range comes in what is possibly my favourite ‘luxury’ packaging. As I’ve said in other L’Amourose reviews, I really like the moody sleeve (which I’ve thrown out as I’ve had these for a while) and black storage box with its little elasticated bow and ribbon, but there’s more with the Mya Beads.

They come gorgeously packaged in a hard plastic case which is held closed by a faceted plastic clip. There’s no foamy/flocked insert in sight either, what you get is a plastic tray with little cups that are moulded to the shape of both sets of beads. It even has little channels for the removal cords. *sighs contentedly *


Now, like I said, there are two parts to this set. The first is a single bead, and at 39g, this is ideal for beginners. The other is a double bead, and the 76g weight makes this one great for those looking for a step up. That right there makes this perfect for gals who are new to kegel exercising, but who want to get what they need in one go, rather than having to visit the Dark Lord Google to figure out what weight they need next.

Being the Pro set, these particular L’Amourose Mya Beads I have are a dusky plum colour. They’re also available in Lite, and those are cerise pink. The only difference in the two sets is the weight of the single bead. In the Lite set it’s 28g, and that’s not a massive difference to 39g, so I’d go with the Pro if you have a choice.

While they are lovely, the beads themselves aren’t as pretty as they could be. There is a faceted effect to them, as you’d expect from the Black Diamonds range, but not only is it subtle, it’s also under a layer of soft, clear plastic. This makes it almost impossible to see unless you’re looking really close, and while that isn’t an actual problem per se, it does retract from the design a little.


Now I don’t know what type of plastic that clear layer is made from. I’ve searched through the info leaflets, the site I bought them from, a few blogs who are super clued-up on sex toy materials, and even the L’Amourose website itself, but all I found was ‘phthalate free’. However, I can tell you that the harness with the retrieval cord is silicone. That cord isn’t super stretchy, or even at all stretchy, really. It’s flattened too, kinda like linguini pasta. This can make it a little uncomfortable at times, usually depending on lubrication. If I’m very dry (which can happen right after my period) its stiffness makes it feel somewhat jabby. But it’s easily located for removal, and as it doesn’t stretch there’s no sudden twangs, and no need to fear it snapping and catapulting the balls so far back inside you, you have to go fishing.

In use, L’Amourose Mya Beads are pretty comfy. They’re easy to insert with a little lube, and I usually do this standing, with one leg on the side of the bath. Some sit, some prefer to lie down, but standing works for me. I do sit when I take them out though, usually on the toilet, cos from there they’re easily dropped into a sink of soapy water for a wash.


The jiggles of the single bead don’t really do much for me, and neither does the work out, but that’s because I’ve exercised my muscles for a long time now. The duo bead is better, and the feel of those jiggles keeps me lubricated enough to keep them fitting snuggly. Whenever I feel that internal movement it reminds me to squeeze, which is what they’re for, so they do their job well.

All in all, I’d say the L’Amourose Mya Beads are excellent for beginners looking for a one stop, two step system, and the glorious presentation that doubles as a functional storage solution would make them a perfect gift. If you’d like to pick some up, click the banner below.


These L’Amourose Mya Beads Pro were a purchase. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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