Kinklab Flex Capacitor

Have you ever had to say the words, you think you know a guy? I’ve had to in recent weeks, but I wasn’t actually talking about a guy. What was I talking about? My Kinklab Neon Wand. I thought I knew all there was to know about the sensations offered by that thing. I thought I knew exactly what to expect from it in terms of pain; mild to moderate. Then the Stockroom asked me to review two new attachments and my knowledge of what the Neon Wand is capable of was turned on its head. The first of those attachments I’m reviewing is the Kinklab Flex Capacitor.


If you don’t know a lot about Neon Wands, check out my review here. You’ll see that all the electrodes that came with the wand are made of glass. I’ve even reviewed a single heart shaped electrode and that was glass too.

But the Kinklab Flex Capacitor is made from silicone. The whole piece is 6.5” in length, just under 2” of that being the metal connector. A two-pronged tip curves out from the silicone stem to a width of 1.25” and there’s a gap of around 8mm between the prongs. It’s so light, but you don’t have to look closely to see it’s perfectly well-made. The black silicone is smooth and soft to the touch, and the forked end is super flexible.


Confession: I did a Google search to try to clue myself up on what a capacitor is so I could give some insight to how this product works. Ever watched Rick Grimes take out a walker when he’s having an intensely bad day? Well, the search results were Rick’s hatchet and my brain was the walker. It wasn’t pretty, people. I still know fuck all about electric currents, dielectrics and how this thing works, but I do know a shit load about how it feels…


Now, I’ve had some issues with silicone and connectivity when it comes to e-stim toys. The conductivity always seems a bit low to me and I usually end up asking, is this thing on? For that reason alone, I wasn’t expecting to be wowed by the Flex Capacitor. I thought it would be a mild prickle that wasn’t even as punchy as the electrodes.

During a ‘plug it in and see’ session to give the new attachments a test I thought the Fella was taking the piss when he used the Flex Capacitor on himself and gasped a few times. My expectation was that he’d make a big build-up of it then start laughing when I realised that the firecracker he was promising me would turn out to be a damp squib. Just a quick zap told me I was violently wrong and I couldn’t wait to give it a proper try.

After a warm-up with the mushroom electrode, the time came for the Flex Capacitor to make its debut. I ended up getting myself gagged cos, in the Fella’s opinion, yelping, oooch ya fucker, is funnier than it is sexy.


But yeah, I totally wasn’t expecting the sensation to be so sharp. It’s still just a surface level scratchiness, but rather than feeling like short finger nails being scraped over the skin it has similar intensity to a metal dragon claw. The more sensitive the area the harsher the sparks feel and once the dial is turned up past halfway I start squealing.

A good way to tell you just how intense the Flex Capacitor is would be to say I’ve even told the Fella not to use it between my legs. I love having the glass electrodes used on my vulva and the Flex Capacitor does feel nice down there, but I can’t be having him zapping my clit cos it fucking hurts. Even my nipples protest when he cranks the power up, but that I don’t mind so much.

There are a couple of things that make this electrode extra fantastic:


When it’s first switched on the Flex Capacitor is silent but deadly. The glass electrodes are noisy things from the off, but the Flex Capacitor is near enough silent. All we get from it is a quiet crackle once it’s turned up to max. With a bit of music in the background I can’t hear that. Ergo, I don’t have a clue what intensity the Fella has it on.


The noise increases dramatically when it gets within three inches of the skin, and unlike the glass electrodes, the Flex Capacitor doesn’t have to be almost making contact before the sparks start to fly. That means you can hover and strike without the receiver getting a proximity sensation to tip them off. Once the connection is made the electrical crackle is louder than you’ll find with the glass pieces. That’s enough to screw with the senses as it is, but adding blindfolds and restraints really turns a session into a complete head-fuck.


Wow! The sparks from this thing are fab. Bright purple streaks with orangey-white points where they connect with the skin that are almost an inch long. They come from both prongs simultaneously so you get two points of contact. The Fella makes good use of that by using them either side of my nipple when he’s feeling nice, and by zapping the webs of my fingers when he’s being a twat.


Again, because of the improved conductivity, he can work over my skin in long continuous zaps because he doesn’t have to be too concerned about keeping it close. He has an inch to play with, and boy does he use it! He loves to watch the sparks trip up and down my skin, but what he loves more than that is the marks left at the end of play.

Yup, the Flex Capacitor leaves me with angry red rashes wherever he takes the trail. It hangs around for ages after play, and so does the sting. Aah, so much more powerful than those glass electrodes!


Keep yo’ hands away from the top of the Neon Wand (where the electrode slots in). Being my usual absentminded self, I made the mistake of holding it there when I switched it on. All the instructions say not to do that, but it’s even more important with the Flex Capacitor. There’s quite a bit of exposed metal there and, Jesus Christ, getting zapped by it hurts like a thousand motherfuckers. I dropped the wand. It didn’t break, which was good, but my hand bruised. Won’t be doing that again, I can tell you.


As with all of my Neon Wand attachments, this one gets rubbed down with alcohol wipes. Once the dampness evaporates I keep it in its packaging. That’s not the best form of storage, but I don’t want to risk loosening the silicone from the metal. In an ideal world, I’ll get myself a squat box of some kind and some foam to make bespoke cut-outs for each of my electrodes. But for now, in its box it’ll stay.


Anyone who found their Neon Wand to be a bit lacklustre, or those looking for an upgrade, should definitely give the Flex Capacitor a try. Its intensity has a good chance of satisfying both the giver and the receiver, and all the other sense satisfying features of the wand are there to play with the mind. I love the thing, and soon I’ll tell you why I love the other new attachment I got just as much…

For now, if you’d like to get your hands on a Flex Capacitor of your own, click the banner below.


The Kinklab Flex Capacitor was sent to me by the Stockroom in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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