Kinklab ElectroWhip Neon Wand Attachment

I love e-stim. It’s sexy, stingy, and has helped me achieve an orgasm I never thought would be possible for me; the nipple orgasm. But I sometimes find that skin pads keep the sensations too localised for me to fully enjoy them, and neon wand electrodes are too tame. However, there are a few products that change everything when it comes to the neon wand, and one of them is the Kinklab ElectroWhip.

It looks like an unassuming, innocent little flogger, doesn’t it? Its eight, 6mm wide falls look tame and a bit cheap when they’re dangling limply from the end of the Neon Wand. They deliver a sharp strike, for sure, cos they’re made from rubber, but they don’t look like they could ever be the reason behind tears of pain spilling down a person’s cheeks.

Well, looks can be deceiving, cos holy hot fuck, this thing is wicked.

Just like glass electrodes and the ever-awesome Flex Capacitor (and Power Tripper) the Kinklab ElectroWhip has a metal connector on one end that slots into the Neon Wand. Don’t twist or waggle it in as you’ll loosen the grips inside the wand. Just push it straight in and pull it straight out once you’re done.

When it comes to using it, the first thing to do is take off any conductive jewellery you might be wearing. Well, if you’re not wanting them to carry the current, that is. If the idea of that tickles your fancy, go ahead and leave them on, but you’ll be sorry.

I’ve had it whapped off pretty much every part of my body. Like I said above, just the falls on their own (not switched on) are pretty intensely stingy when whipped over the skin with cruel intent. But once the wand is brought to life?

Welcome to Ow Town.

The Fella likes to have me standing nekkid and blindfolded so he can walk around me. When the wand is first switched on there’s very little sound. Quiet music playing drowns it out completely. Because of that, I expected the very first strike to be mild, tickly even. I had my arms extended and the Fella just touched the back of my forearm with the sharply angled tips…

And I squealed like a pig. It was so much more intense than I would have expected, and do you know what I could smell? Nope, it wasn’t the delightful scent of ozone that goes hand-in-hand with neon wands and plasma balls. It was singed hair. If burnt my fucking arm hairs, people! That really surprised me. It made me so uncomfortable I asked for the blindfold to be removed.

After that, I watched him hit me with it. Sometimes whipping, other times skimming with the lightest of touches. Every single strip of rubber carries current along its entire length, and those skimming touches looked like he was striking matches on my skin. It was so unnerving, and stung so much. The full contact strikes hurt less electric wise, but they had force behind them so hurt in a different way, with a cheeky parting zap catching me just as they left my skin.

Then he started turning the dial. Once we got halfway I was breathing through gritted teeth, and he stopped to ask if I could remember our safeword. I could, and didn’t use it. By the time he turned it on full – frowning all the way – I was crying. My skin was red raw, almost like I had sunburn, and the stench of singed hair in the room was sickening.

I loved every single second of it!

The Kinklab ElectroWhip is brilliant. It takes an entry level e-stim product and turns it into a serious piece of kit for lovers of pain. It hurts, burns, sounds and looks terrifying and makes me shake in my socks every time I see it in the Fella’s hand. Hell, it doesn’t even have to come out of its box to play with my head, and that is a wonderfully disturbing thing.

One thing I must say is, be sure to read the safety guidelines in the included instruction manual (mine was missing so The Stockroom helpfully emailed me a copy). In it you’ll find tips for use and steps to stay safe. Some of them are no brainers like keep it away from water, but also stuff you might not think of such as don’t use it on the same area for more than ten seconds. Oh, and givers? Keep your paws away from the tip of the wand. There’s exposed metal there and you’re in for a nasty shock if you touch it.

To keep the whip clean, we use the alcohol wipes that we buy cheap online for our electrodes. If you choose to do this make sure you don’t plug it back in again until the whip is completely dry and the alcohol has evaporated. If you don’t have these wipes, spraying a cloth with toy cleaner and giving each fall a wipe down will see it clean.

So, if you fancy giving this evil implement a try, click the banner below and head over to The Stockroom to check it out.

The Kinklab ElectroWhip Neon Wand Attachment was sent to me by The Stockroom in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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