Kink Craft Cane with Paracord Handle

As you might know if you’ve had a mooch around other posts here on Scandarella, I attended Eroticon this year. This conference for kinky, creative minds was sponsored by a bunch of awesome sex-positive companies, one of which was the mighty Kink Craft, the lovely folks behind this Kink Craft Cane with Paracord Handle I’m about to tell you all about.

I’ve reviewed for Kink Craft a number of times now (and have had nothing but positive things to say about their DIY kinky kits) but I didn’t manage to drag my anxiety ridden self over to Pixie and Andrew until what was almost the final hour of the final day of Eroticon.

I stood around the super busy room (Kink Craft’s workshops are so popular they form queues out of the door!), waiting to have a go at making myself something kinky. Andrew apologised for the wait a few times and said they’d definitely have room for me soon, so I found a seat and parked my arse, catching Pixie’s eye a few times, smiling to show I was harmless but not approaching cos I was a nervous wreck.

When I finally did find the courage to flash her my ID (an hour or two later) I got wrong, lol. I got a nice warm hug, but Pixie wasn’t shy in telling me I should have come and said hi long before I did. She was right, I should have and I wish I had. When she realised I hadn’t had a chance to make anything, she offered to send me the kit for the Kink Craft Cane with Paracord Handle so I could do it at home, cos she’s lovely.

Well, send it she did, and make it I have, and I had a blast before, during and after!

Firstly, with all Kink Craft kits, you get plenty of options. Depending on what you want to create you have suede, latex, or paracord to choose from, and they have something like ten colour options, too.

As the cane itself, made from a length of Delrin rod, is black, I plumped for red paracord. I love those two colours together, I think they look striking.

You get all of the components you need in Kink Craft kits. Paracord, tapes, any metal fixings etc. You do need a few bits yourself, such as scissors, tape measures and in this case, a lighter. Nothing that you won’t have lying in a drawer somewhere, though; just general housey stuff.

Something else you get when you buy a kit is the series of instructional videos in which Pixie talks you through making your piece step by step. I recommend watching them all one after the other before you begin and then you have an idea of where you’re going, where you need to pause the vids and whatnot.

Doing the DIY

I don’t know if it’s Pixie’s easy to follow instructions that makes getting started such a breeze, but I find that once I start I whizz through doing my braiding like I’ve been doing it forever. And I’m not just saying that to make myself look clever, either. I’m a gal who worked in a hairdresser’s in her mid to late teens and could I fuck work out what went where in a French plait. I ballsed one up so royally once I had to cut a massive knot out of my friend’s hair.

So to follow the first few set-up steps and find my fingers twisting over half a dozen paracord strips into a fancy pattern at the base of my cane really made me happy.

Well, it did until I turned the thing over and found that the paracord had twisted at the back about two inches up, showing a little sliver of black in the middle of all that red. I was almost finished, too. My attempt to back track resulted in me forgetting what bits of paracord went where. Sigh. Back to the start I went.

The second attempt went smoothly, with many double checks to make sure everything was lying nice and flat. Soon enough I was trimming paracord, waving a lighter around like I was at a Bon Jovi gig, and finally whipping my completed cane at the orange American on my telly while hissing, crucio.

The Thrashing

Now, some people look at Delrin canes and think, but they’re just plastic. No. NO! Well, okay yeah, they are just plastic, but they’re hurty fucking plastic. They sting, redden the skin, cause welts and even skin breakages. I’ve seen a few ‘online dom’s’ saying Delrin canes are crap. They reckon they break on the second lash the first time you use them, blah blah…

If the Fella ever hit me hard enough for snapping to happen on a cane’s first outing it would be the last time he hit me with anything. Yeah, we’ve broken canes before…old canes. Most of them rattan canes, the cheapest of which are easily damaged. Delrin canes are strong enough and have enough flex to survive being beaten by a human body. This Kink Craft one is no exception. It might be basic, but it’s quality basic and we, for one, love it.

Kink Craft kits are very personal to whoever makes them. They’re not just another pair of cuffs, or flogger or cane that anyone can pick up anywhere. Each little detail and every little mistake holds a bit of the Dom’s intent or the sub’s adoration. To me, that’s pretty special.

If you don’t think you’re the creative type, that doesn’t mean Kink Craft isn’t the place for you. Much of their stuff is available premade, so you can still get the cuffs or collar you fancy. Or are you a creative kinkster with a box full of craft stuff but no idea where to start? You can always buy the course of your choice (sans kit) and use it as many times as you like. See; options!

If you fancy giving this particular kit a go, click the image below.

The Kink Craft Cane with Paracord Flogger Kit was sent to me by Kink Craft in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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