Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review

As much as I love my tried and true favourite brands, I’m always extra excited when I get to review a product from a brand that’s completely new to me. See, if I’m trying something from, say, Fun Factory, I know that there’s a 99% chance that I’m gonna love it. But if it’s something completely new, like the rather lovely looking Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya, I go in with no expectations whatsoever. And to a time served sex toy reviewer, that’s a thrilling feeling.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, image showing black packaging sleeve with toy in pnink, purple, and black

Okay, I know that some folks see packaging as little more than the stuff that protected their goods in the post, but I’m one of those people who is easily dazzled by pretty things. I loathe nasty clamshell cases and flimsy, titty covered cardboard boxes that tear when I try to open them. What I like is tasteful, informative (throwaway) sleeves that clearly show me what I’m getting. And I like hard, sturdy, boxes that I can store my toys in. Basically, I like to be impressed at first sight, and that’s exactly what happened with the Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Review, image showing a hard, black cardboard box with gold Kama Sutra branding Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, image showing black silicone vibrator and remote control inside of a black box

Tucked neatly away beneath the Natya vibrator and its uber cute remote control you’ll find:

  • a black satin storage bag (great news for packaging ditchers)
  • a dual pin USB charger so you can charge both the toy and remote simultaneously
  • an instruction booklet that, if you’re as easily confuddled as I am, you’re gonna need

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, image showing black silicone vibrator and remote control with a charging cable, satin storage bag, and instruction manual

Now, I’ll admit from the off that the only reason I chose to review the Natya in the first place was its appearance. I love me some skulls, for sure, but my eye will never not be drawn to heart-shaped vibes. And the Natya brings hearts galore.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, image showing a black silicone virator with a heart-shaped handle, and its heart-shaped remote control

One end of the vibrator is a subtle heart shape, and the remote control is a pillowy heart, too. They’re both coated in smooth, silky soft silicone that feels lovely against the skin. This is the type of silicone that I can’t help but touch. Even now I’m jabbing away at my keyboard with only my right-hand fingers cos my left hand is fondling the Natya’s remote like it’s a stress ball.

I find this type of silicone a joy to use, too. Something I’ve noted is that I keep finding myself having to use a little bit more lube than I used a few months before whenever I wank with silicone toys. I don’t know if it’s my age or my health, but my natural lubrication seems to be drying up quicker and quicker. Even when I’m so turned on I could implode. But with this silicone, I don’t have to use buckets of lube to keep things slick cos it has a quality to it that helps it glide even when only lightly wet.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, image of a black vibrator with a heart-shaped handle

Something else that probably helps the Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya move easily inside of me is its shape and size. From end to end it measures 6.5” with around 4.5” of that being insertable. When it’s in its original position (it’s a bendable one!) its shape reminds me of an arrow. The flared heart at the base tapers up into a supremely slim shaft (just 1cm x 0.5cm), which itself swells into a spoon-like tip that measures 1” x 0.5”.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, vibrator in a woman's hand to show size Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, remote in a woman's hand to show size

Keeping it in this flattened position allows for mid-depth penetration (for me) and some g-spot contact. It’s gentle stimulation, though. Because this is an adjustable vibe, I find that I can’t give my g-spot the kind of pressure it needs to be properly stimulated. The Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya just bends back on itself, and that’s warned against in the instructions. It’s designed to bend forward into a C-shape but forcing it backwards will just snap the shaft. That will result in an adjustable vibe that no longer holds its shape.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, side view of the Natya vibrator

If you do choose to take advantage of the flexibility, you’ll be closer to an L-shape than a C-shape. The shaft does bend until the handle and tip are touching, but when you let go it springs back a bit. Okay, maybe not quite to a 90degree angle but it’s definitely a loose C.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, image of the Natya vibrator curved into its 'partner penetration friendly' shape

This brings both pros and cons. Because it’s a bit bigger than a We-Vibe or LELO wearable, the Natya could work for those who find that C-shaped toys don’t quite connect with their clits when inserted. But on the flip side of that is the fact that, when curved, penetration is minimal. Only the swollen tip goes inside of me, the rest is hooked around my pubic bone and jutting up over my vulva. That rules out g-spot stim for me, but I can live with that cos I’ve got clit stim and penis (or dildo) penetration to enjoy.

Well, I would have clit stim if the vibes were good. Sadly, they’re not.

Honestly, I find the Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya to be an astronomical pain in the arse to use. Firstly, I didn’t have a clue how to charge it. I figured that there would be self-healing holes in the silicone, but could I fuck find them. I had to get the manual out to see if it showed me where the holes were. Luckily, it does, cos even though I groped with my fingertips and my eyeballs I totally missed the tiny stamps that mark the holes. Now that I know where they are I can kinda feel the hole on the toy, but I still can’t feel or see the one on the remote. I just have to jab the charging pin in the general area and hope I hit home. Ridiculous.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, image showing the vibrator and remote connected to the dual charging cable

Once the two pieces were charged, I had to consult the manual again before I could use it. Each piece has two buttons. On the toy they each switch on one of the motors. Yep, the Natya itself is a dual motor vibe, with one on the tip and one in the heart. I was pressing and holding but all it takes as a quick tap. An LED light will flash to show that the motor is in standby mode. To play without the remote, tap again and away you go.

To play with the remote you have to do the same thing. The upper button controls motor one on the vibrator, which is located in the heart end. The lower button controls motor two, which is in the tip of the vibe, and motor three, which is in the remote itself. Yeah, that vibrates, too, if you want it to. To sync the vibes to those of the toy you need to press the motor three button twice in quick succession and…

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, image of the shaped vibrator on its side

Ugh. Who the hell wants to mess about pressing and syncing just to have a wank? I love sex toys, like, really love them, but all these click this and that instructions pissed me off. It turned me off. I was so busy trying to figure out what motor was doing what I couldn’t concentrate enough to get down to business. So I just ended up using the toy without the remote when I played solo.

If the vibes on offer were worth the aggro, I’d have taken my testing to the ends of the earth, but they’re really not. They’re tinny, buzzy, and itchy. There are three constant speeds to be had and I couldn’t tell the difference between them. I could hear a change in pitch when I hit the button, but I couldn’t feel it. There are four patterns too, but they’re of no use to me, I’m not a pattern kind of gal.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, close up of the spoon-shaped tip

When I played with the Fella, we deduced that the remote connectivity was decent enough on the bed, but we didn’t take it any further than that. He wanted to at first but while watching me flomping on the bed he said, this isn’t doing a thing for you, is it? He was right, it wasn’t.

Trying the Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya as a C-shaped vibe was met with slightly more orgasmic success, but that was more to do with the fact that I was being fucked than it was to do with the toy. His cock felt bigger cos there was less room inside me, and his bump and grind movements mashed the heart into my vulva. Thus, my clit was stimulated, but by pressure rather than vibration. In fact, I find that any kind of pressure against the body deadens the vibes to almost nothing.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, image of a black silicone heart-shaped remote control Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, back of the siliocne, heart-shaped remote control showing a gold metal iheart insert

I’m the type of person who has to find a positive in all things, so I will say that the remote’s vibes are better than the toy’s. They still lack the quality that really works for me, but I do find them really pleasant on non-genital erogenous zones. And they do get me closer to a clitoral orgasm than the toy does. They can’t make me come, though.

I was so ready to love this toy because I really like its design, its lovely sleek black silicone, and to some degree, its shape. As an object that makes my vaginal canal feel smaller for him and his dick feel bigger for me it’s alright, but as a vibrator it kinda sucks. Having to switch motors off one at a time sucks. I don’t think I mentioned that above but it’s a thing.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, the Natya on its back

Oh, something else I forgot to mention is the “7 mood-enhancing LED colours”. According to the manual, each vibration mode has its own LED colour flash. From 1 to 7 it’s blue, red, green, pink, yellow, turquoise, and violet. Or, you know, white, white, white, white, white, white, and white. I don’t know if I missed something or if I’m just being obtuse, but I didn’t spot any changing colours at all. A kinda pointless feature made more pointless by not even being there. If you know where my colours went please do point me in their direction.

As I said at the start of this review, testing toys by unfamiliar brands is as exciting as a lottery. Well, this time around it wasn’t a win, but you never know. The next new thing might be.

Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya Review, Tabu Toys logo, pink and white text on a black background with grey swirls

The Kama Sutra Rhythm Natya was sent to me by Tabu Toys in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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