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Y’all know that, when it comes to storing sex toys, I can sometimes get a bit of a bee in my bonnet. As consumers, we don’t want shitty plastic clam shell packaging that rips our fingers off, blunts our scissors, and leaves us with nowhere to store our sexy things. Sadly, we do still get those sometimes, but there is a product on the market that comes to the rescue: the Joyboxx.

Measuring up at 13” in length, 4.75” in height and 6.75” in depth, the Joyboxx is modestly sized. And by modest I mean small. The outer packaging states that it fits in most bedside table drawers, but it doesn’t fit in mine. It does tuck nicely into the shelf in the bottom of the unit, though.

You really couldn’t ask for a more discreet way of storing your bits and things. My Joyboxx is matte black inside and out, but you can get it in purple, depending where you shop. Also, you can customise your latch in some places too, if you fancy a pop of colour. There isn’t any branding on the outside of the box, so there’s no way of telling what’s inside unless you open it up to look.

To prevent that from happening, the slider latch on the front is lockable. There’s a combination lock provided in every box to let you do just this. It’s a flimsy lock, though, and the Fella managed to get it off the box without guessing the combination I’d set. He did it in two seconds flat, without damaging the box or the lock. I’ve started using my own black heart shaped lock and not only is that more secure, it looks super cute too!

Like I said above, the whole piece is made from plastic, and that plastic has an antimicrobial silver ion agent mixed into it. That prevents mould growth, and all of the ventilation points around the lid and the one in the back of the box help prevent mould growing on your toys, too.

That hole in the back isn’t just for ventilation, either. It doubles up as a discreet way of charging up a rechargeable toy. Just pop the cable through the opening, plug in your toy and close the lid. That’s a small thing, I know, but it’s been a godsend for me. I have a little multi-usb charger and I managed to fit four toys that needed charging in the box no problem. If it hadn’t been for the Joyboxx I’d have had to explain to my mother what those toys were for. She didn’t see them, though, cos the lid was closed.


As small as it is, I’m happy to say I can fit loads of stuff into my Joyboxx. In the pic below there’s a Satisfyer, two dildos, three bullets, two Tenga Eggs, two bottles of lube,  butt plug and a strapless strap-on. There was plenty of room on top to get probably a classic vibe or two in, too.

But that’s not the only storage option available here. Built into the lid is a small compartment that’s the perfect size for bullets, lubes, condoms. In the below pic you can spot a pair of weighted clamps, a bottle of lube, a bullet and a wee pot of sex butter.

The lid that covers this compartment is pretty fragile where it connects to the box, but it’s a fab little nook to store small, lightweight things you might want to get your paws on quickly.

Last but certainly not least is the Play Tray, or ‘coaster’. This is a little invention that’s equally brilliant and useless. When inside the Joyboxx it works as a partition via a ridge it slots onto. That’s a fab idea for keeping different materials separate, if you’re one for using stuff that could potentially melt together.

When you take it out of the box it acts as a coaster. Pop your toy, lube or whatever on top before play. Pop your toy on top after play, then either take the whole thing to the bathroom for washing or stick it back in the box and leave it until you’re ready. Firstly, that keeps any gunk off the insides of your Joyboxx, keeping it clean. Secondly, once you’ve washed your toy, the holes that run the length of the Play Tray act as a drip tray, allowing water to drain away and not pool beneath your toy. Air drying is so much faster this way, and all because of a plastic tray!

All that means you don’t even have to use your Joyboxx as a storage option. You can use it as a carrier box to keep all of your session toys in one place, or to carry them from room to room. You can shove everything back in there once you’re done and clean them at your leisure. Then the Joyboxx keeps them hidden away while they dry. It could have done with a handle, though.

Something else that’s printed on the packaging is that the Joyboxx isn’t self-cleaning. I was surprised they’d have to point that out, to be honest, but they have. It’s easy enough to keep clean, with either standard washing, toy cleaners, or a cycle in the dishwasher.

The Fella thinks that this box is one of the biggest wastes of money going, but I really like it. It’s useful. It keeps my cats off my stuff when it’s drying. Stops my kid from seeing stuff he shouldn’t if he wanders in to my room while something is charging. It’s put an end to getting lube/jizz stains in the Fella’s bedside drawers after we’re finished playing. You didn’t think I’d put dirty toys in my drawers, did you?

If you’re after a product that gives you options before and after playtime, the Joyboxx could well be for you. You can even buy separate Play Trays if one isn’t enough for you. If you fancy getting one of your own, click the banner below.

The Joyboxx with Play Tray was sent to me by MEO in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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