Jopen Opal Wand

Toward the latter end of last year, Betty’s Toy Box – a fantastic women led shop in the US whose quality products cater to everyone – gave me the opportunity to review something new; the Jopen Opal Vibrating Glass Dual Massager. It had so many possibilities, and while I did love certain aspects of it, I longed for a simpler version. Something that I could use hard and fast without having to stress out about keeping external arms in contact with my clit.

Well, Jopen delivered, and I now have in my hands – again, thanks to Betty’s Toy Box – the Jopen Opal Vibrating Glass Wand.

Presented in the same sophisticated packaging as the original, the Jopen Opal Wand is a thing of beauty. A half glass, half silicone insertable vibrator with no external stimulators to hinder your play. Just like the original, the Opal Wand seems to be all silicone, the insertable part of which is covered by a thick layer of glass. The deep pink silicone is super smooth to the touch, the glass cool and flawless.

I’m so impressed with the build quality of this toy. The place where the glass joins the silicone is a teensy bit off, forming a slight ridge, but other than that the piece feels and looks solid and well made.

I confess that, at first, I was a bit disappointed with the new shape. When I’d envisaged a clit arm free Jopen Opal, I’d literally imagined that chubby glass bulb sitting pretty at the top of a curved shaft, waiting for me to introduce it to my G-Spot. The reality is a little different, though…


Measuring up at 8” in total length, the Jopen Opal Wand is only very lightly curved. The shaft is straighter than I’d expected, but that doesn’t mean it’s boring. A series of three bumps run down the glass, right about the point where they’ll meet the vaginal opening when inserted just enough for G-Spot stim. If you’re a deep thruster? Those three bumps are gonna whip back and forth past your opening and your pubic bone, too. There’s enough girth to the hard glass to feel like you’re filled with something substantial, so you’ll get the stretch to go with the vaginal wall massage you’re in for.

Sadly, gone is the lovely bulb that makes my G-Spot so happy. An almost squared off, flattened tip with a 4.75” girth taking its place. It’s kinda like the shape of a pillow, plumped up in such a way that it rests against all the good bits on your front walls. You have the option of taking a slow, steady approach by rubbing this 2” flattened part against your G-Spot, or you can hit it hard by tilting the shaft and letting that 1.5” wide tip mash into you.

The Opal is 100% waterproof and usb rechargeable, and the initial charge took about 3 hours and 45 minutes. You get between 60 and 80 minutes of play for your troubles, and I’d say that’s pretty accurate as I only just flattened it while writing this review. The self-healing hole for the charging pin is found right at the base of the toy. It slots in with ease, which is a great thing as I’ve seen loads of comments where folk have been nervous of stabbing their toys when pin holes have been tight or on an angle.

When it comes to vibes, the Jopen Opal Wand is very much the same beast as the original. Operated by a one touch ON/OFF button and a responsive mode button, you have access to three speeds and seven patterns. There isn’t any toggling back if you miss your fave setting here; you have to scroll all the way through all ten settings to get back to the start and then find the one you want. You can’t turn it off and start again to save time, either, as the Jopen Opal Wand remembers your last setting.

The noise is still atrociously loud, and the vibes are still just a bit better than buzzy. They’re high pitched, mostly surface level and not the best available. However, despite my need for deep penetrating vibes, I come really easily with this toy.

Clitorally, all I need to do is rest the straight tip just beneath my clit, angled up, then rock against it. It doesn’t stroke so much as it pushes and pulls, and the buzzier vibes work well for this. It’s like adding vibration to a finger during a manual masturbation session. Slow and steady while occupying my mind with fantasies or eyes with erotic imagery, I can edge myself long enough to really build up an intensely satisfying orgasm.

Slipping it inside me really deadens the vibes for me, for some reason. I can feel the original Opal internally no problem, but the Jopen Opal Wand doesn’t feel as strong. The third, most intense speed feels good when I’m using the whole flat part of the shaft for broad stimulation, but the vibes add nothing to using the tip to try for a fast G-Spot orgasm. I do come, but it’s more the shape of the tip and the stimulation from whatever I’m using for clit stim that gets the job done. It isn’t anything to do with the Opal Wand’s vibes. The only internal based orgasms I’m getting from this toy take a long while and are hard won.

Cleaning the Opal Wand is easy, given that it’s waterproof. I love foaming toy cleaners at the moment and they do the job fine, but I find I have to get a toothbrush and running water onto the buttons. They get filled with gunk and because they’re so tiny it takes something equally small to get into the little gaps. I store my Opal Wand in its box, but if you’re a bagger you’ll need to sort that out yourself as there isn’t one supplied.

Bottom line is, while the Opal Wand isn’t what I’d imagined it would be, it’s still a great product. Those who enjoy glass toys and mild vibes have a good chance of liking it, as will those who enjoy broad, somewhat gentle G-Spot stimulation. It’s the perfect choice for slow, lazy masturbators. If you need strong vibes, or rumbly ones, or if you need intense, pinpoint G-Spott stim, it probably isn’t for you.

If it sounds like something that could float your boat, click the image below and go check it out.

The Jopen Opal Wand was sent to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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