Jopen Opal Dual Massager

When I first spotted the Jopen Opal on Twitter, my eyes were instantly on stalks. I pretty much rubbed them all over the gorgeous image on my laptop screen and had my first eyegasm. It was just so lovely to look at I wanted it on sight, and when the fabulous Carolyn from Betty’s Toy Box asked me if I was up for reviewing it, I think I whooped so hard she heard me across continents.


So it came to be that I had myself my very own Jopen Opal to review.

When it first arrived – in an absolutely discreet fashion, I might add – I couldn’t wait to get into the box. Once I was in, I was greeted with an understated silver on black box with an image of the toy on the back, and a window in the front, showing off the beautiful contents.


Then my new vibe was in my hands. The Opal is my first ever Jopen product, so that was exciting enough in itself, but it’s unlike any other toy I’ve used before and that made it doubly thrilling. Yeah, I’ve used rabbit-style vibes of all shapes and sizes, but never have I had the pleasure of experiencing two of my favourite materials – glass and silicone – in one product.


Yup, the Jopen Opal has a handle and clitoral shaft that are made from – in my case purple – silky silicone, and a shaft of smooth, flawless tempered glass. Both materials are phthalate free, non-porous, and non-toxic, so are completely body safe, and after having a rosacea (facial skin condition) flare up recently after handling a TPE stroker, holding a safe toy in my hands is extra reassuring.

Measuring up at approximately 8 inches in total length, the Opal is a pretty decent size. The glass shaft is around 4.5 inches insertable, and the clitoral arm is around 2 inches in length. There isn’t a great deal of flex to the arm, and the shaft is completely ridged with no flex whatsoever, so anatomical compatibility was a definite concern for me.


Something I noted about the Opal is how light it is. With two motors, a glass shaft and silicone body, I’d expected it to feel more substantial than it does. Looking closer, it appears that the glass is only a thin layer over a core of silicone. Tapping it on my front teeth seemed to confirm this. A solid piece of glass has more of a thud, but the Opal’s shaft clinks.

Dare I say that it feels kinda flimsy? Don’t get me wrong, it looks and is well made, but it just feels like less than it is. I’m not saying that’s a bad thing, though. It makes it a great option for people with poor hand strength or those with angle/reach issues who are in the market for a lightweight dual stimulator.


Get a load of that shaft. Isn’t it lovely? The main part is a sweet petite 3.5 inches in circumference, but the tip… or should I say, the big fat juicy head? Yeah, I’ll go with that. At 5.5 inches in circumference, it’s bulbous, rounded, and built for g-spotting. That girth isn’t anything drastic in terms of ‘average’ insertable size, but I don’t think I’ve come across a glass piece this chunky before. Maybe in a butt plug I have, but not in a dildo, and definitely not in a vibrator.

As you’re probably aware, I adore having my g-spot stimulated, and I couldn’t resist getting it acquainted with the Opal’s big head. I didn’t even bother to see if the thing was charged, I just lubed it up and in it went.


As I’d predicted, I had a clit fit issue, but for that session I couldn’t have cared less. The tip of the Opal was on my g-spot, and it felt incredible. It’s kinda similar to the sensation I get from using my Njoy Pure Wand, yet not as glacially cold, and strangely, not as harsh. That baffled me, cos the glass surface of the Opal is as hard in use as steel is, but the sensation was much milder.

Because I wasn’t trying to maintain clitoral contact at this point, I was free to bump and grind in any way I pleased. That led to a good g-spot smashing, and the curve of the shaft – while subtle – was enough to prevent any pelvic bone battery. I did manage to gush, but perhaps because of the way the body of the toy was pressed between my labia, there was no projectile squirting.


That was all amazing and satisfying, but the Jopen Opal isn’t a dildo. It’s a vibrator, and a rechargeable one at that. So after plugging the included charging cable into the toy via a self-healing hole in the base, and then into a usb plug, I waited about an hour and forty five minutes for it to finish charging, then switched it on.


What a noisy piece of kit this is! I’m not kidding when I say it sounds like a lawnmower. Seriously, as a guide to just how ear-splitting it is, I’d say it’s loud enough to have a sound off with my Doxy Die Cast. Oddly enough, it has something of a musical quality to it, almost like there’s more than one level of sound and they’re in harmony. I don’t know if that’s something to do with the two motors having different frequencies, or if it’s something to do with mixing glass and vibrations, but either way, it’s not ideal. I can’t use the Opal if my kid is home, cos it can clearly be heard not only outside of my bedroom door, but in all the other upstairs rooms too, and downstairs in the room below me if it’s quiet.

I was hoping that the noisiness of it would mean it was going to blow my socks off power wise, so inside of me it went, and with a quick tap of the super responsive, raised silicone ON/OFF button, I had lift off.


The first speed felt quite nice around my labia, but my g-spot was kinda like, hello chubby glass bulb, stimulate me please, don’t just sit there and do nothing. The next speed up was a bit itchy, and the final speed I liked. There are 7 patterns on offer too, for those who like them, but I’m not all that keen. The Opal doesn’t offer the most powerful vibes there ever was, and they’re not particularly rumbly at all, but you definitely get more than a buzz.

The big issue I had, as mentioned above somewhere, was clit fit. Whenever I have the Jopen Opal comfortably pressed against my g-spot, the external stimulator sits just below my clitoris. I have to bend the arm quite far back and purposefully nestle it onto my clit, then see how good of a contact I can make with my internal hotspots.


This takes thrusty fucking right out of the equation, leaving me with no option but to grind the glass bulb against my g-spot in quick little circles. I do reach orgasm this way, cos the outer arm presses against my clit in quick little circles too, but it takes me something like 7 years and 4 months to get there, or that’s how it feels anyway.

This isn’t really what I want from a dual stim toy. I don’t want to have to hold the clit arm in place with two fingers while the Fella fucks me with the shaft. I want to be able to lie back and give him free reign, knowing that he isn’t going to miss any sweet spots because of shape or fit.

I’ve found that, contradictory to my usual tastes, I actually like using the Opal in the bath, so hurray for it being waterproof. There’s something about the positioning of the external stimulator that feels so much better when my lower body is submerged in water. I can’t say for sure if it’s the feeling of the water vibrating around my clit, or the way the tip of the arm pulls down and stretches me a little, or even a combination of the two, but whatever it is, it does something that I like.


If I’m getting enough mental/visual/aural stimulation by say, watching the Fella standing over the bath and stroking himself, I can leave the Opal to vibrate away between my legs while I play with other parts of me until I cum. It happens much faster in water than it does on dry land too.

A fellow blogger commented on the Jopen Opal during a Twitter conversation, and he wondered whether a sans clit arm version would be coming along any time soon. I have to say I really hope it does, cos I’d be all over that. The idea of having that fabulous glass shaft pounding away inside of me with no external pokey bits to get in my way… yeah, that would be good!


It’s so hard to come to a final conclusion about how I feel about rabbit-style vibes. I can always manipulate something into working for me, so I feel bad saying yes I cum hard with it, but it’s such a chore to get things right I don’t really like it, but that’s where I’m at here.

I do love the look, the build quality, and I adore the shape of the shaft, it’s just the clit arm that lets it down. If it wasn’t there, I’d probably be bowled over. If the Jopen Opal sounds like something you think may work for you, you can bag yourself one by clicking here.

The Jopen Opal was sent to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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