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Je Joue is one of those brands I look at and think, oooh, fancy! There’s something about them – other than the price tag – that screams luxury. The outer packaging is sleek and sophisticated, for the most part, and the hard storage boxes that reside within are understated and discreet.


I’d only ever owned one Je Joue product (the Ami Kegel System) before Lovehoney sent me the G-Kii G-Spot Vibrator in exchange for an honest review, but I adored it, and I hoped that adoration would expand a little to include something else from the brand, so was eager to discover whether or not the G-Kii would meet my expectations.


Question: What do you imagine when you think of a G-Spot toy?

A hooked tip? Or a bulbous tip, maybe, or do you prefer small and pinpoint? Do you imagine a long, curved shaft that has enough length left outside the body to provide a good hand-hold, so you can really hammer away without losing your grip?

Or are you one of the lazier wankers of the world, who looks for a C-shaped sex toy that you can hold one handed – or better still, non-handed – and stimulate both your inner and outer hotspots at the same time?


Well the good news is, when it comes to shape, the G-Kii has a good chance of suiting most of you.

Made from sumptuous, silky smooth silicone, the 9 inch long G-Kii is a joy to behold. It has a boldly curved, swan like neck, a tip with a 4.25 inch circumference that manages to be both bulbous and pinpoint at the same time, and a wide base that’s almost the size and shape of some of the clitoral vibes you’ll find on the market.


That base is perfect for holding onto during use, because it’s literally palm sized, so there’s less danger of cramping fingers or grip-slip. This makes it a great choice for those who have reduced hand grip strength, and for those who find they struggle to keep hold of slimmer toys due to reach.


The G-Kii is usb rechargeable via two magnetic points (which double up as the function buttons), situated at the base of the toy. This kinda drives me insane. If it was a magnetic dock it would be ace, but the clippy wire approach makes me mad. If the surface it’s on gets knocked, it disconnects, and that’s just aggravating. I’d have been happier with a pinned charger that plugs in via a self-healing hole.

The G-Kii is waterproof, so is easy to clean and safe to have as a bath time buddy, but I don’t fancy taking it for a soak. The idea of submerging any charging connections in water freaks me out, and I just can’t do it. It does get a quick dip when I’m giving it a wash, but that’s the only sink time it gets.


When it comes to build, the G-Kii has a feature I’ve never come across before. That swan like curve I mentioned? It’s adjustable. All you need to do is locate the button on the side of the shaft and press it, give the head a little wiggle, and you have a customisable vibrator.


This is actually pretty awesome – in theory. Now don’t get me wrong, when it comes to fit, the G-Kii finds my G-Spot no problem, and I do love idea of the adjustable feature, to an extent. My only issue with it is, getting it in the perfect position for dual stim – which is what the customisable curve is for – is tricky.


Given my body shape and labia size, getting it into the right position for me while it’s inside me is hard, because the button is too difficult to reach, and not only that, but lubes, body fluids and grip make it almost impossible to shift without it slipping out or causing discomfort.

So why not just position it before insertion, I hear you ask.


Well, I tried that, and once the G-Kii is curved to my liking, getting its rigid C-shape past my pubic bone is a pain in the neck at best, and a pain in the vagina at worst. And even if I do manage to get it inserted comfortably, the base is softly rounded in a way that makes it kinda hover just off my clitoris. This means that, when it comes to dual stim, the G-Kii is a no for me. It just doesn’t fit with my anatomy.

But like I said, in its fully extended form, it does find my G-Spot perfectly, so the big question now is, do the vibes work for me?

The G-Kii has 5 intensities, and six patterns to go with them. I’ve found nothing that confirms this is a dual motor toy, but I’ve found that the first two pushes of the mode button isolates the vibes first to the handle or clitoral end, and then to the tip of the shaft. That suggests it is dual motor, but I can’t be sure.


Initially, the vibes are exciting. Rather than a buzz, you hear a subtle rumble at first, and the G-Kii kinda shakes in the hand, rather than vibrates. The next speed up is still rumbly, as is the next, but the forth speed feels just like the third, except louder, and though the top speed is distinct and powerful, it’s not as powerful as the manual suggests, or as powerful as I had hoped.

On top of the shift in quality, the vibes also travel all the way through the toy, unless you use the mode that switches them off in the handle. If I could use the G-Kii as a dual stim vibrator, this would be great, but I can’t, and the outer portion is my handle. Feeling those higher, buzzier vibes travelling through my fingers for a full masturbation session can get unpleasant if I take too long to reach orgasm.

That said, when used on my clit on the middle intensity, I can come fairly easily with the G-Kii, and if it’s my G-Spot that’s getting the attention, the mode that alternates between the tip and the base works great. I would prefer full speed on constant, but like I said above, the vibes become uncomfortable on the hand after a while.

I think the G-Kii would work well for those folks who need a fair amount of rumbly power, but not so much that it shakes the bones. Extended, the shape is fantastic for those who struggle holding a slimmer vibe, or for those who find reach a problem. The success of the customisable C-shaped curve will vary from person to person, the only thing I can tell you about it is, that particular aspect of the toy didn’t work for me.

The Je Joue G-Kii was sent to me by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now and will forever be my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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