Javida Heating Vibe

Rabbit vibrators. They’re a funny breed of sex toy, aren’t they? They look like they should be the perfect tool to provide their user with glorious, easily won blended orgasms. But many people – myself included – have been let down by their buzzing bunnies because they’re not a one-size-fits-all kinda toy. Finding the perfect fit, size, and power level all in one product is a right royal pain in the arse at best. And, if I’m honest, it’s probably an unreasonable thing to expect from something that isn’t custom made. Whenever I get a chance to road test a body safe rabbit, I jump at it, hoping that I’ll finally find the perfect one for me. Do you reckon the Javida Heating Vibe from the lovely folks at Orion has a chance of being it?

I’ve tried products from a few of Orion’s own brands now and, so far, most of what I’ve seen has impressed me. The build of their vibrators is always to a high standard, and the Javida Heating Vibe is no different.

Measuring up at 8.5-inches in total length, it feels good in the hand, if a little on the slender side. Most of it is made from soft matte purple silicone, with an ABS plastic panel on the handle. That’s where you’ll find the control buttons.

It’s USB rechargeable via a self-healing pinhole in the centre of a pretty little flower on the back. I assumed by the build and charging manner that it would be a waterproof vibe, but I’m glad I checked before washing it in a sink of water because I’ve found no evidence that it can be submerged. Neither the packaging or Orion’s product page mention it, so I’ve decided to treat it as if it’s just splashproof. That means sprays and wipes for cleaning rather than a wash.

At its maximum girth, the Javida Heating Vibe is around 4.5-inches. At its thinnest, it’s just 3.5-inches. Like most rabbits, the insertion length is quite short too, being 4.5-inches. In my experience, very straight shafts that are short can be a nightmare. G-spots are often found 3 to 4-inches inside the vagina, but a straight shaft often misses the mark. Even though this one has a tapered g-spotting head, the shaft has very little curve to it. I did worry that the head would be nowhere near my hotspot, but was pleased to find that, just like the external arm, the shaft is quite flexible. There was a better chance of it accommodating my anatomy because it isn’t rigid.

Something about the toy itself that I quite like is the texture. On the inner part of the external arm and on the front of the shaft, there are a few bumps, offering labia stimulation as well as a nice bit of sensation around the vaginal opening. On what I was beginning to suspect would be just another underwhelming rabbit, this was a welcome addition.

So, that’s the shape of the vibe. What about the functions?

Well, on the control panel there are three buttons. An On/Off button, and one button each for the shaft and the external arm. Yep, they operate independently, and that means this is a dual motor toy. One of the best things about this rabbit is separate internal and external vibes. When they’re shared, one or the other suffers, but dedicated motors usually promise more power. Even better than that is the option to have the external vibes set at a higher level to the internal ones. All too often, clit vibes can be eclipsed by more powerful shaft vibes. Having the ability to keep the shaft on a lower setting, or even set it on a pattern so inside gets something different to outside, stops everything from feeling like one wide-spread buzz.

According to the box, each motor gives you five modes. This confuses me because I counted ten. Three intensities of constant speed, three patterns, one more constant speed, and then three more patterns that are different to the first batch. Strange.

Before I get into how I fared with this rabbit, I’ll address what Orion calls the highlight of the product; the heating element in the head. I don’t have a lot of experience with heating vibes, so wasn’t sure what to expect. Whenever I use a steel dildo it comes out of me and radiates heat, so I have often wondered just how hot a toy would need to be for me to actually feel it inside me.

This one heats up to 42 °C. That’s 4.5°C warmer than the average vaginal temperature of 37.5 °C. As soon as you press the ‘on’ button, the heating element kicks in, and it reaches temp quite quickly. At the start of play, while the rest of the shaft is still cool, that heat feels really good on and around the vulva. I can feel the difference inside me, but the rest of the shaft soon reaches body temperature and I lose the sensation.

That’s not a terrible thing, though, cos in those minutes it takes for the toy to warm through, the already hot shaft is doing a specific job. It’s encouraging quicker blood flow around my g-spot area. This speeds up its swelling and sensitivity, so I can get into g-spot stim earlier in the game. That might not be a plus for everyone, but it does good things for me.

So, all that’s left to talk about is how the toy performs as a vibrator.

Happily, it’s not too bad. The vibes aren’t anything out of the ordinary in terms of power. They’re strong enough to be felt deep inside my vagina, and there’s a rumbly quality to them that I appreciate. The external arm, while gentler than I usually like, has enough power to make its buzzy nature feel nice.

Getting both my clit and internal bits stimulated simultaneously isn’t the chore some dual vibes are, though I do lose clitoral contact if I get carried away with thrusting. Some might call this a fail, but I don’t think it is. I’ve learned that different toys require different techniques to get me off, and grinding with rabbits works much better than thrusting.

The lightweight body of the toy makes it easy to use for longer periods. You get around 50 minutes of play if using the highest constant speed, and that includes the heating element, which can’t be turned off while the toy is in use. And while the handle is slim enough to cause crampy fingers after a while, the vibes don’t really reach it so there’s no chance of ending up with numb fingers.

While the Javida Heating Vibe isn’t my perfect rabbit, it is a perfectly decent one. I’ll always choose rechargeable over battery powered so it has that in its favour. The independently controlled motors are a plus, as is the g-spot awakening powers of the heating aspect. More powerful vibes would have been welcome, but that’s the only thing I can say that isn’t entirely positive.

It’s a great place to start if heated vibes sound good to you, so if you fancy having a go click the banner below and go pick one up from Orion.

Javida Heating Vibe Rabbit Vibe, Scandarella

The Javida Heating Vibe was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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