Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review

So far, it seems to be the year of favourite brands here at Scandarella. I’ve written about a bunch of dildos by brands I love and the odd vibe, and now it’s time for some butt stuff. Love Pipedream or hate ‘em, it’s hard to deny that their Icicles line is chock full of gorgeous things. In time for Valentine’s Day, my lovely sponsor, Forbidden Pleasures sent me a piece that I’ve coveted for some time. The appropriately romantic Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug.

Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review, image showing the plug's packaging, white with Icicles in black text and a picture of the toy on the front panel

Now, the first thing I need to tell y’all about the Icicles No 76 is that it’s tiny. Not the overall plug, but the insertable part. At 2” long with a circumference of 3.75”, it’s pretty much the same size as my big toe. See, I told ya, it’s really very small. If you’ve read any of my reviews before, you know that it’s far too little to do much of anything for my butt. And if you’re used to stuffing yours with anything bigger than a thumb, it probably won’t do much for you, either.

Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review, image showing the side of a red glass butt plug, slim tapered tip and wide rose in bloom base

However, before you write it off altogether, let me tell you why I wanted it so much.

Basically, I wanted the super cute glass piece for how it looks. I wanted it because the base is a beautiful red rose and I adore it. Now, I’ve read a few comments around about the web recently from people who think too much emphasis is put on the appearance of some sex toys. It’s been said that folks are letting themselves be distracted by pretty designs to the point where functionality and performance are being ignored.

Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review, image showing the plug from its rose shaped base and up the length of the insertable blub

From my perspective, that rings true for anything with a motor. It doesn’t matter how fantastic a vibrator’s design is, if the vibes it puts out are shite, I’m gonna say so. But for me, a large part of a non-vibrating toy’s appeal is its appearance. Not because I’m a magpie who likes the pretty and the shiny. Though I totally am, I mean, as a Geordie magpie is in my blood. How a dildo or plug looks is sometimes important to me because certain designs play to certain parts of my personality and fit into certain scenes with the Fella.

The Icicles No 76 appealed to my romantic side, and also my filthy side. I can hear you thinking, I get the romance bit but how is a rose filthy? Folks who are into rosebudding will know already. Rosebudding is an extreme sexual act in which a person pushes the walls of their anus out through their anal opening. In other words, intentional anal prolapse. **Please be aware that researching this could bring up some very graphic (and potentially distressing) images that are so NSFW even Satan wouldn’t look at them if he was on the clock**

Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review, image showing a close up of the rose in bloom base of a red glass butt plug

Do I want to try rosebudding? Hell fucking no. Knowing my luck the rest of me would follow through and I’d never be seen again. Jokes aside, though, it scares me. It makes me a bit queasy (remembering always that YKNIMKBYKIOK) and uncomfortable in the butt. It looks painful and I would be seriously stressed out by the idea of…erm…not being able to tuck myself back in. Ridiculous, I know, cos how many porn performers who can do this think are walking around with their insides out. Precisely none. But fear is a funny thing and it needs to be respected.

And yet despite all of that, I still wanted a visual of how I might look should I choose to learn to perform such an act. I wanted to know what the Fella thought of it in an intimate setting rather than getting an eyeful over a computer screen. Of course it was never gonna look like an actual prolapse, but I figured that the impression would be enough.

Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review, image showing a close up of the insertable bulb of a red glass butt plug

So up my butt it went. As plugs go, it’s comfy enough to wear. I didn’t need any lube to get it in and it sat nicely. Thanks to its tip being a miniscule 2” in girth, I couldn’t feel it at all inside me, I could only feel it where the underside of the bulb touched the inside of my opening. The neck is quite short, but it didn’t nip, which is largely down to the slope of the rose. And I didn’t love said slope.

Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review, image showing a close up of the neck of a red glass butt plug

The Icicles No 76 looks like it has a huge base in comparison to the bulb, but that slope could potentially make it easy for a butt to pull it in. The anal opening doesn’t hit a block like an anchor base or disc base, it meets a super smooth cone shape that could fully penetrate if pressure is put on. For example, it you sat down with it in, or if a body pressed against it during sex. If you’re not accustomed to anal you’ll probably feel that happening right away, but the experienced might miss it.

As I said, though, I didn’t expect that I would get any stimulation from this toy. It was all about the looks. Its task was to be a decoration. When I looked it as a pretty rose it gave me the exact smushy feeling I wanted. My butthole was adorned by something sweet and romantical and I really liked how it made me feel. I have body issues galore, so it’s always a good thing to find something that gives me a boost.

Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review, image showing a red glass butt plug on the flat palm of a woman's hand to give an impression of size

And it did give me a vague idea of how my butt would look in the early stages of a kinky anal prolapse.

Dirty. When I looked at it from this other perspective, I felt dirty and nasty, both of which are feelings that I enjoy when it comes to sex. The red of the glass is very deep so it didn’t look raw or like my actual giblets were making a break for it, but it definitely gave the illusion I hoped it would. It didn’t make me want to throw caution to the wind and squeeze my anal walls out but was definitely a positive experience for me.

But then there was the Fella. He wasn’t familiar with rosebudding so had only seen the pretty and the romance that’s’ presented by the Icicles No 76. So I showed him some footage of the act in motion then had him look again. Dude didn’t like it at all. Like, not even a little bit. He made a wise-crack when I showed him the video so I thought it might not go so bad, but once faced with my butt all budded up, he hated it. He says it didn’t, but I have a feeling that it ruined this piece for him forever. Each to their own, I guess.

Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review, image showing an angled close up of the rose in bloom base of a red glass butt plug

So, yeah. Those are the reasons I personally rate this tiniest of butt plugs a solid 8/10 on looks alone. It’s a decoration, an exploration, and depending on how you visualise things, it can be either pretty or kinky. Just don’t expect it to offer anything much in the way of stimulation if you’re used to any kind of anal penetration.

To pick one up, click the Forbidden Pleasures banner below. If you’re quick, you can get it on sale and in time for Valentine’s Day.

Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug Review, image of Forbidden Pleasures logo, FP with wings and a halo/horns

The Icicles No 76 Rose Butt Plug was sent to me by Forbidden Pleasures in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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