i-Scream by Shiri Zinn

If you’re here in the UK, you may have noticed that there’s a heat wave going on. Personally, I think every degree of it over 15 needs to bike it back to Hades where it belongs. I do not like hot days. I’m an autumn girl at heart, but I do like some things about summer. Splashing in paddling pools, the chinking of beer glasses, the cheery tinkle of the ice cream man coming to rob me blind. And if there was ever a sex toy that encapsulated all that is summer for me, it would be the i-Scream by Shiri Zinn.

Before I say anything else, I’m gonna tell you something awesome about Shiri Zinn; for each i-Scream sold, she donates a portion of the profits to a charity for adolescent girls in Africa. As far as I’m aware (and please do correct me in the comments if I’m wrong) no other manufacturer/retailer in the sex toys industry does this. See. Awesome.

Anyway, I’ve been lusting after this vibe for the longest time, so was delighted when Shiri said she’d send me one to review. After choosing my colour and waiting a few days, I finally had my very own i-Scream in my hands.

Now, I know some people roll their eyes when I start waxing lyrical about sex toy packaging. I even annoy myself with it sometimes, cos I always seem to have something to grumble about. Unnecessary nudity, missing info, shitty clamshell plastics that rip the prints off your fingers. Those are my most frequent gripes. It’s not often I get to say how bloody fantastic a toy’s packaging is, but listen up cos I’m about to do just that…

I mean, look at it. Is there any other toy you can think of that comes in a working music box? Yep, you read that right. Fashioned like a cinema popcorn bucket with a Coca Cola-esque logo, the box has a little button inside that, when pressed, unleashes a super upbeat jazz number. It makes me wish the Fella could whisk me back in time so he could take me on a romantic soda shop date.

Is your partner into all things cutesy? Do they have a sweet tooth? Are they never out of a swing dress? Well, before you even get at the delights inside the box you’ve got one hell of a special gift on your hands, and all because a designer cared about their toy’s packaging.

Okay, that’s enough about that, onto the vibe!

What can I say about the design of the i-Scream other than, the name says it all. It’s quite literally a slightly smaller than life-sized silicone ice cream. And it looks so realistic it’s mouth-watering!

All of the toy is made from silicone that feels lovely to the touch. Matte, soft and smooth, it’s such a nice thing to fondle. The cone bears the traditional markings of an actual ice cream cone, and that isn’t just for aesthetics. That’s texture, and that adds a little something extra to your play.

You get to choose between two flavours for your i-Scream: Vanilla or Strawberry. I opted for the pretty pink strawberry, cos the last word that could ever be used to describe me is vanilla. But no matter which option you choose, your treat will be finished with an indulgent splodge of chocolate sauce.

Christ’s sake, I’ve never wanted to eat a sex toy before, but this one makes me hungry in oh so many ways!

The i-Scream is USB rechargeable and 100% waterproof. It measures up at 5.5 inches from tip to top, with a circumference of 6.75 inches around the widest part of the ice cream that tapers down to just 1.25 inches at the point of the cone. It’s a light vibe, and all of the weight it does have is situated in the top. That makes it easy to hold and simple to manoeuvre while you play.

I’ve seen this vibe referred to as a mini wand, and I would agree with those who say that. It has the round, flat head common in all wands, offering the same broad area stimulation. But that’s not all this shape offers. Firstly, the sauce and ice cream both have some quite pronounced drips where they’ve been given a melting appearance. The i-Scream can be twisted and turned to either move those bumpy bits over sensitive body parts, or if you can find the right angle for you, there’s a chance you can get some targeted clit stim out of them.

If you find you can’t, that’s not the end of the world. All of the i-Scream is useable, so you could try turning it around and directing the tip of the cone at your hotspots. And if you’re so inclined, both ends are easily insertable (vaginally, not anally) so you’ve got a couple of options there, too.

As with all vibrators, the shape and textures are just gravy. The important thing is the vibrations themselves. The i-Scream is operated by a single ‘hidden’ button situated partway down the cone. There’s a travel lock to make sure your vibe doesn’t come to life in your bag if you’re travelling with it, so hold your finger down for a few seconds until the red light is finished flashing and your toy will come to life.

You get three intensities of constant, steady speed from this vibe, and seven patterns. I’m not usually a fan of patterns as I find them distracting, but these ones I like. And this leads to one question:

Do I scream for i-Scream?

You bet your ass I do. The vibes this thing puts out are dreamy. Rumbly, deep and powerful, they hit the right spots every single time. I love twirling the melting ice cream edges around my clit, pressing the full head against the entrance to my vagina and then grinding my clit against it until I come.

It’s so easy to hold onto while I play, and the weighted end keeps it exactly where I need it. I have turned it around to use the tip of the cone for clit stim and, while it isn’t as powerful or rumbly as the head, it still feels damned good.


And yes, I have had pretty much the whole thing inside me. The shape of the ice cream head wedges itself against my g-spot and can just leave it there, forcing all those juicy vibes into it until I come. I’ve had a few occasions in the moments after orgasm where I’ve wanted to throw it across the room because I’ve wanted it turned off and haven’t been able to find the button cos it’s somewhere inside me, but that’s my own doing. Nobody says I have to use the i-Scream for penetration, I just do.

Like I said earlier, the i-Scream is 100% waterproof. That means you can take it in the bath or the shower. Or, you could even get it covered in real ice cream if sploshing and food play is your jam. It also means that it’s easy to clean up with soapy water or toy cleaners when you’re done, and I think everyone will want to store it in its funky 20s jazz playing music box.

For those who want to keep their i-Scream on show, Shiri Zinn has just the thing. Along with my amazing vibe, she sent me the cutest little ice cream cone stand. It looks so freaking good on display, and I’m torn between putting it in this or in its box. If you want one with your vibe, just click the drop down menu on the product page and add it on.

It’s so hard to be miserable when you know you have this toy stashed in your drawers or cupboards. When the Fella sees it he chuckles and tells Willy Wanker jokes. When I see it I feel all spoilt and girly and call it my sunshine in a fuck. I’d recommend it to anyone looking for something unusual, because it is unlike anything else.

If you’d like to pick one up, click the banner below and head on over to the Shiri Zinn webstore. You’ll be glad you did.


The i-Scream by Shiri Zinn was sent to me by Shiri Zinn in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

**Please be aware that none of the images used in this review belong to me. They’re all copy righted to Shiri Zinn, who asked me to use them in place of my own photographs**

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