Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote

Do you have a penis? Do you enjoy using sex toys on that penis? If yes, odds are you’ll have heard of Hot Octopuss. The brand that brought the original Guybrator to the world, and the love it or hate it rechargeable ‘wand’, the Queen Bee. Not satisfied with a handful of best selling products in their range, Hot Octopuss have been adding more penis treats to their catalogue. A cool looking cock ring and this, the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote.

The Guybrator, or PULSE III DUO, is a big hit in Scandarella house. Not many toys make it into the Fella’s drawers unless I stash them there, but his PULSE is top drawer material in his opinion. It’s always in there and it’s always charged and ready for action. Still, I think I was a wee bit more excited than he was when the Pocket Pulse arrived for review.

The Pocket Pulse is a scaled down, slightly tweaked version of the larger models. It’s still made of silky smooth silicone with ABS accents, but rather than being a squid-like contraption with flaps that hug the penis, it has a flexible strap instead.

On the top of that strap you’ll find Hot Octopuss branding, and on the underside, you’ll find some super subtle texturing in the form of shallow slits. These slits carry on right around the inside of the toy. On the top, right around the area that meets the frenulum, is the crown badge. In the full-sized PULSE toys, this would be the PulsePlate. But the Pocket Pulse doesn’t have one of those. It’s a simplified version, great for those who found the PulsePlate too aggressive.

This palm-sized stroker measures up at just 3.5” in total length. It’s 2.25” wide and has a girth of 8.5”. It looks kinda big in my hand but in the Fella’s it looks tiny. He likes that it’s lightweight, compact and, with the groove on the back and over the arm to accommodate fingers and thumbs, easy to hold. It’s a waterproof toy and rechargeable, so there are another two boxes ticked for him. He likes to wank in the bath much more than I do.

The controls for the Pocket Pulse are found on the sides of the toy. A plus button to switch it on and increase the vibrations, and a minus button on the opposite side to decrease the vibes and switch the toy off. If you have the basic model that’s pretty much that. But if you have the Pocket Pulse Remote you have, well, a remote.

This not only offers a bit more flexibility and ease of play to a solo user, but it enables other parties to get involved, too. While the PULSE III toys can be too awkwardly weighted for hands-free use, the reduced size and weight of the Pocket Pulse make it easier. No hands means no stroking, so using the remote can intensify edging play. Not only that, but it opens up the possibility of orgasm control, or even denial from a partner, too.

Both models of the Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse are dual motor and have seven settings. There ain’t no pointless patterns here. Each setting is constant vibration, which will bother some people and not others. It didn’t matter to the Fella at all.

According to Hot Octopuss, the motors in the Pocket pulse are so powerful the Pocket Pulse is as close as they’re ever gonna get to the intensity of the PULSE III.

And, according to the Fella, it is kinda close.

The first time we used the Pocket Pulse it was a bust. You can use it whether your penis is flaccid or erect and we opted to try it while he was completely soft. Trying to put a soft cock that’s slathered in lube into a silicone toy was difficult to say the least. He got annoyed and I just sat and laughed. It may or may not have been my laughing that totally prevented him from getting an erection, but it just didn’t happen. No matter what he tried and no matter what I tried (and trust that I tried quite a few things) he just couldn’t make the magic happen. He didn’t like how the toy felt, didn’t like how his flaccid cock looked curled up beneath the arm and didn’t like the vibes. We gave up and ended things the old-fashioned way.

He was a bit reluctant to try again but when I suggested it in the middle of a play session he seemed keen. And I’m so pleased he gave it another shot! Using it erect was a totally different experience. I ended up sitting on the floor watching him enjoy himself. With a hard cock, he loved how powerful the vibes are. He says they travelled right through his shaft, and the focus point felt amazing when he rolled it around his head.

One minute he was moving his wrist, the next his hips, and then after that he was so still and just letting the vibes do their thing. The strap over the top lets him have some control over how tight a fit the toy is and also over the pressure of his stroke.

Every time we’ve used it after that has been a success. Even when I took the toy out of his drawer – yep, it made it in there – to take measurements I had to wait while he dropped his drawers and had another go. It’s rare that he’ll do that while I’m working so that’s a massive compliment for Hot Octopuss.

As I said above, the Pocket Pulse is waterproof, so he’s had it in the bath a few times. I love it when he does that cos he washes as he goes. Yeah, I’m happy to be the toy cleaner of the house but not every time the dude has a wank. Once he’s done and the toy is cleaned up, it lives in the storage bag Hot Octopuss provided.

Both the Fella and I would definitely recommend the Pocket Pulse. His experience using it flaccid won’t be everyone’s experience, so I do think it’s a good option for folks who maybe struggle with erections. It’s fun, shareable (some clits will love the size and vibes) and the remote-controlled option is full of possibilities.

If you’d like to give it a shot, click the banner below to go pick one up.

The Hot Octopuss Pocket Pulse Remote was sent to me by Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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