Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS Review

While you still can’t go two clicks of your mouse without bumping into a pasty looking pocket pussy or a pube-stripping rubber lurve ring, the sex toy world is finally becoming an exciting place for penis owners. And it isn’t all just fancified in-and-out masturbators with a bullet bunged into one end as an afterthought that y’all are getting, either. If you want them, you can have powerful pulsations and deep-tissue reaching vibrations. Depending on how you’re playing, you can have them in the palm of your hand or nestled at the base of your cock. For the former, you need to check out this toy. And for the latter? You’re exactly where you need to be; reading about the Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, image of silver packaging featuring the toy and its name, on a black and grey tartan background

Hot Octopuss are magicians where penis toys are concerned. Their attempt to lasso the clit market kinda bombed (imo), but their cock options are faultless. The ATOM PLUS is, in their words, the next-generation in cock rings. And do you know what? I concur.

Earlier this year, the Fella and I got to try out the Hot Octopuss ATOM. Its size and power impressed us both, so we were eager to check out the ATOM PLUS. When you first see it, you might well snigger. I know I did. I mean, how many cock rings have you seen that are almost as long as your hand?

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, image of a black silicone, upsidedown pear-shaped cock ring on black and grey tartan background Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, image of black upsidedown pear-shaped cock ring, showing detailing inside of the ring

Its dimensions are 4.75” in length, 2.5” in width, and around 1.5” in thickness. See, I told ya it’s a canny size! Almost all of it is made from silky black silicone, with the exception of a smoked silver ABS insert at each end. These inserts are where you’ll find the buttons. They’re also where you’ll find yourself grumping when cleaning time rolls around. Gunky shit gets trapped in the grooves and beneath the ends, so it takes a bit of extra attention to get them clean.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, close up image showing PLUS button Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, close up image showing MINUS button

Something we quickly discovered about this cock ring is that the silicone it’s made from ain’t all that stretchy. Lengthwise, I can make the hole an inch bigger using both hands. I can get an inch of stretch width ways, too, but it deforms the hole to an alarming degree.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, cock ring shown on its side

If it was just a standard base of the shaft cock ring, getting it fitted wouldn’t be difficult at all, cos the hole is 1.5” to start with. But it’s one of those numbers that wrap around the balls, too. Suffice to say, I can’t stretch it and get it on the Fella at the same time without mangling his nuts. He figured out how to do it pretty quickly, though, for his own health and safety.

The trick seems to be slipping it on while the penis is still flaccid. Quite the trial really, given that he usually has to be aroused to want to put his dick in the ATOM PLUS in the first place. But when he’s soft he can pop one testicle through the loop at a time, and if he’s quick about it he can have his cock follow them through before it goes hard. It just takes a bit of practice and a good sense of how much water-based lube you need to be slick but not slippery.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, close up of silver insert showing Hot Octopuss crown logo

As you probably know, cock rings are multi-functional wee things. Their main purpose is to encourage and help maintain a harder erection by trapping blood in the erectile tissues of the penis. This makes them a good option for those looking to improve their stamina and staying power during partnered sex. Adding appendages to the top in the form of nubs, ticklers, or bullets offers stimulation for clitoris owning partners. In theory.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, cock ring fitted to a limpy packer dildo to show fit

When it comes to sex, we’ve had little luck with cock rings as anything more than erection enhancers. As I talked about in my ATOM review, my puffy labia make stimulating contact from a cock ring really hard won. We did try to make the Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS work for us during a missionary fuck but it just…didn’t. Contact was either not enough or the physical pressure of the toy against my clit was too jarring.

See, it’s an upside-down pear-shape and the widest point is what ends up mashed against my flaps. My clit is buried, so easy contact is ruled out. If the Fella pushes against me too hard in an attempt to part my labia the grind becomes uncomfortable. If he lets the ring stroke rather than press I can feel the vibrations cos they do carry, but they’re not enough to be anything more than a pleasant but mild tickle.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, charger plugged into cock ring

That’s not to say that the vibes are shabby, though. Far from it. Just like I can with the ATOM, holding the edge of the ATOM PLUS against my clit gets me off no problem. And that’s because the vibes are good! Like, really good. They’re delivered by dual motors, one in the top and one in the bottom.

A small button on the narrow end switches the toy on and controls the functions, of which you get five. You’ll also find the charging hole in the same area, a self-healing hole in the silicone. On the wider end, either side of the plastic, are a pair of buttons. Plus and Minus. They let you click up through five deliciously powerful intensities.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, close up of on button

And I do mean powerful when I say it. There’s a hint of buzziness there for sure, but they’re mostly deep and penetrating. It feels like the whole toy shudders, and that’s the kinda vibes I like. I’ve taken to flipping it upside down and squishing the Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS into a ‘C’ shape. I use the smaller end on my clit and push the wider end against my vaginal opening. It feels so good, especially when the Fella is trying not to get hard while waiting for me to finish.

However, while this toy works perfectly well for me, my junk ain’t its main demographic. That would be the Fella and his lovely penis. Just like he did with the ATOM, he loves using the ATOM PLUS as a stroker. More than he likes using it as intended. If he just slips it on like a regular cock ring he can curl his fingers around it and move it as he wanks. He enjoys holding one end against his balls and just rocking the other around the lower half of his shaft while I give him head. If we end up here, he doesn’t get his balls anywhere near through.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, side view of cock ring fitted with a limpy packer dildo to show fit

But when he does he bloody loves it. Just because it doesn’t multiply sensation by ten for me doesn’t make it a bust. Not when he gets off on it as intensely as he does. He gets perineal stimulation from one motor, ball and shaft from the other, and a head massage from whichever orifice of mine he chooses. It still takes a gargantuan amount of effort for him not to jizz in the first five seconds, but that’s less about his staying power and all about the power of the Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS.

As a sex enhancer I can take it or leave it, but it seems that I’m gonna see it dangling from his finger before every fuck for the foreseeable future. And I don’t mind one bit as long as I can go first.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS review, image of a black silicone cock ring, a black charging cable, and a black satin bag with Hot Octopuss printed in white, on black and grey tartan background

If you’re looking for a toy that can do multiple things, sometimes all at once, this could be the one for you. It’s good for solo clit play, vaginal opening stim, perineum stim, penis stim, as well as all the things you’d expect a vibrating cock ring to do. And it does it well. If you/your partner/s have an exposed clit I reckon they’d get a shot of pleasure enhancement from this toy. Buried clits, like mine, might struggle. And if you own a cock that loves vibes I really believe you’ll be happy as a clam.

To give one a shot, click the banner below and pay Hot Octopuss a visit.

Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS Review, Hot Octopuss London black text on white logo

The Hot Octopuss ATOM PLUS was sent to me by Hot Octopuss in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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