Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior Review

If you’re a reader of Scandarella erotica, you might have picked up on something quite personal about me. As well as my love for the spooky and macabre, I really get off on writing the profane. The blasphemous. For some reason, I adore picking bits of scripture and warping them, taking religious imagery and sexing it the fuck up. So it feels super on-brand of me to be reviewing a dildo in the shape of a nun. Yep, the lovely folks from SheVibe have given me a shot at the Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior and it is magnificent.

I’m not gonna lie, I was initially drawn to this shapely piece of sacrilege purely because of how it looks. It’s tongue in cheek at best, downright blasphemous at worst, and therefore fully awesome in my opinion. When the Fella first saw it, he laughed uncomfortably and said, “Oh my God, that’s so offensive.” I mean, not no. But this coming from a guy who stood behind me while I watched porn full of priest-on-nun action… it just reeks of hypocrisy and I’m having nun of it. Lol. News just in, my pun game is weak.

Anyway, I fully anticipated that the Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior would be destined to a life as a shelf sitter. When I ignored the tiny bits of white detailing that makes this piece such a show stopper, I got the impression that it would be rather plain. It just goes to show that looks can truly be deceiving, because I was so wrong.

The first thing I noted was the dildo’s size. It’s a bit bigger than I’d expected. From the top of her hear to the hem of her habit, my naughty nun measures 9”. I have a maximum 7” vaginal canal, so I knew that I was in for deep penetration with inches left to spare. This is always a boon for me because my huge labia can obstruct shorter dildos. I lose grip of them and that only serves to ruin my play.

Because it’s modelled on the shape of a person, the Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior sports some lovely curves. The head is a very slender 4.24” in girth. As we move down over her shoulders and arms, we come to a 5.75” girth where the hands, clutching white rosary beads, are clasped in front of the body in prayer.  Beneath the elbows is a cinched 4.5” waist then the dildo swiftly swells to 6” around the hips and butt. After that, the legs taper down to 4.5” again and then we reach the base.

So that in itself is a lot of dips and waves which bring sensation. On top of that there’s some detailing that’s subtle in appearance but defined enough to be felt in use. In front, there’s the dips either side of the clasped hands and around the joints of the elbows. On the sides there’s the dip between the backs of the arms and the edges of the black veil. And in the back, there’s a very clear pair of butt cheeks. It’s not the boldest of texturing but it is there, and it definitely makes a difference.

Something I haven’t mentioned is that, like all Hole Punch pieces, the Mother Interior is made from silicone. It feels medium firm to me. A bit stretchy with just a small amount of squish when I squeeze it. But because it’s a slender dildo it’s flexible and bends in all directions both from the waist and from the ankle. This makes it nicely adaptable to individual anatomies and the slight softness offers some cushioning. Cushioning is always good for anal, which you can use this piece for thanks to the flared base.

Even though I loved the design of the Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior, and I loved the shape, I was still unsure about how it would feel in use. I’ve been so focused on monster dongs and intense textures, I worried that this would underwhelm me.

It didn’t. I quickly discovered that it’s perfect for a good hard pounding. Fast thrusts that slam the rounded head into the deepest part of me feel fantastic. I can feel it whipping over my g-spot, I feel my entrance opening and closing around the curves. And I have to admit that, when I remember that I’m fucking myself with a religious effigy, the wickedness of it ramps up my arousal levels no end.

I love it for anal play, and even though the Fella acted scandalised when he first saw it, he enjoys it, too. My guy is a funny one when it comes to receiving penetration. Sometimes he’s 100% no entry, don’t even tickle it with a fingertip. Other times he’ll bend over to show me that he’s wearing a huge butt plug. I haven’t gone to town on him with the Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior, but I have had it in him to the waist. (Umm, the nun’s waist, not his. Just to clarify.) The soft curves do it for him and he likes that the texture isn’t harsh.

Because it’s a slim(ish) dildo, I think it could be great for introducing mild textures to folks who have only used smooth toys for anal. The small head goes a long way to aid insertion into tight wee puckers. And the cushioning softens the wider parts and the textures so there’s nothing so intense that it might startle.

As with most silicone dildos, the Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior can be cleaned with bleach solution, in the dishwasher, in boiling water, or with good old soap and water. It’s a bitch for dust and other airborne shite so I keep mine inside of its cardboard tube. There’s a picture of a bad nun on the side that makes even the packaging sexy.

If you’d like to give this piece a shot, click the SheVibe banner below and go check it out.

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The Hole Punch Toys Mother Interior was sent to me by SheVibe in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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