GVibe Mini by FT London

Since my introduction to the world of FT London toys at the start of this year, I’ve grown increasingly fond of the brand. Lovely materials in lovely colours are the name of the day, and the vibes on offer are none too shabby. The most recent addition to my collection of super funky things is the GVibe Mini. Let me tell you all about it.

Presented in FT London’s familiar, tubular packaging, the GVibe Mini is a wee gem of a vibrator. It’s a compact version of the awesome GVibe 2, with its double pronged design and unisex, dual stimulation potential.

The Mini is available in two colours, both of them blue and both of them gorgeous. I opted for the darker of the two (Royal Blue) purely because my full-sized version is the light one. When I first got a good look at the vibe I decided that, of the colours FT London uses, this one is my fave. It’s deep, rich and cool. True blue and not some weird shade of purple.

Silicone is always lovely, but there’s something luxurious about the soft touch feel of the stuff used here. It’s smooth and flawless, and perfectly complimented by the gold tone plastic accents. There’s something super cold about that plastic that had the Fella and I arguing about whether it was plastic or metal. Having a good look around the edges of the gold trimmings for the usual tell-tale signs of coated plastic proved fruitless. It’s so well made it’s hard to tell, but I’m ignoring the Fella and saying it’s plastic.

Size wise, it’s completely non-intimidating. From base to tips it doesn’t even reach 4.5 inches with a handle that is 1 inch thick by 2.25 inches wide. The prongs are tapered to nice, pinpoint tips and have a maximum girth of just 2.25 inches. Those who struggle with penetration (either depth or girth) but long for dual stim would do well to check this one out.

Those prongs have a span of 2.75 inches, and their flexibility allows you to bend the two shafts apart, widening that gap to around 5 inches. You can also squeeze the prongs together so both can be inserted in the orifice of your choice.

Before I ramble on about use and fit, I’ll tell you about the vibes.

Just like the rest of FT London’s G-line, the Gvibe Mini is rechargeable via a magnetic usb charger. It’s a good one with a connection strong enough to hold the weight of the small vibe. Because I’m a rubbish blogger, I forgot to time how long the vibe took to reach a full charge. I’ve charged the damned thing three times since I received it, too, which just goes to show you how vacant I am. What I do know is a full charge can give you up to 4 hours of play, depending on how you use it. I go straight in for full speed on a constant vibration and I’ve had between two and a half and three hours of intermittent play before the vibe went dead.

Now, the Gvibe Mini is a dual motor vibrator. Each of its tips has a motor of its own. The controls are situated on the side of the handle, comprising of a plus (+) button which switches the vibe on and increases the speeds, a function button to scroll through the six modes, and a minus (–) button to go back down through the speeds and switch the toy off.

In general, I like vibes that give me the option to backtrack if I over shoot my favourite setting, but with this toy that’s a vital function. See, the place FT London have put the controls is the exact place my thumb rests when I hold the toy. I’ve ruined a fair few build-ups by inadvertently changing the mode, and when I get close to coming I rocket through them like a wild thing. It’s a bit annoying, really.

But what are the vibes like, I hear you ask. Well, they’re not the best the G-line has to offer. They’re high pitched, buzzy and on the lower side of mid-range. The kind that make you sneeze when you do the nose test (putting the tip of the vibe on the tip of your nose to gauge the its strength).

By rights, I shouldn’t be able to come with this toy at all. It’s not what my body needs or even likes. But it’s such a versatile shape I haven’t struggled to orgasm with it even once.

Depending on your anatomy you can use it in a multitude of ways regardless of what you have in your pants. Now, FT London claim that the Gvibe Mini will accommodate any anatomy, but that isn’t entirely accurate. Success with it will depend on the positioning of your openings, clitoris and cock. Yeah, it squashes and spreads, but the base is rigid so that range is limited.

On the website and the included user guide, there are suggestions of different ways to use your Gvibe Mini:

  • One prong clitoral, one vaginal
  • One prong vaginal, one anal
  • Both prongs on the penis
  • One prong perineal, one scrotal
  • Both prongs squished together and inserted in a chosen place
  • One prong anal, one perineal

The Fella loves this last option. Because of the Mini’s petite size it’s perfect for me to hold at the base of his cock while I give him head. Pressing my lips against the upper-side of his shaft while stroking the Gvibe Mini along the underside has brought about some great results, too.

I’ve tried every suggestion listed above but find the size isn’t a good fit for me. The vaginal/clitoral approach isn’t too bad, though it’s more of a tease than an orgasmic experience. I can’t come from it, and that means the Fella likes to use it this way. The vaginal/anal method is just nightmarish. It hurts, the lack of length making my openings pull toward each other in the most unpleasant of ways. The double vaginal doesn’t work for me either, because I don’t get the sensation of the prongs opening and stimulating my front and back walls that some other people talk about.

So how do I come with it? I basically jam it between my labia with one prong either side of my clit, then just waggle it around without breaking contact. My labia are large enough to push the prongs together a little, hugging my clit and feeding constant vibes straight into it. If I tire of that or get too uncomfortable, flipping it around and letting one tip tickle my inner labia for a while before flipping it back to its original position really works for me.

Once playtime is over, a wash in warm, soapy water – paying close attention to the miniscule ridges where the plastic and silicone meet – will clean it right up, and then you can either store in its tube or in the bag provided. It’s not a silicone that loves dust so keeping it good isn’t hard at all.

The Gvibe Mini is one of those toys where you might need to experiment a little before you find the exact position that works for you. If you’re okay with mid-range vibes, or if you want dual stimulation without having to insert something you physically can’t take, this might be a good option for you. If you want to find out, click the banner below and go check it out.

The Gvibe Mini was sent to me by FT London in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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