GPlug L & GRing by Fun Toys London

You may or may not have realised this, but I’m becoming a big fan of Fun Toys London. They make good quality toys in gorgeous colours, and the vibes of the products I’ve tried so far have been ace. I really love my GJack, so much so it hasn’t seen the inside of the toy cupboard yet.

My most recent additions to our Fun Toys toy box are the GPlug L and the GRing. They were sent together to be used together, so I’m keeping them together in a joint review. But first, I’ll give you the basics of each piece:

GPlug L – Build

The Fun Toys GPlug is available in two sizes; small and large. Their small option has the honour of being the smallest rechargeable butt plug on the market. It’s perfectly sized for anal virgins to pop their butt plug cherry and I think that’s brilliant. Battery powered vibrating butt plugs can be such a disappointment, especially super small ones, so it’s great that a beginner can go straight in for rechargeable quality.

But, I’m not an anal virgin, so I opted for the large version. When I say large I don’t mean big enough to make your eyes water. I mean 4” from base to tip, with a super slim 1” neck and a maximum girth of 5”.

I’ve said it before, but I adore rosebud (teardrop) butt plugs. They’re always so easy to insert, with the right lube. The GPlug L is made from the silkiest, softest silicone, so use water-based lube only. It’s such high quality! Virtually seamless, 100% waterproof, and usb rechargeable with a weight that lets you know it’s there without you having to work to keep it in.

The charger is annoying, though. I don’t love magnetic chargers and ones that attach to toys that tend to roll are forever disconnecting. I’ve taken to leaving the GPlug L upside down in its cute little tube packaging cos it can’t move around in there.

GPlug L – Vibes

Figuring out how to get this thing going was a giggle. I couldn’t work out how to operate it without *SPOILER* the remote. I was pressing down the button on the base and I got a flashing light, but no vibes. My mistake occurred to me pretty quickly, though. I was holding the button down for like, five seconds, and that’s the way to put it on standby for remote operation. All it needs to get going sans remote is a one second press.


I discovered then that you get one constant speed and five patterns. What you don’t get is the option to control the intensity. But don’t fret! The single intensity you do get is the highest one the GPlug is capable of, and it isn’t all that bad. Yeah, it’s buzzy and there’s a maddeningly high pitched tickle to it, but the butt is a sensitive place, and mine doesn’t really need super rumbly vibes. It likes them, sure, but doesn’t need them.

In the hand the GPlug is pretty loud on account of the wobble in the neck. But once it’s inserted it’s as close to silent as you’re gonna get from something that vibrates. That means that, if you wanna, you can get away with wearing this plug in public. And like I said above, there’s an option to have a remote control for it (so get all thoughts of sneakily wiggling a hand down your pants to switch the thing on, lolz) and that brings me to the…

GRing – Build

Now this is a cute little thing! Desighed to wrap around the finger, it doubles as a finger vibe (obviously, Ella) and a remote control for Fun Toys products that are remote compatible. It’s a weeny 4” if you follow the curve from tip to tip, and has a maximum width of 1.5”. It reminds me so much of those chunky everyone and their dog had in the 90s.

Like the GPlug, the build quality is fab. It’s fashioned from lovely pink silicone (both toys are available in black too, just so you know) and is usb rechargeable via a magnetic charger. I employ the same method for charging this as I do the plug, though this one lies quite still on a flat surface.

In the photos on Fun Toy’s website, the GRing is worn in such a way that the controls sit on top of the finger. I don’t know if that’s just for showing off the piece or if it’s the way it’s supposed to be used, but I don’t love it. When I wear it, I have the controls facing down. Yeah, that makes them a little bit harder to get at if you’re using it as an actual vibe as the buttons end up in contact with the skin, but when it’s being used as a remote it’s the best way for me. The Fella follows suit, too.

GRing – Vibes

Unlike the GPlug, the GRing has adjustable vibes. You get the same six modes, all of them accessed by the central button of three, but you get the option to choose your intensity by using the plus and minus buttons either side of it.

As a vibrator, the GRing isn’t great. It’s super weak, with high pitched vibes that tickle more than they tantalise. If used to stimulate nipples, the neck etc it’s not bad, but moving it to genital areas doesn’t do anything for us.

GPlug & GRing – Partnered

The GRing really becomes a thing when used with the plug. When I picked the plug I picked it for me. I chose pink and told the Fella that it was for my butt only. So, naturally, he took it off me and up his butt it went.

When using it during oral sex he loves that he can just change the setting whenever he feels like it. He likes to tease himself, turning the vibes down when he gets close to orgasm or turning them on full when he finally does come. I’ve watched him stroking the GRing over his skin a few times while I’ve gave him head, too, and he clearly enjoys it.

Because we share the GPlug, I make sure it’s always cleaned with antibacterial toy cleaners so I know it’s going to be safe for me to use. And use it I do because I love it. It’s so comfy to wear, with a pleasant stretch on insertion that I adore. I even pull it out a few times, just so I can put it back in again. That’s how much I like it.

The vibes do tickle me, and while that would piss me right off if it was a vaginal toy, I don’t mind so much for anal. I especially like the different vibe quality when using it with say, a powerful bullet. And, oh my God, it feels so good when combined with a rumbly dual vibe like the L’Amourose Rosa! Different types of stimulation can sometimes be eclipsed if one is stronger than the other, but there’s something about the GPlug’s vibes that hold their own.

Having the GRing buzzing away at my nipples is just icing on the cake and I love not having to put my hand around my back to get at the plug’s button. I’m not actually fond of remote controlled toys at the moment, but this pairing is made in heaven.

Finally, using these two bits of kit during partner sex is amaze. The plug is big enough to be felt through the vaginal walls by a penetrating penis, but not so big there’s nipping and discomfort. Things just get tighter, and buzzier too cos the plug is pressed hard against the anal walls so can be felt better. No matter how hard we fuck, the slender neck ensures that the plug stays put, though there’s no keeping it in once I come if the Fella pulls out.

All in all, I think these two pieces are fab. There are more powerful plugs on the market, and some of them likely come with remotes, too, but they aren’t rosebud shaped and their remotes don’t moonlight as a waterproof finger vibe, either. I’d definitely recommend them to folk with some experience of butt plugs who are looking to add the extra thrill of vibes. Just bear in mind that they do need to be purchased separately.

If you’d like to try them out, you can pick them both up at Simply Pleasure. Click here for the ring and click the banner for the plug.

The GPlug L and GRing were sent to me by Fun Toys London in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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