Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Review

For someone who doesn’t identify as a furry, or even indulge in pet play beyond the ‘see if I like it’ stage, my love for tail adorned butt plugs is intense. There’s just something so sensual about them, something so ‘other’ that I can’t get enough of. Be it pony, fox, or unicorn, I’m always super excited when I get to try a new tail. And this one, the Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail from Sex Toys UK is an absolute corker.

Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Butt Plug Review, silver aluminium butt plug with a coiled black faux fur tail attached to its base, with a black storage pouch

Like all Furry Fantasy tails, the Black Panther Tail comes in a fabric storage pouch. While these bags are usually boons, I’d definitely recommend getting your toy out of there post haste. See, it’s quite a lengthy tail and the bag is rather small, so the whole piece is folded and wrapped in order to fit. This results in kinkiness and not the kind you’re probably looking for. To straighten mine out, I clipped a bunch of weighted nipple clamps onto the end of the tail and hung it up from the plug. It took a few days for the kinks to soften but it worked well enough in the end.

When I say that the Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail is lengthy I mean it. From the base of the plug to the tip of the fuzzy fur it measures 29-inches. That’s twice the length of the longest tail in my collection.

Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Butt Plug Review, tail stretched out lengthways to show how long it is

I was worried that, because it was so long, it might be flimsy. Or worse sheddy. But it’s not. The quality of this tail is really good. It’s thick and lush, with hairs that are well attached to its fabric core. It has a little bit of weight to it, too. Enough to make it feel substantial but not enough to pull and make the plug harder to hold onto. When you take it in your hand and squeeze it you can feel the give of the soft fur and the resistance of the core. If you’re into pet play, this sensation could be very gratifying for you.

All of that sweeping length is firmly fixed into the base of an aluminium butt plug. There’s no visible glue, no screws, no nothing, it’s a neat, invisible join. I’d expected the plug to be stainless steel, especially given its appearance, but it’s not. And that’s no bad thing. Aluminium isn’t as heavy as steel, so this plug isn’t as much work to keep in as a steel one would be.

Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Butt Plug Review, close up of silver aluminium teardrop shaped butt plug

If that disappoints you, try to consider its size. The overall length of the plug is 4” and it has a maximum girth of just over 5”. Because it’s a teardrop shape rather than a taper, you get to the fat part quickly. The stretch happens fast, it isn’t gradual. No sooner does penetration happen than your butt is swallowing the bulb. Then it sits, cold and still heavy despite the lightness of the metal, pressing against the anal opening so that you have to squeeze your sphincter against your butt’s natural urge to expel.

Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Butt Plug Review, close up of flared butt plug base to show how tidily tail is attached

I find that just a scant coating of lube is all I need to get a metal plug all up in me. The high-shine surface is slippery with just a small amount of wetness. Too much lube and it gets hard to keep the plug in, cos what goes up must come down.

But all of that is kinda same old, same old, to be honest. A thick plug is a thick plug and a tail is often a tail, they generally all feel the same. Where the Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail is set apart is in its incredible length.

Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Butt Plug Review, tail laid out flat

Once it’s inside me and I stand, I’m gifted with a completely new sensation. I mean, the tickle on the fleshiest parts of my butt cheeks is familiar. And so is the tickle on the backs of my thighs. What’s new is the bounce of tail against my calves, the brush of fur against the backs of my ankles and the knowledge that it’s so long, the tail is skimming the floor. The knowledge that, when I straddle him in reverse cowgirl, the Fella is stroking that tail over his chest or holding it against his face, tugging a little so I feel the plug trying to escape… ugh, the sexiness of it makes me shake.

It’s so comfortable to wear, so sensuous to use. There’s visual appeal, physical sensation, penetration that’s chunky enough to provide a sense of fullness for me and added tightness for him. And like I said, we don’t even do pet play. I can only imagine how something like the Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail could enhance a scene for those just starting to explore their feline fursona.

Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail Butt Plug Review, tail coiled beneath plug

As always, I gotta talk about the issues I’m faced with when cleaning my slinky tail. The plug is easy enough, I just use wipes for that. But the tail can be a bit of a sticky situation if you get it covered in lube, jizz, and other exciting stuff produced by the human body. So far, I’ve managed to keep mine relatively clean by preparing my butt before play, and by getting on my knees and having it shifted out of the way before too much fluid starts flowing. I’ve had lube on it, though, and the Fella’s jizz, but just small amounts so it was easily sponged off. I don’t know how it would fare if it got really fucked up with gunk, though, and I like my tail too much to find out.

If you’d like to try this one for yourself to fulfil a big cat fantasy, or if like me you just really like having a tail, you can pick one up at Sex Toys UK for the bargain price of £34.99. Just click the banner below and go snag one.

Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail review, Sex Toys UK 'your pleasure is our passion' logo

The Furry Fantasy Black Panther Tail was sent to me by Sex Toys UK in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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