Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug

In the past year, I’ve gone from having no tail laden butt plugs, to having (almost) five. I’ve paraded around Chez Scandarella wearing a slinky cat tail, a gorgeous pony tail, and a red faux fox fur tail. I love em all, and now I’m gonna tell y’all about the most recent addition to my small collection: The Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug.

Furry Fantasy is a Loving Joy line. The folks who brought us the fab Power Bullet and Precious Metals anal toys. The piece looked good on screen, but that can be deceiving, especially with tails. So, I admit to opening the parcel it came in with a critical eye, but I wasn’t disappointed. From the point of the plug to the tips of the faux fur, the Black Fox Tail is beautiful.

When I pulled it out of the velvety bag (which is now covered in bits of tail fluff) I found a wad of folded up fur. Unfolding it revealed a gorgeous bushy tail and a metal butt plug, though said tail was a bit kinky, and not in the good way. But it really is lovely, so I forgave the less than ideal way it was packaged.

The first thing to hit me about it was the quality. The build surprised me, because it’s awesome. I scrutinised it from end to end, but found only goodness. The plug is super shiny and flawless, and the tail is securely fixed into the base. I found only the slightest hint of glue to betray how the two pieces are held together. And the bond feels strong, which is comforting.

Here’s the lowdown on each part of the Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug:

The Plug

Measuring up at 3.5” in total length, this plug is good for folks from most experience levels of anal play. It’s made from stainless steel so, as you’d expect, it’s heavy. Because of the weight, it does take some work to hold onto once it’s inside you. And getting it in there is a cinch, thanks to the plug’s gorgeous rosebud shape. It’s tapered to a point, and widens like a teardrop. The maximum girth is just 4.5” (1.5” diameter) so has a nice stretch just before it passes fully inside.

One of the best things about this shape is how slender the necks always are. The bases are usually round (sometimes they’re hearts, flowers, or teardrops, etc) and often the same diameter as the bulb. If they had thicker necks, they wouldn’t be truly anal safe, but a slim neck makes it unlikely that the anal opening will widen enough to suck the toy in.

Well, not without help it won’t.

Pushing it in is another matter. I read an article in recent months about a pair of folks who did just that. The overexcited couple ended up shoving an entire 4” butt plug bowels deep, and it was almost a surgery job to get it back out again. The moral of that story is, don’t ever overrule the flared base. Yeah, you might well get your five minutes of fame by selling your story, but you’ll be famous for looking like a tit.

The Tail

I have black hair, and because I’m lazy it’s currently shot through with silver. Much too much silver. In my tail collection, I already have a faux fox, but it’s ‘red’. But not red like we know it. It’s actually mostly blonde with bits of dark brown and black shot through it. I’d been after a black one to match my hair for ages, so I was over the moon to get a chance to review this one.

The tail is gorgeous! It’s thick and fluffy anyway, but its multi-tonal colouring makes it look even bushier. Both sides of it have different mixes, too. Despite what my flash ridden photos tell you, on one side, the fur is largely black, with just a hint of grey around the top, and a shock of almost white around the bottom. Flip it over, and the top is greyer, with a mid-section of black that fades into that shock of white.

It isn’t a super soft fur, there’s a slight roughness to it. Strangely enough, I didn’t like this roughness in a sex bear I recently (regretted) reviewing. It didn’t feel good to me at all. But in the Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug, I love it. I think it gives the tail an authentic, wild animal feel, and even though I don’t usually do animal play, I can appreciate how hot that is.


As I said earlier, getting rosebud plugs inserted is quick and easy. You don’t need a great deal of lube with stainless steel, as it has a natural glide all of its own. A lick of lube (any type you like with steel toys) around the anal opening, and on the bulb, is all it takes to get it in there. Less lube makes the plug a little easier to hold onto, and you’re less likely to get your tail manky, too.

Once it’s inserted, it sits comfortably, its weight pulling down and never letting you forget that it’s there. The curved edges of the base have no sharpness, but they can dig in a bit if you have fleshy butt cheeks like I do. And sitting can get a bit nippy too, but I don’t sit on my butt while wearing a tail, so it’s no big deal in this case.

You may have noted my use of the word ‘usually’ when I said I don’t do animal play. The reason I say that, is because this tail promoted exactly that. It wasn’t pet play, though. There was no controlling element to it, and I didn’t try to please or serve. What we stumbled into, was a mini hunt scenario, in which me and my swishy tail were the prey.

I won’t go into detail about that here (but I might weave it into a story later on). What I will say is that it was hot, and the tail didn’t stay in for even half of the game, but I’m so happy we started with the tail because the game would never have been initiated without it.

The Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug feels so good in use. Not just the anal aspect, but the sensual one, too. Every move I take, whether standing or crawling, makes it tickle something. Either my butt cheeks, or my thighs. The Fella lifts it up to keep it out of the way during doggy, and then it tickles the small of my back.

Tails aren’t just for pet players, they’re for sensation lovers, and those who appreciate visual stimuli. The Fella likes to watch me swish my tail in the mirror when I get on my knees to give him head. He likes to see me wriggle anyway cos it shows him that I’m into what I’m doing, but the swaying tail adds a different angle to it, and he loves it. I love it, too.

Keeping tails clean is a business and a half. Personally, I take pains to ensure I don’t get any lube or body fluids on mine. Just so I don’t have to learn how to clean them. Steel plugs are easily cleaned, though. As the tail can’t be removed, there’s no chance of boiling it, but antibacterial toy cleaners on a clean cloth do the job. If I’ve managed to spot the tail, I use the same cloth to wipe the fluids away, and once it’s dry I give it a quick brush with the metal brush my cats hate. It works a treat!

If you’re into animal play, anal play, or just fancy trying out a tail, click the banner below and head over to Sex Toys UK. If fox isn’t your thing, you could always be a bunny instead.


The Furry Fantasy Black Fox Tail Butt Plug was sent to me by Sex Toys UK in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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