Fun Factory Stronic Surf Pulsator

It’s top five favourite brand time again! I’ve been loving all the goodies coming from Fun Factory this year. They just keep releasing awesome pieces, there seems to be no stopping them. The most recent one to arrive at Scandarella House is the latest in the line of next-generation pulsators: the Fun Factory Stronic Surf.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, image of grey and black spotted packaging with picture of pulsator, on a blue satin background

I’m a massive fan of the stronic lines. If you’ve not come across them before, let me tell you what they are. In a nutshell, they’re miniature fucking machines. Handheld, vibrator sized, magnetically powered thrusters that are so powerful they shake the bed. Even while they’re inside of you.

I reviewed the G-spot version – the Stronic G – a short while back. That is one glorious bit of kit! And so is the Stronic Real, which I’ll be reviewing in a week or two. But this one, the Fun Factory Stronic Surf, is definitely the cream of the new crop in my opinion.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, matte black waved pulsator with a grey handle, lying on its side on a blue satin background

It’s the texture that got me. The toy is made of Fun Factory’s unusual silicone. I say unusual because I’ve never come across silicone as matte as theirs before. It’s a bit draggy if you’re light on the lube, and there’s an almost sandy finish to it. Mine is black, which is an odd colour for Fun Factory. They’re usually full of the fun stuff like orange and green. Well, except for their black line, of course.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, matte black waved pulsator, close up of wavy textured shaft on a blue satin background

But it wasn’t the texture of the silicone that captured my heart. No, sir, it was the texture – the shape – of the shaft. It’s called the Surf, so obviously I was expecting waves. What I wasn’t expecting was for them to be so frigging jazzy. The front of the shaft looks like someone grabbed it while it was wet and squeezed. Like the silicone oozed between their fingers and set. They’re bold, each one well-defined and obvious not just to the hand but also the genitals.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, matte black waved pulsator with a grey handle in a woman's hand to show size and highlight waved texture, on a blue satin background

Down the back, you’ll find a series of less aggressive waves. While they may be softer, they’re still super noticeable. And the texturing doesn’t stop there. Down both side,s there’s a zigzag that feels kinda similar to veins on a dildo. Less prominent than the other parts of the toy, but still very pleasant.

This new wave of stronics is touted as being slimmer than the previous range, but the Fun Factory Stronic Surf doesn’t feel a million miles away from the Stronic Drei in size. Its total length is 8”, with around 5” of those insertable. At its slimmest point it has a girth of 4”, and at its thickest, 5”. There’s a deep lip at the base that’s 5.5” in circumference. I’m comfortable enough with its flare to use the Surf anally.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, matte black waved pulsator with a grey handle with black magnetic charger with a red cable connected to base, on a blue satin background

When stronics arrive, they have a little bit of juice in them, but they need a full charge before use. If you skip that and use up what little power it has you risk damaging the battery. The likely outcome of that is it won’t hold a charge. So do be patient and charge it, cos these are high-end, expensive toys and you want them to last as long as is reasonably possible. Like, forever, for instance.

So, controls. They’re found on the grey ABS plastic handle. There’s a travel lock to stop them going wild at the wrong time, and to disengage it you need to press the FUN and plus button together. Locking it is FUN and the minus button.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, close up of grey handle showing three buttons, on a blue satin background

In use, that FUN button switches the Fun Factory Stronic Surf on. Just like all the other models before it, it starts at the ‘perfect start’ setting. Why is it perfect? It’s supposedly the ideal thrust speed for most people. And it is a perfect start for me. I mean, literally right at the start. After a few minutes I need more, more I tell you, and I start pushing buttons. Something I must mention here is that, unlike my other pulsators, the Surf begins one mode down. I don’t know why that is cos the info leaflet still states perfect start, so maybe mine is wonky.

Fun Factory has put a lot of effort into the sensations their pulsators have to offer. Most vibrators are universal with their three speeds and four patterns, but the stronics are special. The modes are grouped into threes with perfect start being between the first and second grouping. Each group has a name; Algorithmic, Constant, and Dynamic.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, matte black waved pulsator with a grey handle, rear view, on a blue satin background

The first setting in the Algorithmic mode is super slow. A steady heartbeat that only thrusts every other second. Moving up to the gallop gives you a faster rhythm that’s slightly off beat. And then rattle is a strange, clicky shake that I kinda like. Then comes perfect start, and the constant mode is next. Samba is a fast, punchy thrust. Rumble – my fave – is similar but faster, and quickly is such a fast thrust it feels like a vibration.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, matte black waved pulsator with a grey handle, close up of deep ridge at the base of the shaft, on a blue satin background

And then there are the true patterns of the dynamic mode. None of which I really like. Rollerball reminds me of a ball spinning in a roulette wheel. It starts super rumbly and fast then slows to a lazy shudder. Vienna waltz starts at a slow trot, works up to a canter, and then shakes like crazy before rolling subtly back down and starting again. This one is distracting to me, I don’t care for stop-start. Rumba? It makes me think of guns. Weird, I know. But it brings to mind the slow popping of shots fired and then the blast of a machine gun. Yes, I probably do watch too much telly.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, matte black waved pulsator with a grey handle, close up of tip, on a blue satin background

So, in use. Inserting the Fun Factory Stronic Surf is a bloody delight. My opening widens and shrinks around the ridges, so before I even press FUN I let myself enjoy that. If this was a dildo I would be more than happy with it as it is. The textures massage my walls, and the tip is ace for g-spotting. There’s a soft curve to it to make that possible.

Once I’m ready, I press the FUN button and quickly hit the plus so that I end up where I should be; perfect start. My g-spot responds to the rhythmic thrusting with what I suspect would be a purr if it were a cat. I have to tilt my pelvis up to stop it from just rocking right out of me, but that’s all the effort I have to put in. The Surf bounces away in my vag, stroking my g-spot and my walls. My vaginal opening doesn’t get a great deal of stimulation cos the thrust doesn’t have enough range to shift the contact from ridge to ridge.

But who cares about that? I can lie on my back and be fucked in a manner that feels closer to actual sex than I’m ever gonna get using hand-held dildos. No, it isn’t as fucky as a sex machine, but it does feel closer to real. Sex machines feel mechanical, the thrust is evenly paced and unchanging in every way other than speed. The Fun Factory Stronic Surf offers less broad thrusting but so much more in terms of sensation.

Fun Factory Stronic Surf review, matte black waved pulsator with a grey handle, lying on its back showing control buttons, on a blue satin background

The Fella thinks that Vienna Waltz is most like his sexual performance. The slow build, the increasing speed that breaks into a mad sprint… but then he’s gonna come so he has to take a few seconds of respite before starting again. As the person on the receiving end of his cock, I’d say I can see his point.

I think that, of all the stronic models I’ve tried, this one is my fave. It’s got texture, a bit of girth, a great tip, and I just love the Rumble setting. If you prefer slimmer insertables or less texture, check out the Stronic G or the Stronic Real. But if you’re into all the sensations, give this one a shot.

To get your hands on one, click the banner below and pay Fun Factory a visit.

The Fun Factory Stronic Surf was sent to me by in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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