Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsator II

Well now. I’m quite sure that anyone who’s ever visited Scandarella before knows that one of my favourite brands is Fun Factory. Hand on a bible, I’d gladly swear that I’ve never tried a product of theirs that I haven’t loved. Some folks have asked why I bother reviewing Fun Factory stuff if I know the outcome before I even get a delivery, and my answer to those folks has consistently been, there’s always a first time. I mean, We-Vibe – another top five brand of mine – had a brilliant run of impressing me with their wares. Until they released the god-awful Gala, that is. I hated that thing. And that goes to show that there’s nothing stopping Fun Factory from disappointing me at some stage. The question is, would the Fun Factory Stronic G Pulsator II be the first of their products to wipe the adoring smile off my face?

If you’ve not come across a Fun Factory Pulsator before, you might need a little insight as to what these things actually are. They look very much like vibrators, but they’re not. Rather than vibrate they pulsate, hence the name. What happens is, magnets inside perform some kinda magic spell that causes the entire toy to shake. In use, that mimics a thrusting motion so Stronics are a bit like the world’s smallest hand-held sex machines. Kinda.

As with all Fun Factory toys, the Stronic G is exceptionally well-made. It’s got plenty of weight to it, even though it’s one of the slimmest Stronic toys available. From end to end it measures up at 8.25”, with a full 6” of that being insertable. At its chubbiest, it’s just 4.75”. Dust loving, matte (grape in my case) silicone covers the entire shaft, and a smoky grey ABS plastic finishes the base.

The ‘G’ in the toys name stands for G-Spot, and the hooked tip with its flattened face is perfectly designed to stimulate that hottest (for some of us) of spots. You may recognise it, and that’s because it’s exceptionally similar to LELO’s Ella and GiGi 2, and PikoBong’s Moka. There’s a simple reason manufacturers plump for this shape in their g-spotting toys; it works.

So yeah. Solid and sturdy with a design tailored to g-spotters, its build certainly goes a long way to helping the Stronic G earn its hefty price tag.

The Fun Factory Stronic G boasts two things that all toys should really have as standard given that it’s 2018. One, it’s 100% waterproof, so bath/shower time play is totally doable and cleaning up after use is a cinch. Two, it’s USB rechargeable. Magnetically. No, I don’t love magnetic chargers but I have discovered that, since I got a small rack of plastic drawers with holes in the back for wires to slot through, I hate them a bit less. Plus the connectivity of this charger is pretty damned good so I’m not gonna whine.

One thing I will have a small whine about is the charge time. Sixteen. Hours. Yep, the first charge really does take that long. Subsequent charges don’t, provided you don’t run your battery completely flat, but waiting for that first charge to finish is a frigging killer. Something to note here is the warning leaflet. There are rules and regs with regards to maintaining your battery and storing the charger, so do read those to ensure you get the best from your toy. And please be aware that if you have a pacemaker any model from the Stronic line could e detrimental to your health.

So, as mentioned above, the Stronic G is a pulsator. Once you’re all charged up and the travel lock is removed (FUN button and + to remove it, FUN button and – to engage it) you’re ready to go. Holding down the FUN button turns the toy on. There are loads of different ‘modes’ to be had from this toy:

  • Algorithmic Mode – these three modes are called Dirty Dancing, Gallop, and Rattle. They mimic the heartbeat from slow and steady (eg; my heart rate around the time I’m just starting to feel aroused) to racing *eg; my approximate heart rate at the point of orgasm).
  • Perfect Start – this is the mode the Stronic G is in each time it’s switched on. It’s supposedly the perfect rhythm for penetrative stimulation.
  • Constant Mode – these three options are Samba, Rumble, and Quicky, which are pretty much along the same lines as Perfect Start but increasing in speed.
  • Dynamic Mode – these are your patterns. Roller Ball makes me think of a ball spinning around a roulette wheel. Vienna Waltz starts slow and picks up speed before starting all over again. Rumba is just a distraction I can do without.

Now, the only other pulsator in my collection is the Stronic Drei. Gorgeously ribbed and gently curved, I absolutely love that toy for anal play. Vaginal, not so much. The ‘thrust’ isn’t sweeping enough to let me feel the fantastic texture, and the curve isn’t bold enough to help the tip reach my g-spot. I did worry that I wouldn’t get much vaginal pleasure from the Fun Factory Stronic G, but the shape is perfection.

To use it successfully I have to lie on my back with my legs in the air, looking for all the world like an upside-down tortoise. See, if I try it sitting or lying legs down it just rocks on out of me. I can hold it in okay with my kegels, but when I do that it feels like I dull the motion.

If I’m lying legs akimbo with my vaginal opening pointing at the ceiling, I can insert the Fun Factory Stronic G and leave it to do its thing. Yes, hands-free! Gravity lets it rise and fall without making a break for it, the shape keeps it in contact with my g-spot, and my favourite mode (which is Rumble, if you wanna know) slowly brings me to a butt clenching g-spot orgasm.

Every single time I’ve used it I’ve come…except when I’m playing with the Fella. I don’t know why, but I haven’t reached orgasm with him using it on me. Yet. I say yet cos I know I likely will sooner or later. But it’s strange that I can’t seem to get over the edge when he’s in control. If he’s just watching it’s fine, but as soon as he touches the toy I stall. So weird.

But I do love this thing quite intensely. It hits the perfect spot for me, without fail. I’ve used the tip anally, just for the shakes, and that feels fucking awesome when combined with vaginal penetration and clit stim. Slow orgasms happen when I use it on its own, squirting happens when I add some powerful clit stim. I even like using the flat of the tip directly on my clit. It’s not orgasmic, but it is very arousing if I close my eyes and imagine some sexy human or another tapping my vulva in a teasing way.

There aren’t many toys I would put a ‘you gotta try it’ stamp on, but this is definitely one that deserves it. Some folks will feel nothing more than an annoying shudder that shakes their bits and gives then zero pleasure. But others will be like me. They’ll love the thrusting sensation, the way the movement makes the shaft feel thicker than it is, and the way that clever tip massages their sweet spot.

If you’d like to give it a shot, click the banner below and head on over to Fun Factory. Even if you don’t want the Stronic G, still click the link. Fun Factory have so much to offer you’d be crazy not to check them out if you haven’t already.

The Fun Factory Stronic G was sent to me by Fun Factory in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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