Fun Factory Bück Dich

What happens when one of your favourite sex toy brands gives a nod to one of your favourite metal bands? The Fun Factory Bück Dich, that’s what. Yep, in homage to their fellow German icon, industrial metal band Rammstein, Fun Factory has brought us one of the most spectacular spankable-insertables ever.

Translated from German into English, Bück Dich means ‘bend over’ and it’s the title of one of Rammstein’s songs. Give it a listen (and read the translation if you, like me, don’t speak German) and you’ll see that it was made to be given the kinky toy treatment.

I’m a huge fan of toys like this, especially when the Fella works so much overtime we barely have a chance to even get naked together, never mind getting kinky. Usually, having part of our play restricted would matter, but it hasn’t recently because the Bück Dich has been kept within arm’s reach ever since we got it. We’ve been able to grab it and indulge in a spot of spanking and some supremely textured penetration, before finishing au naturel. All without having to mess around switching toys.

Now, I do have other stuff like this. Tantus does a great paddle dildo, and flogger dildos are everywhere now. But the Bück Dich is something special and it trumps every other ‘flip toy’ I own. For me, it’s not so much the spanker that makes it so awesome, but the dildo. More about that in a bit.

Made from Fun Factory’s peculiarly sandy silicone, the Bück Dich measures up at just over 12” from end to end. Mine is a lovely shade of red, but it also comes in black if that’s more your thing. There’s so much weight to it I knew before I even test spanked myself that it was gonna be a thudder.

The Paddle

If I had the choice I would opt for skin-on-skin, but the Fella can’t really do that anymore. He still does on occasion, but a few medical conditions make it painful for him at times, so he generally opts to use impact toys. Although most of my paddles are those long rectangular ones, my preference is actually the round/oval paddle. They feel closer to a palm spank to me.

The spanking surface of the Fun Factory Bück Dich is around 5.5” in length by 5” in width at its widest point. As with most paddles, it’s dual textured, one side having a texture akin to the sole of a sandshoe and the other being smooth. The rough side isn’t massively different to the smooth side according to my fingertips, so I did wonder if the difference would be noticeable in use. At the point of impact, it isn’t, but when the Fella drags it over my butt after half a dozen hard thwacks it definitely makes an impression. It feels like sandpaper to sensitised skin, which is a horrible and wonderful thing.

That spanker is about 1cm thick and I don’t think it’s just silicone. From certain angles, I can see that there’s a firmer core sandwiched inside of the whole spanking surface. If I stretch the silicone a bit I can feel the edges. I’m guessing it’s acrylic and that it’s there to help the silicone hold its shape and to add a little extra weight to the impact.

Sometimes the Fella’s strikes will be definite. The paddle will hit home, and he’ll purposefully press it down, making sure the thud is felt deep beneath my skin. But the flexible neck allows him to deliver stinking smacks cos it bounces away from my skin. Sometimes he lets it tap again, but others he pulls it back so each whack bears whatever force he wants them to.

In the past, I’ve seen some folks comment that silicone doesn’t look like it would be as painful a spanking material as leather. But it so is. The stings are especially intense, delivering an almost cutting sensation across the thighs, and the butt thuds sometimes make me feel like I’ve been kicked. Our sessions with the Bück Dich paddle aren’t always lengthy, but all I have to do is sit down the next day to know they’re always fantastic.

The Dildo

Oh. My. God. This has to be my favourite type of insertable texture. Just like my beloved Stronic Drei, the Fun Factory Bück Dich is semi-realistic and ribbed to within an inch of its life. It isn’t a huge dildo. Only 5” of it are insertable, and it only reaches 5” at its widest point near the base. But every inch of the front of the shaft is covered with deep, defined ridges that feel incredibly harsh thanks to the firmness of the silicone.

In use, it gives me all the things I love except for stretching. The texture is intense around my vaginal opening. When it whips back and forth over my pubic bone I stop fantasising, thinking… I even stop responding just so that I can concentrate on the way it feels. Because the shaft is curved, and the tip relatively pointed, I get some awesome g-spot stimulation from it, too. The paddle makes a brilliant handle for the Fella to grip with both hands, and that lets him really pound or grind the tip into me, giving me exactly what I need.

And then there’s anal. I don’t know how many people would agree with me, but I think there’s something intensely erotic discomfort during anal sex. Not howling for an ambulance pain, but the uncertainty of whether or not what we’re doing is altogether sensible. I get exactly that level of discomfort from the Fun Factory Bück Dich.

The hard silicone ridges are spaced out enough to not give my anal opening time to adjust to being penetrated. Over and over it has to stretch and close around those ribs, even at the shaft’s slimmest part. The thicker end has to be more or less forced in and my body naturally tries to force it back out. I always come hard during anal play. But slightly painful anal – and therefore this toy – gives me some of the best orgasms I’ve ever had. Literally ever in my life. Better than blended g-spot/clitoral orgasms and that’s saying something.

Of course, not all people are gonna get off on something like that. And not all people are gonna love the feel of such a bold texture penetrating their butts. But if it’s something that revs your engines this is definitely the toy to try it with. Or the Stronic Drei, or even the Tiger if you want some vibes, too. God, I just made myself want that toy more than ever, lol.

Finally, cleaning. Easy peasy with your usual silicone cleaning method. I wash mine in soapy water after vaginal and I use cleaning sprays after anal. It’s a fucking dust magnet of the greatest magnitude, so I store mine in a tightly closing box with my other silicone impact toys.

I love that I can happily and wholeheartedly recommend yet another Fun Factory toy to you, lovely readers. They really so make fantastic products no matter what category you choose from. If the Bück Dich sounds like something you’d like, click the banner below and pay FF a visit.

The Fun Factory Bück Dich was sent to me by Fun Factory in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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