Fun Factory Boss Stub

I’m sitting here in my little office (aka, under the blankets at the top of my bed cos the office in the spare room is freezing) and I’m having a little bit of internal dialogue with myself: Do I need to mention in the intro that I love dildos? I probably don’t, I’m sure I’ve said it a few times now. And do I need to mention that I love Fun Factory? Again, probably no, cos I’m sure I’ll have sang that from the highest hill at some stage, too. Right, I’ll just start this review by announcing that I’m gonna talk about the Fun Factory Boss Stub, and I won’t mention love even once.


And that is how Scandarella reviews are born, people.

So, the Boss Stub. It’s the third Fun Factory dildo to grace my orifices with its presence, sent to me for review by the fab folk at Uberkinky, and while it’s 100% different to my beloved Tiger Stub and Bouncer, I love it just as much. And there it is! Love. I really can’t avoid using that word in a Fun Factory review, it’s futile even to try.


Inside of Fun Factory’s funky, modern outer sleeve and inner golden box lies this gorgeous hunk of jet black, matte silicone. The shape of the Boss Stub is ace! Rather than being straight up and down, the 6.5 inch shaft has subtle curves that make it look like a soft wave. The lower third is detailed with a few nicely defined veins, and a pretty bold ridge runs up the centre of the front of the shaft instead of on the underside as you’d find on most other dildos.


The gently defined glans has a definite lip where the coronal ridge would be, giving the whole piece a subtle semi-realistic look. Fun Factory’s bartlet pear shaped base finishes the dildo off, making it harness compatible as well as anal safe. I’ve tried to use it as a suction cup, but unlike the Bouncer and the Tiger, this thing just will not stay stuck no matter what surface I try.


When it comes to size, the Boss Stub is pretty much what I’d class as ‘average’. With a girth of 5 inches, it isn’t so small that my chunky shaft loving vagina wonders where it’s at, and it isn’t so big that those who are unaccustomed to, or plain dislike, girthy toys would be put off.


The silicone is more or less solid with very little squish to it, but it’s flexible enough to bend in half with no fear of breakage. However, with the coronal ridge standing away from the body of the toy as it does, is easily flattened with a firm push. That means it’s not gonna grate the fuck out of your pubic bone during use.

How is it during use, I hear you ask.

Rather marvellous, actually. I wasn’t sure how it would fare when I first unboxed it, cos it seemed a bit plain. When compared to the Tiger and its bold stripes, or the Bouncer and it’s awesome jiggliness, I wasn’t sure it would have anything to offer that would blow my socks off.


But after lubing it up (waterbased lube only, folks) and lowering myself onto it, I immediately knew we were gonna be friends, cos the stretch and fullness it gave me felt amazing. I thought at first that it felt so good because I wasn’t fully aroused, and that once my vagina loosened up a bit that I’d lose the lovely full feeling, but I didn’t.

Riding it slowly really let me feel the gentle curves, and it gave the coronal lip a chance to gradually wake up my g-spot while the vein detailing tickles all the right spots around my vaginal opening. It’s a subtle stimulation and doesn’t produce a torrent of squirty juice, but there’s something sexy about the lazy gushes it sends trickling down my legs that I really like.


The Fella likes that too, and he’s happy to hold the Boss Stub over his belly so I can fuck it while reaching around and stroking him until he comes. He’s also happy to slip it into a harness so he can get me on my knees for anal. The Boss Stub feels incredible when thrust really fast during anal use, and if that coronal lip should happen to pop out while he fucks me, it’s absolutely toe curling when he hesitates a little before popping it straight back in.

It’s not often I’ll be writing a review and want to stop so I can go use the toy in question, but I can honestly tell you that, right now, that’s exactly what I want to do. Just the thought of how good it feels is enough to get me going, but I’ll fight the feeling and type on, cos I’m a goddam professional *she giggles*.


I’ve asked the Fella if I could use it on him a couple of times, but my requests have been met with reluctance. I think there’s something about it that reminds him of the Fun Factory Share XL, which is a strapless strap-on that kinda scares him. I’m confident that the Boss Stub will make it onto the pegging list, though, it’s just going to take a little time. I know it’ll be hot as hell when it happens, and I’m looking forward to it.

As with most silicone dildos, cleaning the Boss Stub is a breeze. Boiling, bleaching (10% solution) and dishwashering are all doable, but as there’s no texture to it, I stick to soapy water and toy cleaner. Fun Factory silicone is passionate about dust and pet hair (in my house, even my hair sticks to it) so good storage is essential. I keep Fun Factory stuff in their gold boxes, but if you have a satin/linen storage bag handy, that’s a good option, too.

I did keep the Boss Stub in a velvet bag for a while but found that washing the bits of fibres off was a bad fucking dream, and by the time I was satisfied the dildo was clean I’d gone off the idea of using it, so wouldn’t recommend using velvety bags at all.


If you’re a fan of nicely filling toys that don’t make the eyes water, you have a good chance of getting on with the Boss Stub. The length isn’t anything nature doesn’t produce, so if you’re after a realistically sized, semi-realistic dildo, this could suit you too. Proper size queens will likely be disappointed, and those new to penetrative toys might get a shock if they’ve not come across a partner with similar dimensions, so I wouldn’t recommend it to them.

If you’d like to take on the Boss Stub Dildo yourself, why not pick one up from Uberkinky today? If it looks a bit too intimidating, or indeed to weeny for you, why not check out their huge range harness compatible dildos? They’re bound to have something you like.

The Fun Factory Boss Stub Dildo was sent to me by Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own.  Some affiliate links have been used in this post.

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