FT London Gpop P-Spot & G-Spot Massager

You may have noticed by now, that the Fella is fond of anal play. Be it my butt or his, he’s always game for a spot of the bot. But, he’s not over keen on anything too long or too girthy and I don’t think he ever will be. I’m constantly on the lookout for toys that let me stick it to the man without making his eyes water, and a recent one to join the ranks of stuff he’ll have in him, is the FT London Gpop.

Arriving in FT London’s patriotic, tubular packaging, the Gpop is the second smallest vibrating butt toy we have, after the We-Vibe Ditto. From the tip of the p-spotting bulb to the base of the solid ring handle, it measures up at 5-inches. Its maximum girth is a very petite 3.5-inches. See, a super small anal insertable, suitable for the most inexperienced of butts!

The entire piece is made from velvety smooth silicone in a gorgeous cobalt blue. It’s a rechargeable vibe and, yep, just like all other FT London toys, the charger is magnetic. That’s not a terrible thing in this case, provided you can find a flat surface to leave it on where it won’t be disturbed.

One of the nicest things about the FT London Gpop is the contouring on the bulb. It’s a tapered one, to aid with insertion, but while it may look smooth, it isn’t. Down either side is a barely-there little lip, giving the toy soft angles. They don’t feel like much in the hand, but they feel great when the bulb is twisted in and out of the anus.

A lick of water-based lube is essential to get the Gpop inserted. The silicone is the smooth kind that, vaginally, wouldn’t need a great deal of wetness, but as the anus isn’t naturally moist, you do need to make it so artificially. Personally, I like to use just a small amount of lube on the toy itself, preferring to use a lube syringe to pop a little into the butt before play. It sounds like a chore, I know, but it’s much easier than having to reapply all the time with a toy this small. That method works well for big toys too, as well as penis-in-anus sex, and also for playing in the bath.

Once it’s snuggly inside, the solid ring handle keeps it from going in all the way. Some finger loop handles are too squishy so aren’t truly safe, but you’re good to go with this one. So, it’s in, and you’re ready to play.

The vibes are switched on via the single button in the base of the finger loop. A quick click brings it to life, and subsequent clicks take you through three speeds and three patterns. Once you’ve done all six you’re taken back to the start, and to switch off you need to hold the button down for a few seconds.

For me, the vibes are maddening. They’re not particularly powerful but are very buzzy. They itch, tickle and irritate me until I’m squirming for it to be over. I can’t use the Gpop as a clit vibe, or as a g-spot seeker, either. It’s just too high pitched and surface level buzzy.

The Fella, though. He quite likes it. As I’ve said in other reviews, he’s a true champion of the weak vibrator, and is the one reason I would never trash a toy because of it’s vibes. He loves the mild, gentle and buzzy, preferring those sensations over the deep and rumbly. Don’t get me wrong, he does enjoy the Doxy’s and Eroscillator’s of the world, but he’s never happier than when he’s being tormented by something waspy.

Because the FT London Gpop is so small, he’s happy for me to just shove it in there at the start of play. I leave it there, letting myself focus on other things, only going back to it every so often to ramp up the sensation for him a little. By the time we get to the end of our play, I can leave his cock alone and make him come just by jiggling the Gpop around inside him.

He also likes to have it stroked over his balls or pressed against my cheek during oral sex. I’m not a deep throating queen, so any help I can get that he enjoys is okay with me. Though, I don’t live for the buzzy numbness I get in my face after too much vibing. And finally, the thing we both like most about it is how quiet it is. We have a kid, and playing with toys can sometimes be a bit unnerving when he’s home. We worry we’ll be heard, and that can put us off. Toys like this are great to use on those occasions where we worry out privacy could be compromised, so for this one to be almost silent is great.

Waterproof toys are easy to keep clean, and the Gpop is no exception. A quick swish in a sink of soapy water sorts it, as does a spritz with toy cleaner. FT London provide storage bags with their toys, so if you don’t want to keep the tube like I do, you’ve got an alternative at the ready.

If you fancy a small, mild vibrator that can be whipped out in front of a novice without making their butt clench, this one could be for you. You can find the p-spot with it, or the g-spot, if you wanted. It’s great for use during oral, and it would make a good clit vibe if you can get off on gentle vibes. To get your hands on one, click the image below.


The FT London Gpop was sent to me by FT London in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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