Fleshlight Go Torque Ice Masturbator

Before settling down to write this review I had to repeat a short mantra in my head. Don’t make this all about me, don’t make this all about me. I mean, Fleshlights are, first and foremost, penis masturbators and I don’t have one of those. The thing is, this particular toy – the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice – is such a treat for the eyes I can’t help but want to wax lyrical about how much I bloody fucking love it.

The Torque isn’t the first Fleshlight the Fella has tried. We’re both fans of the Freaks series with their monstrous designs. But it is his first toy from the Go line and to be quite honest with you I don’t know why it took us so long to give one a shot.

Lighter and more compact than the original Fleshlight, Fleshlight Go is a range of midi masturbators for those, well, for those on the go. If you’re after something pocket-sized to sling in your suitcase look no further than the open-ended Quickshot line, but if you prefer your Fleshlights to have a full case it’s Go you want.

The Fleshlight Go Torque is probably, at a guess, two thirds the size of the original. An inch and a half has been shaved off the total length, making the Torque’s case 8.5” with its caps on, 8” with them off. Ergo, you can slip in up to 8” of cock before your head starts peeking out of the other end.

The top half of the case is 9” in circumference and the bottom half is 7”, a saving of 1.5” and 0.5” in comparison to the original. It doesn’t sound much, does it?

But when you see them side by side the difference in size is clear. By penetrating the Torque with a few choice dildos I’ve discovered that cocks with a girth above 6” could potentially find it too tight, especially if they’re long enough to slide into the narrower part of the case.

So, that’s size out of the way. Now for materials and appearance. Like all Fleshlight cases, the Torque’s case is made of hard ABS plastic. Both ends screw off; the top so you have somewhere to stick your dick and the bottom to adjust the suction-like pressure inside of the chamber. Loosening it reduces the suction on the backstroke and taking it off eliminates the sensation altogether.

We have a few Fleshlight models and the Fleshlight Go Torque Ice has to have the most unpleasant to handle sleeve. It’s made of a sticky, icky jelly type stuff, or SuperSkin, as Fleshlight call it. It feels tacky and sticks to itself when dry, but once it’s warmed and lubed up it feels completely different. Personally, I wouldn’t put this material inside of my (or the Fella’s) body, but external use ain’t so bad.

Torque’s opening is non-anatomical so if the idea of mouths, anuses and vulvas squicks you out this could be a great alternative. I’m guessing, given its name, that it’s supposed to resemble some plane, train, or automobile part. To me, it kinda looks like an industrial fan.

As your cock passes into the channel all sorts of head massaging treats lay in wait. Squishy nubs blend into vaginal wall-esque ribs, then back to nubs then ribs again. After that, there’s what looks like a pair of bolt nuts just waiting to be screwed, and finally another set of ribs, these ones tapering down in much the same way I’d imagine a throat does. Because of the case design, the chamber gets narrower the further in you go, so you have the option of keeping your play shallow and roomy or going in deep and tight.

The Fella pulls some beautiful faces while he plays with his Fleshlight Go Torque Ice. I asked him to tell me exactly what he feels when he uses it, sparing me no details. He’s a suction cap off kinda guy who likes to go overboard on the lube then stay in the top half of the sleeve at first. Probably three or so inches in so that the first set of ribs massage his head. He says it feels a lot like fucking a fully aroused vagina. Clingy, but not overly so because of the wideness of the case.

When he gets more into what he’s doing he goes in deeper, always looking for the ribs. The nubs don’t do a great deal for him, but the ridges definitely rub him the right way. When he uses a full-sized Fleshlight it turns into a two-handed affair because of size and weight. But he holds the Torque in one hand and strokes (or thrusts) as easily as he does when wanking sans toy.

And when he’s almost there? It’s back to shallow, rolling it, shifting it from side to side so that his cock presses against the casing. At the point of climax, he strains to get as deep as he can to make his cum spill out of the end, and I pass out with exhaustion on his behalf.

Now for the best (in my opinion) part of this whole damned toy. The case and the sleeve inside it are both translucent. Completely clear. One hundred percent see through. You know what that means, don’t you? You and whoever might be sitting with you while you play gets to see every damned thing for every damned second of your wank.

I watch the Fella aiming for the ribs, see the icky jelly yielding to his cock. I see his head turning a deeper, darker purple, watch his foreskin sliding over his shaft. Yes, my nose is about two inches away from his crotch while all this goes on. It’s as hot as fuck, and when that contained explosion of milky white fluid splats the sleeve and spits from the open end…yeah. This is a bit porny and that’s because watching him play with the Fleshlight Go Torque feels porny to me. It’s like my own private performance and I fucking love it.

What I don’t love is cleaning the bastarding thing once he’s done. He is capable of doing it himself, but he doesn’t dry it properly and that pisses me off. It’s easy enough to do, just whip the sleeve out and give everything a good wash in warm, soapy water. What I don’t like about having to do it is having to handle the jelly. All of the world’s dust, pet hair, people hair, and lint sticks to it like a magnet. And when I dry it, that horrible clamminess comes back, too. Putting renewer powder *cough* cornflour/cornstarch *cough* on it lessens that, but then I have to rinse it off before next use or risk the Fella making some kind of weird cock sauce when he comes. Yeesh!

The bottom line is, we both love this masturbator. It’s made to Fleshlight’s exacting standards so is sturdy and with proper care has longevity. It’s travel-friendly, or rather, friendlier than the original. And it’s transparent so you get to see all the action as it happens. And if you don’t fancy a realistic opening (or if your penis feels lost in a full-sized Fleshlight) it could be a fab option for you.

To get your hands on one click the banner below and head on over to my awesome sponsors, MEO.

The Fleshlight Go Torque Ice was sent to me by MEO in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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