Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit Guest Review

A little while back, the lovely Posy Churchgate reviewed a Satisfyer sex toy here on Scandarella. It was great to read her thoughts and find out how she got on with it. Well, today she’s back to share her opinions and experiences with the Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit. Read on to find out how she got on with this bed restraint and cute blindfold set.

Having read reviews of other products in this range, I already knew there would be a touch of luxury and class to this product. Unwrapping my parcel from Ella Scandal to review this set, I could see that the Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit lived up to my expectations.  The outer box featured glossy photographs which gave a clear indication of the items it contained. The inner box was a classy matte black rectangular box with the Fifty Shades of Grey logo engraved into the lid.

Within the box were the 4 cuffs (2 smaller for wrists, 2 larger for ankles) made up of padding encased in silky grey fabric with velcro-adjustable webbing straps and trigger hooks firmly attached to the outside with strong stitching.  Also contained in the box was an elasticated blindfold which matched the cuffs (padded and covered in the same silky grey fabric).

The other part of the restraint system was an ‘X’ shaped arrangement of long black webbing straps which radiated out from a metal ring.  Each of the 4 straps has a sliding adjuster at the end so that its length can be customised to fit the size of bed (or similar furniture where you will use it). The webbing bonds spanned a king sized bed but they can be reduced down to fit double and even single beds.  

Finally, there is a silky drawstring bag bearing the ’Fifty Shades of Grey’ brand name which I’ll use to store the cuffs and straps, as I don’t want to retain the box.  However, for discrete storage, I would prefer that the wording wasn’t on there.

This product was very intuitive to use, I didn’t need to read the instructions on the box:  Simply pass the long webbing straps under the mattress, ensure the ring is under the centre, then draw the ends of each strap out so that they are located at the 4 corners of the mattress.

It is now possible to attach the padded cuffs to the straps using the trigger hooks on the outside of each cuff and linking them to the D-rings fixed on each strip of webbing.  At this point I hit my only problem with this product – one of the trigger hooks in my kit would not open, so for that cuff, I ad-libbed and used a more basic Velcro wrist cuff to join the strap and the cuff (having been a Brownie – my motto is, be prepared!!)

If you don’t need to worry about anyone noticing the straps and being curious/shocked, you could leave them in place all the time as they’re fairly unobtrusive, even with a fitted sheet.

The padding on the cuffs made them comfortable to wear but sturdy and strong, it would not be easy to release yourself if you’re the one bound in place!  For those who like to be marked by BDSM play, this may be a drawback. The other possible disadvantage with the design of this kit was that the fabric could easily be marked (with lubes, oils, body fluids).  I imagine the cuffs and blindfold could be sponged to clean, but I am not sure if they could be washed.

The kit costs £54.99.  It is aimed at those wishing to include BDSM in their sex play repertoire and was ideal for a beginner like me.  I would guess true BDSM aficionados would gravitate to specially designed furniture as their restraint requirements are likely to be more complex than this kit could accommodate.  The kit looks classy but yet it’s practical, there is nothing seedy about it and it does not have the harsh appearance that black leather, buckled straps and fixings might, for those who are only just getting to know their wild side.

Use of a protective sheet in addition to this kit might be advantageous.  It is – of course – entirely at the participants’ discretion which other impact play or pleasure items are added to the mix, but I threw in a flogger and a paddle, but who knows what I will add into our play another time!

For ease of use: I give this kit 10/10

For practicality: I award it 9/10 (it’s only let down by the pale grey fabric because I think it will mark)

For price: I give this 9/10, I think it could be a little cheaper  (if it wasn’t Fifty Shades branded)

For doing ‘what it  says on the tin’: I award this kit 10/10 (keeping one partner bound in place while the other played)

So the Fifty Shades of Grey Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit earns a high 9/10 from me!

If you’d like to try this kit in your own bedroom, click the Lovehoney banner below.

I sent the Fifty Shades of Gret Hard Limits Bed Restraint Kit to Posy in exchange for an honest review. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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