E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble XPE Bonus Pack

How does the thought of electrocuting yourself for sexual purposes sound to you? Kinky? Sexy? Funny? Terrifying? Every single one of those things is valid, and I’ve thought every single one of them in the last couple of years.


Let me tell you a little story; I bought an e-stim kit with an internal probe, cock rings and pads a few years back. I was enamoured with the idea of orgasm-like contractions pulsing through my vagina, before I had an actual orgasm. My mind was full of the idea that, when I did finally come, it would go on and on, forced to last by the fact that electricity was shocking the life out of my muscles and making them dance.

How’d it go? It tanked.

The probe was shit, and the Fella… Oh my God, I really did electrocute the poor guy. Not in a dangerous sense, mind you. Proper e-stim kits are perfectly safe when used correctly. What happened was, I placed a few pads on his butt cheeks and switched the unit on, then cranked it straight up to full power.

See, I’d already tried the probe and thought the intensity was weak, so BAM, straight up to eleven. It wasn’t weak. The Fella’s muscles went wild to the point where his arse shook like jelly, he yelled at me to turn it off, too scared to move, and I laughed so hard I fell off the bed and couldn’t save him.


Needless to say, he told me to send it the fuck back and not to think an electrosex product would ever pass our threshold again.

Fast forward a couple of years, a bit more sense, and a lot more exploration of our kinks and limits, and here I am, reviewing the E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble XPE Bonus Pack. The sleeve claims that it’s a great value introduction to electroplay, and I’m inclined to agree.


Presented in a fancy hard case, the UK made ElectroPebble XPE pack comes with the PowerBox (obviously, Ella), four self-adhesive conductive pads, two conductive rubber cock loops and a Medium Electro Egg. All of the wires you need are in there, and there’s even a PP3 battery so you can get stuck in…


After you’ve read the instructions!

Seriously, when it comes to this kinda play, you need to be informed. Got a pacemaker? You can’t use e-stim. Fancy feeling the tingles on your shoulders? You can’t use e-stim above your waist. I mean, you could, but if your heart takes a wobbler or your throat spasms and closes up on you, it’s your own daft fault.

You might be impressed to hear that I took my own advice with that, too. Unlike every other product I’ve reviewed in the history of ever, I read the instructions. Yep, before I even took the kit out of the case, I got myself clued up.

As I mentioned above, the ElectroPebble comes in a hard plastic case. Once you’ve whipped the sleeve off all there is to denote the contents is the E-STIM SYSTEMS branding. Permanent storage = sorted!

The PowerBox


The PowerBox is dual channel, meaning either four monopole or two bipolar electrodes can be used at once. Individual dial controls for each channel allow you to completely tailor your experience. Between those two dials is a third, and that’s the adjustment dial. Using it, you can further modify the sensations you feel to suit your needs. It either alters speeds or changes the sensitivity of some modes, and also the sensitivity of the microphone.


Yep, the ElectroPebble has a voice activated mode, as well as another nine modes, all of them fully adjustable. Pulsing, milking, squeezing and teasing…there’s even one called torment, which is the sexiest word I’ve ever seen stamped on a sex toy to date. I like words as it is, but when used in a sexual context that one seriously makes me wet.

The Electro Pads


As I mentioned above, the ElectroPebble XPE Pack comes with four self-adhesive electro pads. Stick them to your skin, switch on your PowerBox and you can go from a tickly tingle to what feels like someone sticking a knife in you. They’re monopole, so need to be used either in a pair or with another monopole electrode, like one of the cock loops for example.

The first place I used these pads was on my thighs. I wanted to get to know how strong the zaps were before I put them anywhere near anything else. Describing how the sensation feels is bloody difficult, I’ll give it that. It’s kind of like a tingle that feels like a sharply pitched vibration that has the tickle of buzzing but the penetration of a rumble.

Except nothing vibrates. Everything remains still and silent.

The higher in intensity you go, the more the sensation becomes focused on one spot. From what I can gather that’s called a hot-spot, and I personally like it. I like the sharpness of it, I like the fact that it gets sharper when I move. I’ve taken to placing the pads in odd places when I masturbate, because drawing attention to usually neglected parts of my body in such an intense way does amazing things to my orgasms. It makes them stronger. Parts of me that usually don’t register when I come get in on the action, and I like that more of my body experiences orgasmic pleasure.

I will be completely honest and admit that I broke a rule. I’ve used the pads on my nipples. I’m very aware that this is frowned upon, but I’ve done a little digging and discovered that, while still dangerous, the electrical pulses dissipate and don’t penetrate very deeply when used on very fleshy areas. I’m an F cup, so I have plenty of boob to facilitate that. Also, I read that not having the current crossing the chest (ie, keeping both pads from one channel on the same side) reduces but does not eliminate the risk.


Anyone who follows me on Twitter might have seen that I commented about *almost* having an orgasm through nipple stimulation alone recently, but pain stopped me going all the way. Yeah, I was talking about using these pads. I absolutely love how e-stim on the nipples feels, but as much as I knew I was on the edge of orgasm, something stopped me and I gave in to the pain.

What stopped me?

Knowing I was doing something I probably shouldn’t have been doing. Rather than tipping me over the edge, the excitement that usually comes with risk kinda built a block that I couldn’t get over. I was upping the intensity so much it got to the point where I thought, fuck it, this is hurting like a bitch.

I have used them on my nips since, but to a much lesser degree. Now I combine them with plastic clamps and that gives me all the stimulation I need. Still no nipplegasm, though. After using these pads in as many places as I have, I know for sure that I’d love to try different surface sensations using the other pieces E-Stim Systems have to offer.

The Medium Electro Egg


Well, this is where all my excitement lay (pun not intended but left in cos lol). Bipolar, it takes up one channel all by itself, so if you wish to you can also use a couple of pads, a pair of cock loops or another bipolar electrode on yourself or with a friend.

Approximately 4.75” in circumference and around 2.5” in length, the Electro Egg is a pretty user friendly size. Most vaginas and many butts will be able to accommodate it with ease. It’s made from bare metal, all of which is conductive.

Unlike the pads, which are designed to be used dry, the Electro Egg requires the use of conductive gel. That not only makes it easier to insert, but also helps to spread the sensation around a wider area as the gel carries the current.

My hopes were so high for this one. So, so very high. I waited until I was so turned on I was panting and begging the Fella to make me feel something, anything. He coated the egg with gel, slipped it inside of me and watched my face as he switched on the PowerBox. I waited and waited, wondering what he was frowning at.

He turned the PowerBox off, pulled the egg out of me and tested it in his hand. Back in me it went and then he was frowning again. After about 20 seconds I felt a tingle on the wall between my vagina and butt. It made me wriggle and literally beg for more. His reply?

“There isn’t any more, Ella.”


It makes me super sad to say that I had *almost* the exact same experience with the Electro Egg as I did that other e-stim kit I used a few years back. My vagina literally feels nothing. I don’t know if I just lack sensitivity there, or if my cavity is too big to make proper connections. It might even be something as simple as the egg being the wrong shape for me. All I know is that I was completely devastated.

Pushing it really deep inside me garners better results, but the gel and body fluids make it difficult for me to hold it there, and as it drops toward my vaginal opening the sensation drops with it.

Using it anally gives me a much better experience. I can feel my muscles tighten around the egg, and the tingles are delicious. The Fella seems to know when I need to feel the sharpness of pain and when I need more of a light tickle. This is where the torment mode really comes in handy. He engages that and lets it do its thing while he goes about his business somewhere else. That constant ebb and flow of current combined with nipple play, clitoral play and vaginal penetration makes for one hell of an exhausting ride. I just wish I could get the same results from my vagina.

The Cock Loops


“Can I electrocute your cock?”

I was smiling when I said those five words to the Fella. I expected to be writing this review and saying he wouldn’t let me near his cock with e-stim, so you can probably imagine my surprise when he said, “Okay, but don’t get carried away like you did last time or I’ll paddle your arse.”

The ElectroPebble EXP Bonus Pack comes with a pair of rubber cock loops. They’re the type that slip over the penis and get secured into place via a sliding toggle. They’re monopole so they need to be used in a pair, or with pads. Used on one channel on the PowerBox, one connecting pin goes into one loop and the other pin goes into the second loop. It states clearly on the box that two pins must not go into the same loop.


Getting them situated is easy. Connect one pin to each loop (adding a little gel to the pin itself makes for a much easier assembly and removal process), gel them up, pop them on the penis and strap yourself in. Connect the wires to the PowerBox, switch it on and away you go. This is exactly what I did to the Fella after making sure he was ready with a little oral action.

Oh dear. Deary, deary me.

He’s definitely not a fan of having his cock electrocuted. I offered him control of the dials but he declined, letting me take charge. I took it really slowly, increasing the intensity in minute amounts while stroking his shaft, flicking his tip, tickling his balls. At first he wasn’t feeling much, but then suddenly he was and I could instantly see that he hated it.

But he soldiered on, telling me to turn it up until we were using about quarter intensity. No matter how much I stroked his cock I couldn’t keep it hard. His erection literally died in my hand and he winced, telling me to call it a day.


He says he dislikes the stabbing sensation, but worst of all is the sensation of having pins and needles in his dick. The way he described it was, “On low it was like pins and needles, or maybe a mega itch inside my cock that I couldn’t scratch. As soon as it goes higher it’s like that time I knocked you with my knee and you bit me…”

Cleaning and care

Obviously, the ElectroPebble PowerBox can’t go anywhere near water. If we’ve managed to get gunk on it we use toy wipes to clean it down. The loops we disassemble and wash in soapy water, and the egg we spray with toy cleaner and wipe down.

Take care not to yank too much on any of the wires. The loops are a pain in the arse to disconnect, but don’t be tempted to pull them apart. Little twists and tugs are enough to work them loose, and once they start coming off it’s easy to finish. The Electro Egg has a reinforced wire for easy removal from the body, but take care with that too. Once you’re all done playing and cleaned up, make sure everything is dry before storing in the fancy hard case.


Not everybody can love everything, and it seems that when it comes to e-stim, my love and I are like chalk and cheese. I adore it, and he hates it. Happily, he adores using it on me, so we do both still get something out of it in the end. If you’d like to see if it’s for you, you can pick up this bonus pack here.

The ElectroPebble XPE Bonus Pack was sent to me by E-Stim Systems in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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