E-Stim Systems MJ Bipolar Electrode

Wanna know how I spent the last few days? Well, when I wasn’t eating panettone or marzipan stollen, I was electrocuting my vagina. Yep, I’ve done a lot of final thought gathering over the past week and now I’m ready to tell you what I think of the E-Stim Systems MJ Bipolar Electrode.

Firstly, I gotta say I’m loving the packaging. A funky black plastic tube with a screw off base that really wouldn’t look out of place in the Black & Decker aisle of a hardware store.

Stuck to the side of said tube there are a couple of peel off stickers; one saying what’s inside and one announcing E-Stim System’s lifetime guarantee. Before even going in I’m reassured that I have a quality piece on my hands, cos it takes some confidence to guarantee a product forever.

Along with the MJ, there’s a little leaflet in the tube. It gives basic safety guidelines, usage and cleaning instructions. If you’re after more info check out E-Stim Systems’ website cos there’s a wealth of it on there.

As for the electrode, I’m super impressed with the quality. It’s big and heavy, weighing in at 323g, and, the joins between the conductive areas and the plastic neck are so clean and tight it feels like a single piece. The finish to the metal is gorgeous. The electrode that was included with my ElectroPebble (the Electro Egg) has a high shine mirror finish. It’s not poor quality but fingerprints and such can leave it looking a bit grubby even when it’s clean. The E-Stim Systems MJ has a fairly recently introduced satin finish which is matte and looks brand new after cleaning.Unlike E-Stim Systems’ other electrodes, the MJ is a single size affair which I’d say is probably medium to large.

From top to bottom it measures up at 5.25”, the insertable portion taking up around 3” and the neck 0.75”. The rounded head is quite dull and could hinder anal insertion for those who are used to tapered tips, but once it’s in an orifice of your choice it’s pretty comfy to wear.

It sits nicely whether I’m using it anally or vaginally, but while my butt naturally keeps hold of the neck, I have to actively hold it in my vag unless I’m sitting with my weight on it. That’s because you need wetness for maximum conductivity so there’s quite a bit of lube involved. Water-based lubes work fine, and conductive gels work better, but don’t use silicone or hybrid lubes as silicone is an insulator and will fuck with conductivity.

Something you’ll need if you want to use it seated is a low-profile cable. This means that rather than sticking straight out of the base there’s a plastic elbow that takes the wire off to the side and prevents any damage from body weight. If you don’t already have dual 4mm cables you’ll need some anyway as the MJ doesn’t come with cables, so I’d go for the low-profile right from the start. They’re decent quality so definitely worth the investment.

As this electrode is bipolar it can be used alone, but with a dual channel power unit like the ElectroPebble you can also use another bipolar electrode or two monopole ones alongside it. Once it’s clipped into the unit, lubed up and fully inserted, it’s go time.

Did you notice in the first paragraph that I said I’d been electrocuting myself with the MJ? I wasn’t just making an e-stim joke. I was letting y’all know that I actually feel something with this electrode. Hallelujah!

Back when I used the E-Stim Systems Electro Egg I barely felt a thing. I had it in me, cranked up to the max, and all I got was a tingle that was more of an itch than anything else. I truly thought the thing was broken. If it wasn’t for an e-stim vibrator I have (and a cheap as chips, possibly unhygienic shock probe) I would have thought it was my vagina that was being unresponsive rather than the egg that wasn’t working for me.

I did worry that I’d have a similar experience to the egg with the MJ, but this one works!

Personally, I don’t get any internal pain from it. I know others probably will, depending on the sensitivity of their walls, but I don’t. What I get once I turn it up all the way is a mild prickle that drives me crazy. Because of its length, I also get what I really wanted from it; contractions. They’re not strong and they don’t feel orgasmic in and of themselves, but they do feel good. Do you know when you get a twitch in your thumb or in your eyelid? That’s the speed of these contractions. It’s unnaturally fast and feels kinda like someone tapping quickly and firmly with a finger but from inside of me. Weird, and also awesome.

Where I do get a fuck ton of sensation is around my vaginal opening. The flanged base? That’s conductive, too. This part does feel shocky and prickly, and as I get wetter and my fluids spread the conductive gel, the current follows. It flows around my vulva, almost to my clit, and down my perineum to tickle my anus.

It’s this combination of gentle internal sensation with mild contractions and the external pain from the sharp surface level zings that make the E-Stim Systems MJ really work for me. That’s pretty lucky cos I don’t get a choice. To feel anything worth feeling inside my body I have to crank the power right up, and the result of that is discomfort outside from the flanged base. But it does the trick and with just a little bit of additional clit flicking, I can achieve orgasm. I will admit that it’s a little disappointing that we can’t use it in a vaginal torture type session cos that would be horribly brilliant, but I don’t think any e-stim toy is gonna be able to give me that.

Anally, though, the MJ works so well as a torture device. It’s amazing to think that just switching the orifice I put it in can completely chance the feels I get from this thing. Like I said above, it’s comfy to wear, but the intensity of the sensations it sends through my butt is unreal. Super strong to the point of being slightly stabby if I don’t use enough lube. Depending on the angle of my hips I can feel it in my g-spot and it’s weird. The flange sends its surface zaps over my thighs and the lower part of my vulva and getting into higher intensities can produce some serious fucking yelping.

If I’m in control I can take myself to orgasm pretty quickly, but if the Fella is manning the power dial he fucks with me. Too much power, then too little, then just enough, then far too much and back to barely any at all. It’s cruel, it makes me squirm like a squirmy thing, and it’s excellent. I so wish I could get that feeling from my vag, but it just isn’t gonna happen.

Once playtime is over I usually clean my MJ with alcohol wipes, but when I’m out of those soapy water works just as well. After it’s had time to dry (which takes seconds with wipes) I pop the electrode back in its plastic tube and store it in a box with all my other e-stim bits.

All-in-all, I’m pretty happy with my MJ. Even though in some way it lacks the intensity I crave from a product like this it still exceeds my expectations. It’s fab quality, lovely to use, and then there’s that lifetime guarantee. I’d definitely recommend it to both e-stim curious and enthusiasts.

If you’d like to give the MJ a shot, click the banner below and go check it out.

The E-Stim Systems MJ Bipolar Electrode was sent to me by E-Stim Systems in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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