E-Stim Systems EClips Bi-Polar Surface Electrodes

Since I discovered sex toys and really took the time to get to know my body, I’ve found that orgasms happen quite easily for me. I used to have to put in a shit load of work and often whatever climax I had would be lacking, but these days I come quickly and I come hard, whether I’m playing clitorally, vaginally or anally. But one thing I really wanted to learn was how to come via nipple stimulation, but it never happened. Until I got a decent e-stim kit, that is. The E-Stim Systems ElectroPebble gave me my very first nipple induced orgasm, and thanks to that company’s lovely owner, Mick I have something that has made my nips a regular source of orgasmic pleasure. So now, I’m gonna tell you all about the E-Stim Systems Bi-Polar EClips.

But first…


Using e-stim above the waist is frowned upon. In fact, it’s advised against because it’s dangerous. It can fuck with your heart, block your windpipe with muscle spasms, and basically kill you dead (neon wands don’t count here, cos they’re surface prickles that don’t penetrate deep enough to cause any harm).

Before I first used e-stim on my nipples I did a load of research. I wanted to be sure I wasn’t gonna kill myself over a cheap thrill. I read a bunch of different accounts that said it can be done safely, but I’m not gonna relay them here. Why? Because if you’re considering zapping your baps, you need to go and do your own research so that you truly learn how to play safely.

If you’re gonna look into it, make sure you have a dual channel control unit with isolated outputs so that you don’t inadvertently pass current across the chest. I’ve learned that my ElectroPebble doesn’t have isolated channels like say, the E-Stim Systems 2B does, so as much as I love my EClips, I’m gonna have to stop with the nipple play.

Back to the review…

Okay, so the EClips are body clamps, intended for skin stimulation. And they’re marvellous bits of kit. Just short of 1.75” in length and about an inch wide, they’re made of black plastic and have little gold-plated electrodes lining the insides of the clamps. They’re adjustable via a screw which, when in full use, holds the clamp open at its widest point. That’s about half an inch.

They’re bi-polar clips, meaning that they can be used alone. You don’t need to use them as a pair, or even with another electrode. But I have two nips, so I tend to use both together. I only use a single clip when I want to use an insertable electrode, but then all the excitement is between my thighs.

With a 3.5mm jack plug, the EClips fit all of E-Stim Systems’ power units, and their super long 1.5m cable makes controlling the intensity easy no matter where you clamp ‘em. Being able to control the intensity of each clip with the ElectroPebble is ace!

So, using the things.

To be honest, they’re not the easiest clamps in the world to use. The surface area of the tips is miniscule, being just 8mm x 3mm. That alone gives them quite some bite, but to get them to stay on I find I can’t use the adjuster screw at all. I have to have them at full grip no matter where I choose to put them. Places like my labia aren’t so bad, I guess. I can get away with a bit of slackening there, but any tighter patch of skin and they slip off if they’re not at their maximum grip.

And that leads me to my nipples. I have weird old nips, I must confess. My areolas are hugeish, but my nips are relatively small. And they don’t stay hard for love nor money. So, once a bit of conductive gel (which is essential if you want to feel stimulated and not stabbed) is applied the EClips slip around like they’re on ice.

To combat this, I’ve taken to wearing them beneath my bra. Clamping them on with the electrode ends pointing down and then putting my bra cups over them to hold them in place works for me. This method probably wouldn’t go down in a professional scene, I’ll grant you, but it’s far superior to having to hold the fuckers still with my fingers. I only have two hands, so you can imagine what a farce it was trying to change the intensity of the control unit while trying to stop the clips falling off.

Once everything is in place I give my boobs a minute or two to understand that they’re gonna get zinged. Then I select the squeeze mode on the ElectroPebble and crank up the power. Turning it up and down, flowing between gentle tickles to shockingly sharp zaps and back again has me wriggling and moaning until, after probably ten minutes, I come.

The stimulation is insanely concentrated with the EClips. Because that surface area is so small, all of the current is fed into a tiny area. It’s sharp, intense, and seriously erotic. I’ve tried to emulate the sensation with standard clamps and fingers, but nothing feels quite like e-stim does. Not even the Fella’s teeth can give me the same feels and I love it when he bites.

As I mentioned above, I do use the E-Stim Systems EClpis elsewhere. Namely, my labia. Specifically, my inner labia, right up there beneath my clitoris. Yeah, I’ve tried one on my clit, but fuck that. It hurts like a bitch, which I guess is atestament to how powerful the ElectroPebble is.

But yeah I keep the prickles just off my clit, and it feels pretty damned good. Using an internal electrode (like the E-Stim Systems MJ – review coming soon) along with an EClip is crazy good. The internal piece does its thing on high power while I fine tune the intensity of the Eclip.

Even though it never touches my clit, the tingles travel through the conductive gel, spreading the sensation. It’s a completely different to anything else type of clit stim. Kinda painful yet completely delicious, and as intense as I want it to be. I can’t get any further than halfway on the power dial cos it’s just too much. Internally I go all the way, but externally half is enough.

Other places on the body do feel nice, but I much prefer the broader stimulation of surface pads. The Fella has made noise about using the clamps in weird places like between my toes and the webs of my fingers, but he can fuck all the way off. These babies aren’t for torture play. They aren’t even for him. I want this just for me, and no matter how much he pouts, he isn’t allowed anywhere near.

Keeping e-stim stuff clean is easily done if you have some alcohol wipes. They’re cheap as chips online, and they really are essential. Just wipe things down, making sure you get all traces of gel, lube and body fluids. Let the alcohol dry and evaporate before using again. The ElectroPebble comes in a plastic storage case, so I keep my clips in there with the control unit pads and other cables.

As I said above, ensure you’re aware of what you’re doing if you want to use something like the EClips on your nips. Know your power box (I didn’t, and that’s my bad), research the safest practices, and respect your body’s limits. To pick up your clips click the banner below and head on over to E-Stim Systems’ site. Note that the clips are sold individually.


The E-Stim Systems EClips were sent to me by E-Stim Systems in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

4 thoughts on “E-Stim Systems EClips Bi-Polar Surface Electrodes

  1. I wouldn’t say uncertainty regarding isolation is your fault, considering how rigorously E-Stim avoids saying anything at all about that either on their ElectroPebble product page or user manual (apparently they have no qualms about loudly advertising that the high-end model IS isolated…). That said, what makes you think the channels interfere (honest question)? It should be fairly easy to test – just take any two monopolar electrodes, plug them into _different_ channels, place them close to each other somewhere you feel comfortable testing and see if they do anything at all. If you feel nothing no matter how you play with the controls, then regardless of what they’re touted as, they’re in effect isolated.

    As for isolation itself – everyone plays with zappy stuff at their own risk, and of course health peculiarities can apply, but I will tell you this: with modest, heavily current limited units like these, anyone portraying whatever sort and combination of “above the waist” play as the stuff that absolutely will drop you dead instantly is, uh, being seriously disingenuous. Personal experience aside, a cursory glance at some pics on the relevant speciality websites is enough to confirm that if monopolar electrodes wide across the upper body were indeed so deadly, we’d long be _swimming_ in corpses by now…

    1. I agree that the fact that the ElectroPebble doesn’t have isolated channels (they confirmed this just today) should be mentioned somewhere in E-Stim Systems’ product info, I think that it’s not is a bit of an oversight on their part. I know the channels interfere because I’ve experienced it. When turning one dial the electrode connected to the other sometimes responds. This happens on both monopolar and bi-polar electrodes. I’ve had advice about how to prevent that happening from E-Stim Systems and I now feel much more comfortable using the EClips above my waist.

      I totally get that everyone playing with e-stim takes their own risks, but to protect myself I had to place a disclaimer somewhere in the review because I was inexpertly talking about something that, though regularly done by many people, is very much discouraged. So my comment about current crossing the chest being dangerous was intended to grab attention and to make sure that people did their research on safety rather than rushing in uninformed. It wasn’t intended to be scaremongering 🙂

      1. Oh, of course, if you already know there’s cross-talk between the channels then the point is moot. As for scaremongering, I never had you in mind but whoever may have spooked *you* – and of course, disclaimers are always a prudent thing. By the way, you might find the 07852 bipolar electrode set from Rimba also interesting… 😉 Have fun!

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