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Yassss! I so wanted to have my very own Doxy Wand review on Scandarella, but my review for the Original Wand was already online (you can read it here if you like), and because of the laws of search engines and other cosmic occurrences and universal issues, it wasn’t looking like I’d be able to have one. Then there was a competition, and I entered a picture, and Bob’s your uncle, Fanny’s your cat, I won, and I’m now the proud (and slightly smug) owner of a Doxy Die Cast.


The Die Cast comes in a fantastic silvery grey storage case, all lined with cut out foam to keep everything in its place. I really like this approach, as storing something as bulky yet fragile as a wand can be a pain in the derrière. I’ve been looking for an empty case to store my original wand, and though I have found a few that would fit, I want one of these ones, purely because of the cute little Doxy zip pull.


The Die Cast itself is a thing of beauty. The shiny metal combined with the black head is an equal measure of sexy and intimidating. Rationally, I know what it is and what it does, but there’s something about being naked, restrained, and at the mercy of someone wielding something that could be used as a weapon that makes my bones turn to liquid.

The weight difference between the Die Cast and the Original Doxy is very noticeable. The Die Cast is around 150g heavier, which isn’t much in reality, but it feels so much heavier than that. The shiny metal body obviously makes a difference, and so does the chunky silicone head.


That silicone head is pretty solid, so doesn’t squish for any reason, and as much as I love the squishies of the Original, especially for body massage, this harder head actually works well for me. It not only makes using attachments much easier, but it provides me with something that the Original doesn’t. I get off on grinding my vulva against hard things, but because I have large labia, I can often lose the feel of any vibes, and I sometimes miss my clit altogether. The hard silicone of the Die Cast’s head parts my labia no problem, and the feeling of firmly rocking my clit from side to side against something that vibrates so aggressively takes me to heaven.

And just like the Original, the Die Cast is unapologetically aggressive! I’ve read about RPM’s and all that jazz, and I don’t have the foggiest about what means what, so I won’t even try to make myself sound cleverer than I am by writing about it. What I did glean from all that info though, is that Doxy produce the most powerful massage wands in the world, and my clit ain’t about to argue.

There’s so much power to be had from the Original Doxy, it’s almost hard to believe it’s okay to subject such delicate parts of your anatomy to such intense sensations. But because of the extra weight of the Die Cast, and the way the silicone head naturally absorbs and dulls vibrations, there has been a slight sacrifice of power for the sake of aesthetics.


That said though, I’ve been wearing false nails recently due to a tendency to nibble when stressed, and the Die Cast vibrated three of the ones on my right hand right off my fingers. I always say I’m a no patterns just full speed ahead kinda gal, but I can only go to half full with the Doxy before I explode into a squirting mess, so even though there is less power here, there’s still more than it’s likely anyone could ever need.

There’s an accelerating pattern on offer here too, but as I said, I don’t really do patterns so I’ve not used it because it’s not for me. The Fella likes it for body massage though, so he’s saved it from being a completely superfluous function. I prefer the Original Doxy when it comes to massage, and I generally like it set to medium power for that too.

I will admit that I did launch myself into my first sexual encounter of the Die Cast with my head full of other people’s opinions. It was impossible not to, because due to the price tag, I didn’t think I’d ever have one of my own, so I’d read loads of reviews, vicariously experiencing the Die Cast through others.

Because of that, I didn’t actually trust the initial outcome. It was amazing, and the orgasm came just as quickly, and was just as potent as all of the ones I’ve had using the Original, but I was convinced I was just over excited. However, when subsequent uses gave the same outcome and I was still doubting myself, I made myself sit down to have a good think.

Then my mind was finally made up when the Fella and I used it together. He was on top and in control of the Die Cast, and he held it against my clit while he fucked me. The clitoral connection was consistent because the wand’s own weight held it in place, even as I wriggled against it. As soon as I was close to coming, the Fella pulled out and rubbed his cock against the other side of the Doxy’s head, pushing it closer against me. Because I was properly aroused and had approached climax relatively slowly, and because he was being so strongly stimulated, both of our orgasms seemed to go on forever. It was pretty special, to be honest.


So maybe I’m flying in the face of popular opinion here, but although I did say otherwise at first, after all of my many uses of the Die Cast, I’ve decided that I actually prefer it to the Original Doxy. I love the added weight, and the silicone head gives me exactly what I need when it comes to clitoral stimulation.

It looks ominous, especially if the Fella has it in his hands when he has that look in his eyes, and it’s become his number one tool for kinky punishment. Yes, the slightly dulled vibration is a noticeable thing, but that’s truly negligible in the face of what it actually achieves. If I had to choose between my two Doxy Wands, I’d definitely pick the Die Cast.

(The picture that brought me the magical Die Cast!)

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