Doc Johnson Tryst Multi Vibrator

When I first spotted the Doc Johnson Tryst in a magazine, I was instantly intrigued. I had no idea what size it was, or what kind of power to expect, all I knew was that it promised versatility, and I needed to try one as soon as possible.


Within the week, I’d been given the opportunity to do exactly that by the lovely Carolyn at Betty’s Toy Box, and before long I had the Tryst in my hands.

Looking at it, it’s hard to know where to start with it. But seeing it there, peeking out of its cute windowed storage box, you can easily imagine the possibilities offered by its shape and size.


Along with your Tryst, you’ll also find the usb charging cable, a travel bag, and the user manual in your box. I don’t know if you’re one for reading manuals, but I’m *usually* not, unless I have a problem. However, I’m glad I did read this one, as it confirms that the Tryst isn’t submersible. I’d kinda assumed that it was, looking at it, so I’m pleased I had a flick through the info before use, cos I would have definitely chucked it in a sink of water to clean it afterward. Now I know to use a cloth and toy cleaning spray – or wipes – to keep it tip top.


Doc Johnson have marketed the Tryst as a Multi-Erogenous Silicone Massager, A.K.A, a ‘couples’ toy. The term ‘couple’s toy’ is often frowned upon in the sex toy community, as it often feels like a company has assumed that a couple comprises of a cock and a vagina. That’s why you’ll usually find a ‘couple’s toy’ in the guise of c-shaped clit/g-spot vibrator, or a cock ring/clit affair, but the Tryst is one toy that can be used by anyone – couple or solo – no matter what they keep in their pants.


It’s the wishbone shape teamed with the petite size that gives the Tryst this versatility. Because of that combo, it can be used as a clitoral or g-spot stimulator for her, as a vibrating cock ring that stimulates the perineum or balls at the same time for him, or during partner sex. You can slip it on a dildo that has balls, or you can even use it on the nipples of anyone who likes that sort of thing (I do!).


It’s made from smooth, seamless silicone (mine’s purple, but it also comes in black), and it’s a lot smaller than I’d expected it to be. The overall length is a hair’s breadth under 5.5 inches, and those arms are around 3.5 inches. There are curves and waves going on all over the place, and each flip or twist offers the user something different.

But before you can use the Doc Johnson Tryst, it needs a full charge. Mine came partially charged, so it only took about half an hour the first time, but after flattening it completely it takes just over an hour to get it back up to full charge. You get up to 90 minutes to play before it goes dead again. To charge it, locate the pinhole in the tapered base of the toy and plug in the jack, then plug the other end into whatever usb port you have handy.

The Tryst boasts three – yes three – motors: one located in each arm, and one in the base. Those arms operate independently from the base, all at the touch of a button, of which there are two. The button at the top (marked 1) operates the arms, and the one beneath it (marked 2) operates the base. It’s easy to switch on, but is a pain in the tit to turn back off again. If I don’t have my thumb positioned just so, all it does is cycle through the modes, and when I finally hit it, I’ve got to hold it for three seconds. Bad news if you want it turned off fast.


Both the arms and base offer seven functions: three of them speeds, and four patterns. The vibrations it puts out aren’t the best in the world, to be honest. However, there is a ‘but’ when it comes to those vibes in use, which I’ll explain in a second.

The vibes in the arms are a lot more powerful than the base, but that could be because those arms are a team, or even because of their elongated shape. Also, there’s a distinct lack of change between the first and second constant speeds of both arm and base motors. It seems to change only slightly, and that’s more in sound than sensation, and the patterns are nothing different from any other vibrator.

So, like I said, there’s a ‘but’ when it comes to the less than spectacular vibes, which I discovered during clitoral use. I was alone, happily playing with my favourite rabbit vibe, and I wasn’t even half way to orgasm when it died on me. The only other thing I was sure was 100% charged was the Tryst, so I grabbed it and tried using the base to work my clit while the glass dildo that lives in the drawer of my bedside table did the internal stuff.


It was shit. Absolutely terrible. Even on the highest of the three constant speeds, the base did nothing at all for my clit. So I switched it around, using one of the arms instead. Better, but still not good enough. I was totally despairing at this point, but then I switched the Tryst off, nestled my clit between the two arms – which isn’t as easy as you might think as the arms only separate about 2cm, and want to spring back – and then switched it back on again.

Boy, did that work! The arms aren’t very flexible, but they do move, and when they vibrate they kinda move toward each other, thus tapping off the sides of my clitoris in a fast squeezing motion. Trying to penetrate myself with the dildo at the same time was a no-go, cos the Tryst kept slipping out of position with all the pulling and the tugging, but that wasn’t a problem. Keeping still and letting the arms rhythmically squish my clit was good enough to get the job done.

Next up was an attempt at g-spot play, and while this is a good idea in theory, I couldn’t make it work for me. Reason being, the shape just doesn’t work with my anatomy. The tips of the arms slip in easily enough, but the parts that arch out over remind me so much of the internal part spreaders I have and despise. The curve pulls the entrance to my vagina open in a very uncomfortable manner, and because it kinda gets wedged half in and half out of me, the tips of the arms don’t reach my g-spot. Not even the Fella can get things situated properly without causing me discomfort, so there won’t be any more attempts at using it for targeted g-spotting.


What I do find really pleasant though, is having one arm of the Tryst inserted anally, and the other reaching into my vaginal opening, while the Fella uses his mouth and fingers to do everything else. It clamps in and stays put, and while that does nip, it does it in a good way, and the vibes and pinching sensation really do add an extra bit of oomph to oral sex, especially when he jiggles it around while sucking really hard on my clit.

When it comes to the bepenised, the Doc Johnson Tryst can be used either as a handheld stimulator, or as a cock ring. You have around five inches of internal circumference, but while the arms do move a little, that movement is only at the tips. The ring part is what it is, it can’t be made bigger or smaller, so if your cock doesn’t fit, tough.

The Fella did find it comfortable to use as a cock ring while I gave him oral, and he loved having the arms running along his balls and pressing into his perineum, but he found it a nuisance during penetrative sex, and I found it a bit useless.


Having it positioned with the arms over his cock wasn’t too bad, but to get full clitoral contact he had to more or less have his chest in my face cos the angle and movement of his balls made the arms want to arch up, and it was a wee bit jabby when he was grinding because of how firm it is. Did I mention that it’s harder than a hard thing? I don’t think I did, but it is.

However, having it the other way around (with the base over his cock) was too flat for me, even though there are little ridges there to offer a bit more stimulation. While those ridges didn’t actually feel too bad when they stroked over my clit, the vibes really let the side down.

He says it does add some extra stimulation for him during sex, especially around his balls, but the fact that he has to try so hard to find the exact position that makes it work for me as well as him means the pros outweigh the cons.


So, after all that, I’m still unsure how I feel about the Doc Johnson Tryst. It does work as a clitoral stimulator for me, and that’s always welcome, and it does enhance oral sex for both penis and clitoris owners, but I feel that there’s too many variables to make the toy truly versatile. Penis size will factor in greatly for men, as any girth smaller or bigger than five inches isn’t gonna fit, and even if your cock is perfect for it, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna work for you during PIV sex cos it might not reach your partner’s hot spots. I’d recommend giving it a go though, cos you never know, it might just work perfectly for you. It’s a suck it and see kinda toy I’m afraid.

The Doc Johnson Tryst Multi-Erogenous Zone Vibrator was sent to me by Betty’s Toy Box in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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