So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug

While I was at Eroticon last year I received an email. It was from a company called So Divine and they were asking me if I’d like to review for them. I’d never heard of them until that day when I spied a display at the conference, but I said I’d love to. They sent me one of everything in their line-up, which at the time was five products. Fast forward almost a year and that company I’d never heard of has their name up in lights. They’ve added more vibes to their repertoire, and also a range of different sized anal toys. After reviewing the smallest member of the Booty Plug family, I was sent the largest. It’s called the So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug and here are my thoughts.

Like all So Divine products, the Wild Thing is made of silicone. Soft, silky silicone that comes in one of their two signature colours, purple. The other colour they have an abundance of is pink. Just like the itty-bitty version, the plug is completely smooth. There are no seams, no flaws, no nothing. Everything about it is quality and it’s definitely got longevity, so when you consider that it’s only £20-ish you gotta agree that it’s a bargain.

I mean, it’s decently sized for a start. All in it measures a shade over 4”. The bulb is around 2.75” and the neck is about an inch. Once it’s inserted it sits comfortably, and the slightly sloped base helps prevent too much pinching and digging in. With a decently wide flare to that base you can play with confidence, cos it ain’t getting all up in there unless you actively push it in. I know that’s a daft thing to say cos would anyone ever do that? Yes, yes they would and I still can’t quite fathom why.

The So Divine Wild Thing is made in my favourite shape; the rosebud, or teardrop if you prefer. Provided you choose the right size for your butt’s capabilities this shape is so easy to insert. Very pointed at the tip and then ballooning out, the Wild Thing feels so good going in.  There’s something about the immediate stretch that I love. As soon as it penetrates it starts to widen and that’s something you don’t get from more tapered plugs. Once I hit the widest part and I start to go weak at the knees in it pops, settling comfortably with just enough weight to make sure I don’t forget it’s there.

Now, I’m sure you might be thinking that the So Divine Wild Thing sounds like any old rosebud plug, but there’s a feature to it that I find quite special. I haven’t mentioned it yet but I’m sure you’ll have noticed in the product pics that the base is jewelled. They used to be uncommon but now more and more places are churning out jewelled plugs. It seems that everyone wants to bling up their butts.

But where most of these plugs come with their gems fixed into their bases, the Wild Thing doesn’t. The silver gem can be removed and replaced with one of the two alternatives included in the box. There’s a pretty purple one that looks lovely with the rich plum of the silicone, and a gold one that I didn’t think would look good at all but actually looks quite cute.

To remove the gem all you need to do is put your thumbs either side of the base and push down on the silicone rim. The gem pops right out and its replacement goes in just as easily. Slip it in, press the silicone back so that it clicks over the plastic and you’re done.

The Fella asked me if I was worried about fluids getting in beneath the gem and ruining the mirror surface on the back but I’m not. Because the silicone is so tightly fitted to the gem it keeps it completely waterproof. I love that I can take the gems out for cleaning (soapy water will suffice), it just feels so much more hygienic.

I’m a huge fan of wearing butt plugs during sex and, for me, the So Divine Wild Thing is a fab size for that. With a girth of 5” it’s nicely filling but not so big that I feel crammed full. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a gal who happily DPs herself with giant dildos, but for penetrative sex with the Fella, I prefer that he be the star of the show. This plug adds a little extra sensation for me and it makes me feel tighter for him cos he can feel it through my wall.

The biggest Booty Plug & the smallest

Yeah, it’s a lovely size. Big enough to be noticeable but small enough to be used by folks who may not have a lot of experience but have an abundance of patience and know how to take it slow. Plenty of water-based lube is key. If you like wearing plugs for long periods of time you will need to take this one out to reapply lube a few times. The butt doesn’t self-lubricate and what lube you do put in there seems to get absorbed by the body. Trying to take a silicone plug out of a dry ass is definitely something to avoid.

If you like the sound of the So Divine Wild thing, click on the banner below and visit So Divine.

The So Divine Wild Thing Booty Plug was sent to me by So Divine in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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