So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand

When I received an email from So Divine asking if I’d like to review a bunch of their products, I genuinely clapped my hands with glee. Why? Because I’d already spotted the So Divine Wicked Game Magic Wand and, oh, how I wanted it!

It was the first thing I got my hands on when the package arrived (and there was a lot of stuff in that parcel so keep an eye out for more So Divine reviews!). I probably don’t need to remind you that I’m a packaging junkie, but I will. Pretty, simple, and tasteful, it’s a delight to open a parcel with a So Divine product in it.

Inside of what is to be a permanent storage box in my house is the Wicked Game Wand, a usb charging cable with a detachable UK plug, a velvety black storage bag, and some instructions.


I love the design of this wand. As I’ve said in a recent wand review, it’s hard to make a wand that’s vastly different from every other one on the market, but So Divine have nailed it. Made from sensually soft silicone in a beautiful deep plum colour, the Wicked Game Wand isn’t just a wand… it’s a double ended wand. YES!

One end is a midi wand head and the other is a gorgeously curved, G-Spot hunting vibrator. The whole piece measures up at a smidge over 9”, with the controls situated perfectly in the centre. It feels super light yet decent quality, though there is one part that I’m not over keen on.

A couple of inches below the wand head is a join. Two pieces have been slotted together after all the gubbins were put inside and it’s been sealed with shiny silicone. I’ve actually seen this kind of join in a toy before and I remember the two pieces parted ways pretty quickly. It hasn’t happened to my Wicked Game and I can’t say for sure that it will, but I would rather that join wasn’t there at all. I know it’s a small issue that doesn’t detract from the toy’s use in any way at all, but I just don’t like it.

The So Divine Wicked Game Wand is 100% waterproof, making it perfectly suited to bathroom play as well as easy to clean, and it’s usb rechargeable. I totally missed the time it took to charge it up (my bad) but I can tell you that I haven’t flattened it yet. We’ve probably used it for two hours-ish all in and it’s still not conked out yet, so the battery life isn’t shabby at all.

Like I said above, the controls are situated front and centre on this wand, and they’re simple to use. The central button switches the wand on, and the ones above and below it control their respective ends. The SO Divine Wicked Game is a dual motor product, with one being placed in each end. Both sides offer the same vibes; 3 speeds and 7 patterns, but sadly, the wand and insertable vibe can’t be used simultaneously. It’s either or, I’m afraid.

I don’t consider this a problem when playing solo, but when the Fella joins in I feel a bit disappointed. It would be nice to be able to share the vibes with him (external for me and internal for him) but it isn’t to be. He can feel a little bit of a buzz with the way the vibes travel from one end to the other, but not enough to really do much for him.

The two motors are chalk and cheese, so I’ll attack them separately:

The Wand

Now these vibes are very nice. There’s a depth to them that I love, with a defined rumble that has enough power behind it to get me off quickly. Used as a clit vibe it’s small enough to let me get in some pinpoint stimulation, but at the same time it’s big enough to stroke over my labia and surrounding areas without feeling like a bullet. The shape of the handle makes it so easy to hold, and if I fancy a spot of body massage its long enough for me to be able to reach most places without having to stretch.

The Vibrator

Oh, So Divine, what did you do? The Wicked Game was winning until the time came for penetration. As an insertable the vibe feels lovely, The 5” girth is decently filling and the hard shaft covered in silky smooth silicone is a joy to fuck. There’s a taper to the end that has quite a point to it, and that reaches some interesting spots inside me, but I have to keep reminding myself that it isn’t a dildo.

Switching the vibes on spoils everything for me because they’re just so bad. They’re the kind of vibes that make you sneeze when you touch the toy to your nose. They buzz so much they make me itch. I don’t like having an itchy vagina for any reason, so I’ve had to admit defeat. I won’t use the insertable end with the vibes switched on.


I will, however, use the wand end for penetration with the vibes switched on. Turning the thing around and getting that rounded wand head nestled against my G-Spot feels fucking fantastic. The vibes are strong enough to feed my sweet spot with delicious rumbles that don’t itch or cause me any other kind of discomfort. I can jiggle it, grind it or thrust it, depending on the angle. The dip beneath the head feels like it was designed to accommodate my pubic bone and the whole thing is just a lovely fit.

The very fact that I can use the wand side internally totally makes up for the rubbishness of the actual insertable. It kinda feels like I’m getting three-in-one cos I have a clit vibe, an insertable vibe, and a dildo for a handle.

What’s more, the Fella actually likes the vibes in the weaker end. He tells me they feel great for genital massage, and he enjoys how they feel for anal use. He isn’t so keen on the wand head anally cos he experiences discomfort extracting it after he’s come, but the vibe end is his friend.

Caring after sharing

After we’ve finished playing we use antibacterial toy cleaner to make sure it’s completely hygienic (as we do on all insertables we share) then stick it back in its box for next time.

Even though I pretty much hate the vibrator end of this thing, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it to anyone looking for a discreet rechargeable wand. It isn’t silent by any means but the noise levels aren’t too bad, and there are so many different ways to use it – not to mention different vibe strengths to choose from – it’s likely that most people will find something to like about it. If it sounds like something you’d like to get your hands on, click the button below.

The So Divine Wicked Game Wand was sent to me by So Divine in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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