So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug

I think I’ve finally done it, folks. It’s taken me a while, but I’ve finally found what I consider to be the ideal first butt plug for butt toy novices. It’s petite, body safe, anal safe, and has a sparkle to it that’ll brighten up bums everywhere. Yep, the So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug is now my go to reply to those emails I get that ask, ‘what’s the perfect starter plug?’.

Really, this thing is the cutest. I mean, there are other cute plugs on the market without a doubt. But you’ll be hard pushed to find one that’s as cheap as this one is without having to make some kind of compromise somewhere. And when it comes to butt stuff, compromise should be the last thing on your mind.

Made from the silkiest purple silicone, this plug is totally safe for your body. In the base, a glittery cut plastic gem adds some spark. Something I love about that, other than the fact that it’s there, is the way it’s set in the base. I have a few plugs with gem bases, and most of those gems are glued into a hole. Not with the So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug, though. With this plug, the silicone base wraps around and slightly over the gem. That eliminates the gap I find in most plugs. And it’s fits tight enough over the gem to ensure nothing gets beneath it. It’s a small thing, really, but something I – as a bit of a sex toy clean freak – really appreciate.

The quality of it is so good! I repeatedly shake my head in disbelief at the fact that it costs less than £14.

This plug is my favourite shape, too; the rosebud. Or teardrop, depending on what you wanna call it. Measuring up at a petite 2-inches, the Sweet Sensation boasts a pointed tip for easy insertion. It widens into a 3.75-inch bulb before sharply narrowing into a 1cm wide neck. From there, the 1.25-inch wide base keeps things nice and safe.

One of the best things about this shape plug, is insertion. A lick of lube (always water-based with silicone toys) helps it wriggle in there, and after it gets so far, the anus naturally draws it in. That’s why a wide enough base is so vital, and it’s not always present in plugs, shockingly enough.


Holding the base and not letting it go makes for some interesting sensations. It’s kinda like having a little tug of war with my butt. Once I do let go, the plug settles in nice and snug. The neck is short enough to keep it feeling tight and secure, but not so tight that it causes nipping of chaffing. Pulling it almost out and letting it slip back in again (then repeating forever) drives me absolutely crazy. It makes me yearn for something bigger, so if the Fella wants to make me beg, he knows this plug is an excellent place to start.

I have to be completely honest and admit that, as size goes, the Sweet Sensation is too small for me to get any intense pleasure from it. But I know I would have loved it back in the days when I bit the insides of my own face to stop myself squeaking whenever the Fella slipped in a cheeky finger.

And that’s why I think this will be the butt plug I recommend to people looking for their first. The gem makes it pretty, the size makes it not just great for the anally untried, but also those who want something small to wear out and about. There’s no worry that people might see it’s there, cos it’s tiny enough to be concealed by even the slenderest of butt cheeks. And you needn’t worry that it might slip out and announce itself via the bottom of a trouser leg, because the neck and slight weight makes is supremely easy to hold on to.

All-in-all, it’s a bargain of a booty buddy. And, even better, it’s now available in two more sizes, so if you love this one you know that, once you’re ready, you can go up a size (or two) while keeping the look that you love!

If you’d like to add this plug or one of its larger siblings to your toy box, click the banner below and go pick one up.

So Divine Sweet Sensastion Booty Plug, Scandarella

The So Divine Sweet Sensation Booty Plug was sent to me by So Divine in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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