Diogol Plaisir Ice Lock Guest Review by Aurora Glory

When I found myself with the Diogol Plaisir Ice Lock to review I was stumped. I could see exactly where it would fit with my play with the Fella but that isn’t what this particular toy is all about. See, it was made with solo players in mind and self-bondage hasn’t ever floated my boat. I know for a fact that I’d get bored after five minutes and end up on the sofa grappling with the TV remote. But YKINMK. I get that, for some folks, being alone and trussed up with only the passage of time to free them is hotter than hell. Take the wonderful Aurora Glory, for example. She mentioned that she was keen to try self-bondage this year. And as she’s an awesome writer I thought who better to do a guest review? Check out her thoughts on this potentially nifty bit of kit. 

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No matter how much ice they put in this thing, they can’t change the fact that metal toys are seriously hot, right? I’m going to assume you’re all nodding your heads here. As someone attempting to build a kinky lifestyle, not reliant on a partner, the Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock was just what I needed to up my self-bondage game. No matter which self-restraining forum I have stumbled upon, everyone says the same – ice locks are the ultimate in solo kink pleasure. Once you’ve got your ice lock, all you need is a set of restraints and an hour to fill with tormented satisfaction.

Of course, whilst the Diogol Ice Lock is the ideal addition to any solo kinksters arsenal, it can definitely up the fun for more than one. Couples, trios, quartets, quintets – you get the idea. I won’t lie, the thought of being ice-locked and at the mercy of 4 has crossed my mind on numerous aroused occasions.


For such a pricey toy, the packaging is more than a little lacklustre. Where’s my sturdy storage box with velvet pillow insert? Not inside this flimsy cardboard box, that’s for sure.

Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock Packaging
Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock Packaging


Made of 100% aluminium, the Diogol Jaz Plaisir is one quality piece of equipment. The fact is, once you’re efficiently tied up, you aren’t getting out until that ice melts. No amount of wriggling can defeat the strong exterior and its frozen centre. Believe me, I’ve tried.

On each end of the ice lock, there are 4 holes for attaching your restraint of choice. Personally, I’m a sucker for a good length of rope. But, padlocks are a great way to attach numerous types of restraint, like wrist or ankle cuffs. Inside the cool, hard exterior is a removable aluminium rod. When the ice surrounds this rod it secures it in place, unable to be removed from inside until every icy drop has melted.

Unlocked Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock
Unlocked Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock

From Metal Device to Instrument of Pleasure

On the side of the device is a small hole that can be filled with water from a running tap. Once topped up, ensure the rod is firmly pushed into the device. Then the metal toy can be wiped down and carefully placed on its side in the freezer for at least 2 hours. The freezer is my Diogol Jaz Plaisir’s home, whenever I want to get all mercilessly tied up, it is ready and waiting to play.

Frozen Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock
Frozen Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock

Confession Time…

When the Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock first arrived, I thought it didn’t work. I tried different methods of filling it, different angles placed in the freezer, different room temperatures, but every time it released after only 5 minutes. Honestly, it was more of a tormented struggle than the ice lock working could ever be. Each time I prepared for an intoxicating session at the mercy of a simple device, and every time I was disappointingly doused with icy water within less than ten minutes.

Finally, I realised where my untechnical (and quite clearly, lacking in common sense) mind was going wrong. During transit, the metal disk that secures the iced rod in place had come out of the device and was attached to the rod instead.

Don’t do what I did. Check that disk is pressed firmly into the device and not hanging from the rod.

Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock Inserted Disk
Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock Inserted Disk

Play Time

There are a couple of ways I like to use this ice lock. With both my wrists tied to either side or with one side tied to my wrists and the other tied to a stationary object, usually my bed. The latter definitely ups this metal objects level of control. When attached to my under-the-bed restraints, the Diogol Jaz has me right where it wants me and the psychological effect that has on me is exactly what I’m looking for when I explore self-bondage. I can’t express the teasing torture of every freezing drip of water travelling down my arms to remind me I am bound with no escape.

*Tip* I use a fluid-proof sheet when playing with the Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock on my bed. Not only does it protect my bed as the water doesn’t absorb, but I love to writhe around as the freezing liquid trickles down the sheet onto my skin.

So, what is a person at the mercy of metal and ice to do? That really depends on you and what kinky buttons you like to press. I’ve laid on top of a vibe at a teasingly low level and can confirm it supplies the sort of pleasure only the most torturous situations can provide. Even with nothing but the Diogol Ice Lock, I can have an unforgettably amazing experience. As my mind wanders to all of my favourite sexy scenarios and I’m forced to impatiently wait until the ice decides I’m allowed to touch myself. I am completely at the surrender of this toy, and I just bloody love it!

Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock With Attached Restraints
Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock With Attached Restraints


Despite the fact it works with ice, it can still be customizable to the experience you want. If you’re new to self-bondage and don’t want up to an hour of restraint, you can let it sit outside the freezer for a while before you tie yourself up. Also, if you’re not tied up to a massive object, like a bed, you can speed up the melting process by running the device under a warm tap. Not that I’ve done this in times of desperately horny need or anything…

Partnered Play

I’m pretty gutted that I can’t experiment with this toy with a partner. Can you imagine the teasing pleasure of being unable to touch them? For them to be unable to be touched by you? The frenzy that would come when that final bit of ice melted and you can unleash upon them? I love self-bondage, but I can definitely recognize the pleasure of sharing the torment with a partner.

Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock
Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock


It is just damn hot, in the way only the iciest of locks can be. The Diogol Jaz Plaisir Ice Lock is a high-quality piece of bondage equipment that genuinely leaves you completely at its surrender. So much so that I have to recommend using safety precautions during play, especially when using the device solo. This is the sort of toy that has so many possibilities when just combined with a filthy imagination. The only people who may need to look for restraining pleasure elsewhere are those that are highly sensitive to cold. Not only does the icy water drip onto the restraints, the device is extremely cold as well.

So there you have it, folks. I’m super pleased that Aurora figured out how to get the best from this fancy little contraption. After reading her review I’m starting to think that I should have more appreciation for self-bondage. If her experiences have whetted your appetite for solo restraint you can pick up one of these ice locks here.

The Diogol Plaisir Ice Lock was sent to me by Diogol, and I forwarded it on to Aurora Glory in exchange for an honest review. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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