Diogol Jaz Pony Plug Whip

As you may know, I’m a big fan of sex toys that are more than one thing. Not long back they weren’t easy to find, but over the last year or so there’s been an explosion of them. Mostly, they’re an impact toy on one end, then when you flip it you find that the handle is something insertable. I’m always keen to give them a go when I come across them, so was delighted to discover that French company, Diogol, had released a new line of products called Jaz, and in it is a couple of these double enders. They sent me a big package of stuff, and now that I’m spotting them for sale I can get reviewing! I’ll start with the Diogol Jaz Pony Plug Whip.

If you’re into small anal toys you’re gonna love the Pony, because one end of it is a sweet petite butt plug. If floggers are your thing (or even tails) you’re in luck because that’s exactly what dangles out of the end of said plug’s base. Dildo ended floggers have been called floggildos, so what would a butt plug version be? A plogger. Or a flug, maybe? I dunno, I’m no good at these things at all.

Usually, you’ll find that butt plugs aimed at the ‘beginners’ end of the sex toy market are silicone, but this one isn’t. It’s made of shiny silver aluminium which is Chromium, Lead, and Nickel free, rendering it 100% body safe.

I love this approach, personally. All metal plugs offer the added bonus of temperature play, but steel is heavy. An inexperienced butt might struggle to hold on to a steel plug, but with aluminium, you’re less likely to have gravity issues. The Diogol Jaz Pony is super light and combined with its small size, that makes it not just simple to insert and easy wear, but comfy too.

So, size. From base to tip, the plug measures up at just shy of 3.5”. The teardrop-shaped bulb is 1.5” long with a 3.75” girth. See, I told you. So small. Sometimes, I see plugs this little and despair of their safety, because their bases are either the exact same size as or smaller than the bulb. They could be so easily swallowed up. But this plug has a base that’s a wee bit wider than the bulb, and because of that and its very narrow neck, I’m happy to say it is quite safe.

Around the edge of that rather stocky base (it’s an inch deep!) is a row of four black jewels. Pretty, but not sparkly. Well, not always. Light does catch a facet or two depending on the angle, but because they’re such a deep colour it’s fleeting and rather dull, really. That said, that’s just the one I have. The version that Lovehoney stocks sports clear jewels, so they might give you a much better shimmer.

In use, the plug really is a comfy thing. Teardrop shaped plugs are often easy to insert because of their tapered tip, but unlike more bullet shaped ones, you get a bit of fast stretch, too. Not that there’s a lot of stretch to be had here, cos there isn’t, but there is something pleasant about reaching the widest point quite quickly and then feeling the anal opening clamping around the neck.

Moving on to the flogger/whip/tail that spills from the end…

What you have here is a cluster of 24 waxed cotton falls. They’re all different lengths, but the longest is around 18”, and they’re all quite rough to the touch. If you’re using it as a flogger you won’t feel any thuds at all because they’re so wispy light, but you will feel a motherfucker of a sting. They whip through the air so fast and when they hit the skin they’ll wrap around if they can. It’s at the tips where you feel the harshest sensation. A swift strike that just skims the surface of the skin can be pretty intense, depending on the area. Like the nipples, for example. It really hurts the damned nipples.

As a pony tail plug, the Diogol Jaz Pony is weird. Like I said above, it’s comfy enough in terms of anal use, but the tail looks odd. Faux fur tails swish cutely around beneath the butt cheeks. Artificial hair tails look luxurious, thick and bouncy. Even poseable cat tails and silicone piggy or puppy tails behave in specific ways that give a desired effect, but this one just…hangs there. It’s not swishy in the aesthetically pleasing sense. It’s skinny, crinkly, a bit shiny, and a bit uninspiring as tails go.

The only way you can get it to look even halfway decent is if you’re able to shake your ass at a rate of knots. If you can shimmy super quickly, the falls will separate and dance about a bit. I’ve managed it a couple of times but to be honest I’d rather pop in a tail that doesn’t need so much work to look good.

But on the whole, it’s a lovely plug (if you like wee ones) and the falls make a great stingy flogger. If you’re after a swishy tail I’d probably look elsewhere. But if this one sounds like it’s for you, click the banner below and pick one up from Lovehoney.

The Diogol Jaz Pony Plug Whip was sent to me by Diogol in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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