Dewcibox Monthly Subscription Box

I’m on a mission. A mission to discover whether or not sex toy subscription boxes can actually be what they promise to be. Back in the days when the Fella and I first started building our sex toy collection, I would have loved the idea of getting a box of treats delivered periodically to my door, and there’s a good chance that I wouldn’t have given a toss what was in it.

But these days I’m much choosier about what I put inside me, and I’d love to find the perfect subscription services for beginners, intermediate toy users, and seasoned collectors.


DewciBox is a very new company which offers subscription boxes with a difference. Their demographic is couples with busy lifestyles, and their aim is to make sex toy shopping as easy as a one click box pick.

The current options available on their on their website are:

DewciBox Monthly Subscription £25.00

There’s an option to have a quarterly delivery, which costs £96.00 every 4 months, and you could also opt for the yearly delivery for £252.00. If you choose one of the subscription boxes but impatience or temptation get the better of you, you also have the option to have an instant hit with one (or all) of the following boxes:

Fun Loving Dewci £42.00
Dewci Weekender £45.00
Relaxing Intimate DewciBox £49.00

After a short chat with the lovely Laura, I was sent April 2016’s DewciBox Monthly Subscription Box to review.


The first thing that struck me when I unpacked my parcel was that the box is pretty gorgeous. Made from sturdy black cardboard with DewciBox printed on the top in foiled red and white text, it looks sexy and mysterious. The box is held securely closed by a thick black ribbon, and the goodies inside are hidden by black tissue paper, some of it shredded for padding.


So what’s in the box?

  • Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 function Vibrator
  • Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Men
  • Ayumi Sensual Massage, Bath & Body Oil
  • Play Boy Condoms x2
  • LICX Mix for Her
  • Funkin Mojito Mixer
  • Milk Chocolate Hearts x2
  • Product info card & a welcome to Dewcibox card with money off voucher

Now that’s a list and no mistake!


The first thing that should be noted is, you get more than what you paid for with DewciBox. I was fully prepared to go hunting to see if I could find the included products cheaper if I bought them separately elsewhere, but I didn’t have to, as the product info card actually has some of the prices listed there for you to see. I did still look, though, and I couldn’t find these products any cheaper. So when it comes to value for money, Dewcibox gets a thumbs up from me!

Now for the products themselves. I think it’s kinda cute that subscription boxes are adding in little treats like chocolate hearts and other various confections, but I’ve never seen one that offers the things Dewcibox does. Their website lists some of the products you could find in your box, and there’s stuff like nail polishes, wine, and bubble bath on there, as well as your bullet vibes, blindfolds and lubes. They pretty much offer you the basic trappings on which you can build yourself an intimate night in, and that I like!

Lovehoney Magic Bullet 10 Function Vibrator

We already have one of these in our collection, so we know exactly where we’re at with it. We like it. It’s not the most powerful bullet in the world, but that’s fine by us, as those are the exact kind of bullets the Fella loves.

Powered by a single AAA battery (which isn’t included) this bullet isn’t strong enough for me personally. I can’t climax with it unless I’m really, really horny, but I do like having it stroked over my nipples, or around my perineum.

The Fella isn’t a fan of strong vibes, especially around his balls, so this bullet is just enough to give him exactly what he needs. It’s great to use to tantalise and tease during foreplay, and it adds a little extra pizazz to a blow job too. Try holding it against your cheek while your partner is deep in your mouth. That always gets a good response in our house.

Zuyosa Sexual Vitality Supplement for Men

Now this is a strange addition to a subscription box, and not one I would have thought to put in, personally.

My initial thoughts were, what if I was in a same sex couple where neither of us were male? As these supplements are the most expensive thing in the box (£19.99 for 4 caps – I nearly fainted, that’s a fiver a fuck!), there’s a chance they could disappoint.

The other reason I don’t think they’re a great addition is, not everyone can take supplements, the Fella included. See, he takes Warfarin because of a problem he had a few years back, and I found myself having to research the ingredients of the Zuyosa Supplement to see if there was anything in it that could mess with his meds.

The first ingredient to catch my eye was Siberian Ginseng, purely because I’d heard of it, so I researched it. I was disappointed to find that it’s on the list of things to avoid for him, as even in small doses, it can reduce the blood thinning effects of his meds.

It may just be because we can’t use them personally, but I don’t think that anything that has ‘consult with your doctor if you have any pre-existing medical conditions, taking any medication or suffer from food allergies’ printed on it should be included in what is essentially a box of surprises. If you need or want to use vitality supplements, I think it’s something you need to source yourself.

LICX Mix for Her

I like LICX products, so was pleased to find this little box of gems in my Dewcibox. Comprising of 6 sachets, the LICX Mix offers 2 intimate wipes, 2 female arousal gels, and a choice of gel and cream lubes.

Both lubes are pleasant to use, the arousal gel is mild with a buildable strength of sensation, and the wipes are super handy for a quick freshen up either before or after sex. The sachets are perfect for stashing in your bedside drawer, or slipping into your suitcase if you’re off on your holidays. Those who find they need to take arousal gels and lubes with them on a night out may want to stick a couple in their handbag too.


This stuff is lovely! You get a massive 250ml bottle, and the scent is just delightful. It’s an odd one to describe, really. There’s a definite masculine hint to it, kinda like the unisex eau de toilettes that were all the rage in the 90’s, but there’s a quality to it that I can only describe by saying hippy shop. It reminds me of the fragrances that would pour from the shop I used to buy my body jewellery, joss sticks and temporary tattoo’s in when I was a teen, and I love it.

Ylang Ylang, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and Calendula give this oil its beautiful scent, and apricot, sweet almond and sesame oils make it feel gorgeous on the skin. The scent lingers for hours after use, and it leaves my skin feeling soft but not at all greasy. It lasts ages too, so only a few drops at a time are needed, unless you want to go wet and wild with your partner that is.

Funkin Mojito Mixer

I laughed when I pulled this out of the box. I wouldn’t have thought to put something like a cocktail mixer in a sexy subscription box, but I think it works. All you need to do is add some ice and a bit (or a lot, if that’s your preference) of rum, and you have a cocktail to share with your lover!

Playboy Condoms

As with another subscription box I’ve reviewed, I thought condoms were an odd addition to something like this. As I’ve said before, people often have their preferred brands, if they even use condoms at all. I think it would have been much better to have chosen latex free condoms too, because allergies.

I dunno, maybe this aspect just doesn’t work for me because the Fella and I have been together since God was a child, and we’re both 100% monogamous, so don’t feel the need to use condoms for any other purpose than unplanned anal sex. I know that’s me saying we do use condoms, but we have a brand we prefer to stick to, so probably won’t use the Playboy ones.

Chocolate Hearts

Is there anything more to say than YUM! I can’t believe these even survived long enough to be in the photographs, to be honest, cos when it comes to chocolate, I’m an absolute beast. The Fella thinks he’s getting one once the review goes live, and that just goes to show how silly he can be.

So, that’s what you get in the box. I have to say that, even though there’s a couple of things in there that we won’t be using, I do think this Dewcibox – and the others whose contents I’ve seen – is well worth what you pay.

I’m not convinced that these are the right choice for people with large collections, and I can attest to this by the fact that I haven’t had to open some of the products as I already have them lying around.

But for those just starting to build their collections, or those who just want one off treats, Dewcibox is an excellent place to start. There’s a bit of everything in there, and they’re sure to go down well, whether you’re buying for you and your partner, or a sexy gift for a friend.

The DewciBox Monthly Subscription Box was sent to me by DewciBox in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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