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Like many porn stars, Dani Daniels has her frilly bits immortalised not just on screen but also in the sex toy market. If you fancy a stroker with her name on it, it’s out there waiting for you. But, unlike other porn performers, Daniels has taken a few more steps into the world of sex toys with the launch of her very own subscription service called the DDboxxx.

Daniels says that the DDboxxx came about because it’s ‘a project I’ve always wanted to do, create a fun subscription box with items curated by me that are useful but still fun and sexy.’ I love reviewing subscription boxes and I must say I was super excited about this one. I thought, given Daniels’ awareness of the adult industry, the contents should be awesome.

Before I even mention contents and pricing, though, I want to draw your attention to the packaging. No, not the box the stuff comes in, but the outer packaging. The plastic bag. You know, the one your postie, neighbours, and kids see?

Aye, I know what you’re probably thinking, and I agree. No matter how super kinky we might be behind closed doors, most of us prefer – require, even – any packages that are full of fuckery to be discreet when they rock up at our front doors. But discreet is the last thing this packaging is. I mean, there’s a ‘XXX’ in the name and the print is a website address. It might as well say ‘FUCKY STUFF INSIDE’.

I take packages in for my neighbours all the time. But I’m being honest when I say I’m never curious about what they’ve bought. Quite simply, I couldn’t give a flying fuck what they do. But at the same time, I’ll hold my hands up and say that, if one of their deliveries had XXX splattered all over it, I’d Google the fuck out of it to find out what they were receiving. The point of my bitching? Be aware that this is what your subscription box will arrive in, so at the very least, your postie is gonna know what you’re about. And so will anyone else who sees your parcel.

So, Dani’s boxes. Each month has a different theme. In the short time the service has been running we’ve seen Date Night, the Morning After, Kinky Box, get Over Your Ex, and the Outdoors box.

If you fancy getting a delivery from DDboxx every month the subscription service is for you. This will set you back $27 for each delivery you receive. This is the cheapest way to get your hands on Dani’s goods.

If you’re only after one specific box you can back order until previously released boxes sell out. Prices vary for one off buys, with one box costing $32 and others $40. I guess it depends on the contents, which are guaranteed to contain four to six products with a combined value of at least $100.

For my review, I was sent April’s box, and that’s the Kinky Box. Here’s the lowdown on what I found inside:


Made by Doc Johnson, these black silicone cuffs are super sexy. There’s a cute, brick like pattern printed into the silicone so they’re not just boring old black. But the silicone is that shiny, draggy stuff that makes body parts sweat and attracts hair and fluff like a motherfucker.

They’re ‘quickie cuffs’, designed to be stretched and slipped easily on and off, thus allowing you to restrain a partner without having to go through the rigmarole of locking locks or tying knots. I think these are great for those new to restraints because, while they’re hugely stretchy and sturdy so are unlikely to snap, they are supremely easy to escape from. That can be peace of mind for folks who aren’t sure they’re gonna love being bound.

I find them comfy to wear, though they do make my wrists a bit clammy. That said, leather cuffs do that too, so it isn’t an issue. I’ve taken to putting these cuffs on and offering myself up to the Fella whenever I fancy a quickie and a light spanking. When we’re done, I take ‘em off myself. That’s how easy they are to use.


To look at, this thing is really cute. It’s a stretchy black number that serves a dual purpose. One side is an invitation, having ‘fuck me’ printed on it in grey text, and the other is a warning (in our house) to back the fuck off cos ‘sleeping’.

It’s odd to me that the part I assumed would curve over my nose puts the text upside down. I still wear it upside down cos the straight edge creeps under my nose and it annoys me. The blindfold is made of a stretchy fabric that’s breathable, so it doesn’t feel stuffy when it covers my nose holes, it just bugs me.

It fits nicely, though, and the crossed over elastic straps at the back pull it snugly against my face, which is good. But if there’s any more than candlelight in the room I can see through it, which isn’t so good. That’s easily remedied by closing my eyes, but I do like to peek then lie when I’m accused of doing exactly that. It’s fun.


Umm, yeah. Socks. A pair of DD branded black and grey socks. How fucking awesome, though? I’ve never found a pair of socks in an adult subscription box before, but I wish I had cos I love socks. They’re comfy, thick and warm, and on the info leaflet in the box Daniels even suggests a sexy sock game.

On the bottom of one sock it says, ‘it’s all about me’ and the other says, ‘it’s all about you’. You each choose an activity, and then whoever isn’t wearing the sock picks a foot. If it’s the ‘me’ sock they win the reward and their chosen activity is performed on/for/with them. If it’s the ‘you’ sock the wearer gets rewarded. I want two pairs of these socks now so that both of my feet can bring me the treats.


What a weird yet wonderful thing to slip into a subscription box! This adorable little spanking paddle pin – branded with the Dani Daniels ‘DD’ – is one of my new favourite things. Again, a game is suggested on the info leaflet; wearing the pin to show that you’re in the mood, or as a potential conversation starter. It would be a good way of drawing kinky folks to you in a club, I suppose. And creeps. Nevertheless, it’s a super fun little thing and a great way to wear your kinkiness on the outside. I’m gonna wear mine at every adult event I attend from here on out.


The Fella loves this little leather flogger to death, and I love how it smells. With eighteen fronds, a leather wrapped handle and metal ring for hanging, it’s the cutest little thing. The impact from it isn’t even nearly painful, but when it comes to my feet I don’t need pain to make me howl. Yes, he uses it to tickle my feet. Bastard. At nearly 7” in length it’s too big to hang from a key chain, but it does make a fab little torture device.


Yeah, even Dani says that the inclusion of a Sharpie might seem a bit weird, but it’s actually quite clever. See, if you graffiti your partners body with sweet words, filthy words, nasty words, or whatever words work for your dynamic, then get them to cover up and leave the house with it all still under their clothes, you’ll have a damned sexy mindfuck on your hands. The Sharpie included is permanent and is hard to wash off, so they’ll have to walk around with it on their skin for however long you say. Just knowing it’s there is super-hot, and then the removal can be as sensuous (or scrubby) as you like.


To help remove your Sharpie’d filth, Daniels has had the foresight to include a bottle of permanent marker remover in the DDboxxx. It’s a decent sized bottle, carrying 118ml (4 fl. oz) of solution. It works a treat, though if you suffer from dry skin like I do it can take a bit of scrubbing to completely remove marks.

It’s probably obvious, but Kink Erase is full of potential skin irritants. I was surprised to find that most of my skin didn’t react to it. My lower back was mega itchy after using it, but that’s about it.


Most subscription boxes come with at least one condom, the DDboxxx comes with three. They’re DD branded, lubricated, latex jobs. We don’t use condoms so I have no idea if these are good or rubbish, but loads of other folks will probably be pleased to find them in their box. Daniels says she includes them ‘to remind you to always practice safe sex’ which is fair enough.

So, do I rate the DDboxxx and is it good value for money?

Well, the first thing to look at is the value of the products. Combined, all of the goodies in this box would cost you $106 (according to the info sheet). That’s £80 for those in my neck of the woods. The maximum cost of the Kinky Box is $32, or £25-ish, so on the face of it it’s a great saving.

But then you have to take postage and packaging into consideration. While it’ll be cheaper to have it delivered in the states, it costs $20 (£15) to have it sent to the UK. That takes the cost of the box up to £40. Half price ain’t too shabby, right? Right, but then there’s something else for international buyers to think about. The dreaded customs charge. My package received a fee of £12.55, taking the total cost of the DDboxxx to £52.55. Although that’s still a saving of nearly £30, it does paint a very different picture when you realise that you’re paying more in postage and fees than you are for the goods. I would say that, for international buyers, this box isn’t the best value for money. Unless you really want DD branded gear, which you can only get by purchasing a DDboxxx.

But as I said above, I’m guessing that USA shipping will probably be much cheaper than $20 and might even be free. I dunno, cos there aren’t any set costs on the DDboxxx site, you have to fill in an address to get a quote. But still, even if delivery costs weigh in at $10-15, you’ll still be getting a box full of lovely, well thought out products for less than half of their retail value if you subscribe.

If you’d like to try a one off DDboxxx, click the logo below and go check them out.

The April DDBoxxx Subscription Box was sent to me by D.DBoxxx in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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