Crystal Delights Pony Plug

Prepare yourselves, lovely readers, cos I’m about to tell you all about a sex toy that I’ve wanted since pussy was a kitten. I’ve lusted after it, stared at it for hours online, cursed the gods for making the stork drop me in the UK while all the good sex toy makers are in the USA (ooh, controversial!). But now, thanks to the awesome Vikki at Uberkinky, I’m the proud owner of a Crystal Delights Pony Plug!

This is my second Crystal Delights plug, so I was no stranger to how lovely their products are. But seeing the Pony in all its glory still managed to leave me slack-jawed. There’s only one word to describe it, really; majestic.

I’m not a pony player, or any other kind of animal player for that matter. But I can’t deny that there’s something supremely erotic about the sensation of a tumbling tail erupting from between my butt cheeks. It feels hot, and according to the Fella, it looks it, too.

So, first thing I’ll say is, the Crystal Delights Pony Plug is pretty much suitable for all. It isn’t the smallest plug they make, but it is small enough to be easily inserted into the most inexperienced butt without too much wincing.

It’s a glass plug, and I always find those easier to insert than any other material. They’re naturally slippery so don’t need a vast amount of lube. In the case of a plug with a tail, that’s a massive bonus. Nobody wants their tail all sticky and fucked up with lube.

Size-wise, you’re looking at 3.25 inches of glass from base to tip. That base is 2” in diameter, and that makes me happy. Too often I see plugs where the bulb, neck, and base are all pretty much the same size, or near as damn it the same. Despite the fact that they’re marketed as such, none of them are truly anal safe, because the butt is a greedy orifice and if a plug doesn’t have a proper barrier in the form of its base there’s a good chance that it’s getting sucked up.

The Crystal Delights Pony Plug has a one-inch neck, keeping things tightly fitting but comfortable, and the bulb has a circumference of 4.5 inches at its widest point.  It’s smooth, flawless, and so comfy to wear. After insertion it sits pretty, the neck sloping into the base and preventing nipping. The width of the base does put a little pressure on chubby butt cheeks, but nothing that should be jabby enough to hinder play.

And spilling from the slightly concave base of that plug is the tail. In my case, a glorious cascade of beautiful brights. Solid colours are available, as are pastel mixes, but the one I always wanted was the shockingly bold multi-coloured brights. It seemed fated when Vikki told me that she had one Crystal Delights Pony Plug and it just so happened to be the very one I wanted.

The tail is made from synthetic hair that hangs in layers. The upper layers are orange and yellow, and those beneath are green, blue and purple. They’re loosely curled, so some parts are solid while others blend together. I had to give it a bit of a style before I could use it due to travel and storage, and that did loosen the curls a little.


That was the best thing that could have happened. Reason being, I have a wide arse. Slimmer tails do look cute, but in my mind they can also look a wee bit silly dangling right at the middle of my butt. The hair of the Crystal Delights Pony Tail is abundant, and once it’s separated a bit it spreads to about 8 inches in width.

A span like that looks so much better on a plump rump, but not because it covers more flesh. It’s because it becomes the focal point it’s supposed to be. It stands out loud and proud cos it’s got presence enough to not be dwarfed by a larger body.

And because I have a big butt, I find that the first inch or two of any tail I wear can’t be seen cos they’re wedged between my cheeks. That’s still the case with the Crystal Delights Pony Plug, but the super generous 15-inch drop means that there’s still plenty of tail for me to swish.

The tickle on the back of my thighs is maddeningly delicious. Feeling it sway while I move around is erotic. And then, once the Fella gets involved, having it stroke my cheeks and the small of my back when he holds it out of the way during sex just adds more layers of goodness to an already awesome thing.

Sometimes, he’ll whip me with it before he inserts it. I would never have expected that to sting, but it does, so there’s another use for it, if you’re that way inclined. I will say two things about that, though.

First, my version of this plug seems to have a fixed tail. It appears to be glued in, unlike some other Crystal Delights plugs I’ve seen where the tails are interchangeable. If you end up with one of those, I don’t know if whipping would be wise.

Second, if you don’t have experience with getting tangles out of synthetic hair, I wouldn’t do the whipping thing. It does mat it up and it’s a pain getting knots out of it.

I can wear it for long periods of time because it’s so comfy, though I do make an effort to keep it out of the way of body fluids. Truth be told, I wouldn’t know where to start with cleaning gunk off the tail. It’s not like I can take it into the bathroom to do a shampoo and set on it. I’d worry that soaking it would ruin it.

For that reason, it gets removed once sex becomes active, not that we have sex every time it’s used. Sometimes, it’s just a decoration during a BDSM session. Something for the Fella to tug on to remind me of the possibilities. But one thing is always present no matter how we’re playing;


Wearing the Crystal Delights Pony Plug gives me an injection of bedroom confidence. I feel displayed, concealed, decorated and powerful. But at the same time, I feel vulnerable and kinda…other, because I’ve got something humans shouldn’t have; a tail. There’s a delicious wickedness about that, but also a charming cuteness. That combo makes me want a tail to suit every mood.

If you’d like to have your own Crystal Delights tail to swish, click the image below. Uberkinky have a huge range of Butt Plugs and Tail Butt Plugs, so why not check them out while you’re there?

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The Crystal Delights Pony Plug was sent to me by Uberkinky in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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