Close2You Rilassamento Rechargeable Wand

One of my most favourite companies to review for is Orion Versand. I adore looking through their pages, searching for hidden gems that I can bring to your attention, lovely readers. Close2You is a range of theirs that offers some lovely products, and this review is for one of them. The Close2You Rilassamento Rechargeable Wand.

As soon as I laid eyes on this thing I knew I needed to try it. I just got such a good vibe from it (pun totally intended). It looked like one of those predictable products. You know the ones. They look like they’ll be well-made, lovely to hold and easy to use, but you know the power and vibe quality will be a wild-card.

Well, when I unboxed it, I discovered that my guess had been right. Made from silky soft silicone over a solid plastic body, the Close2You Rilassamento is pretty good quality. It isn’t seamless, with the joins being very obvious about an inch below the wand’s neck and around the base of the head.

For me, detailing is a bit hit and miss. I love that the head and lower portion of the handle have a wavy ribbed texture, but I’m not in love with the neck. The ribs in the silicone that allow it to bend are around half a centimetre deep and a bitch to clean. Even with a toothbrush I still end up finding flaky lube and vag gunk stuck in them once the toy has dried.

With a length of 8.5”, a maximum handle girth of 5.25” and a head girth of 7”, the Close2You Rilassamento belongs in the mini-wand category. There’s a good amount of weight to it. Enough that it feels robust, but not so much that it could become difficult to keep hold of over long periods of use.

It’s USB rechargeable, and you’ll find the pinhole right at the very base of the handle. It’s a self-healing hole, so just confidently push your pin in and away you go. From completely flat the wand takes around two hours to finish charging, and playtime is up to 45/50 minutes depending on how you use it.

To switch it on, look for the ON/OFF button at the centre of the handle. You’ll need to hold it down for about five seconds before it responds. Directly beneath it is the mode button, denoted by a circle in a circle. It gives you access to three constant intensities and four patterns.

So, the big question is, what are the vibrations like?

And the answer to that is, they’re awesome! I really wasn’t expecting to feel such deep rumbles from it, but that’s what I got. The lowest speed is a gentle thud, and while the two higher speeds do become a little higher in pitch they’re still rumbly and strong. If I press it against my nipple when it’s on full power I can feel it in my chest cavity, my armpit and shoulder.

In the included leaflet there’s a part that says, “The new Close2You motor! It creates very deep and strong vibrations which spread throughout the body.”

While I won’t say they travel throughout the body (what a bold claim that is!) I will readily say that they do travel deeply into the body, and over a good area around the actual spot of contact.

In use, I’m happy as a clam if I just get to lie back, jam the head between my labia and listen to audio erotica. The vibes feed my rumble hungry clit no problem, and I get to have a powerful, easily won orgasm.

Because the head is textured, it’s so much fun to hump. My belly gets in the way sometimes, but sitting so that I can rub my clit against it, feeling those ribs dragging back and forth over my labia and clit feels awesome. The neck only has a small amount of flex to it, so I don’t feel like I’m constantly chasing pressure I can’t get. On the rare occasion I watch porn, I like to play like this.

It’s fun to use it during sex, too. I prefer to get on my knees with an arm beneath me, cos that gives me perfect access to my clit. Its size makes it great to hold without it getting trapped between my belly and the bed, and it doesn’t get in the way of the Fella doing his thing, either.

Rilassamento is the Italian word for relaxation. That totally fits for a vibe of this kind, cos one of the best non-sexual ways to use it is as a body massager. All wands are good for it, of course, but this one feels especially nice, given that it’s small and not mains powered. It gets into all my knots, is super easy to hold and just big enough to reach whatever body part needs some attention. I could sit for hours, just letting the Fella grind it into by back and shoulders. Pretty much bliss.

Now, I’ve had a few concerns about cleaning this wand. It gives the impression of being waterproof, looks well sealed at all its joins, but there isn’t anything on the packaging or the included info that indisputably states that it is. For that reason, I’ve been careful about cleaning it. I go heavy on the sprays, then get straight in with a toothbrush, and make sure I dry it completely with cotton buds and soft cloths. It’s not a silicone that loves dust, so storing in a velvet/satin/cotton bag is fine.

I think this is one of the nicest rechargeable wands I’ve come across. If you’re someone who needs pinpoint stim, it probably isn’t for you, and if you need earthmoving vibes you’ll be disappointed. But if you’re after broad stim with added texture and like reasonably rumbly, wide spread vibes, you have a good chance of loving it.

If you’d like to give it a go, click the banner below and visit Orion.


The Close2You Rilassamento was sent to me by Orion Versand in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

8 thoughts on “Close2You Rilassamento Rechargeable Wand

  1. And it’s so pretty! I know purple is overused in this industry, but I like the plum color, and the swirly detailing is very artsy.

    1. I think there’s a chance of this with all vibrating toys, to be honest, though I’ve not experienced that with the Rilassamento. There’s not enough weight to it for that side of things to be a problem, but I guess there is potential for vibes travelling through the body of the wand to start to bother the wrists after prolonged play.x

  2. I *am* tempted to buy this one. Chronic pain issues mean almost everything in the toy box that vibrates and looks like it even vaguely might be usable for pain management (as opposed to actual toy use/”pain managemetn”) gets tested out at some point, and one that’s lightweight and fairly maneuverable as well as having decent vibration quality sounds intriguing.

    1. It’s a lovely wand and definitely worth a try. It is quite short, though, so depending on where you need relief it might be a bit awkward.

      Good luck with your appointment, I hope it goes well for you and is over quickly 😀

      1. Quite short isn’t necessarily a problem. I’m one of those people who has intermittent issues (Monday could be neck/back/shoulders, Tuesday could be hip screaming but nothing else, Wednesday could be AWESOME BASICALLY NO PAIN, Thursday “ouch everything hurts do I really have to do more today than make sure all the kittehs’ bowls are full?”, and Friday could be “everything *hurts* but I can deal”).

        I’m racking up a collection, basically. As mentioned, thanks to Epiphora and Come as You Are’s Black Friday deal, I’ve got a Magic Wand (which turned out to have a pretty noticeable learning curve as far as “okay what either a) breaks up the knots/reduces the pain some or b) sexyfuntiemz” and no the two are not usually identical), I’ve got one of Ann Summers’ Climax Wands, I have a Dorr Avond (not a *total* anti-rec but not my go-to either), a Bswish Classic (which I like a lot and to me is an excellent addition to a wand collection so long as the collector doesn’t necessarily need an INCREDIBLY high-powered one)…..

        Other than getting told “you shouldn’t have told a prospective employer you can swear bilingually twice” and coming in late, the appointment went fine.

        Neither’s a big deal imo. It’s the kind of setup where “you called and let us know you were going to be late and you DID show up plenty of our clients don’t bother doing either we’re cool”, and the prospective employer runs a trucking company that’s looking for part-time clerical help, still seemed interested based on my overall qualifications, and may have even found that bit amusing and/or proof that I was bombproof enough to be able to deal with “some of my drivers make me want to put up a “daddy day care” sign because that’s how much you’re going to have to stay on them to keep their paperwork current so everybody gets paid/etc.” I did agree with my employment specialist that while it may have made sense in context to *me*, it didn’t sound professional to an outside POV so oops.

        1. It sounds like you’re building up quite a collection there! I’ve love to try a Hitachi so I could compare it to the Doxy, but I fear that even if I could get my hands on one the power wouldn’t be the same as it is in the USA.

          Lol, telling them you could curse folk out in more than one language was an odd thing to do in a job interview, but also an awesome one 😀 Their faces must have bee a picture. Good luck, I hope you get the job.x

          1. My personal opinion on the Hitachi: surprisingly buzzy, but then my hardwiring thinks the Tango which is supposedly the gold standard for “rumbly” feels like NOPE TOO BUZZY so obviously ymmv. For me, it’s somewhat more useful for pain than for funtiemz.

            Haven’t gotten a callback/interview (this was call to see if still open/clarify a few details for me and probably them) so that may have been over-the-top odd even for that setting. They might also have had an issue with my commute situation (southern end of metroplex to northern). I appreciate the “good luck”, because I think I’d actually be decent at and might even ENJOY the job.

            (My neighborhood’s basically a “mi calle, mi barrio, mi ciudad” situation because although I’m not afaik, about 75% of my neighbors at least have some Latinx heritage and pretty much EVERYBODY around here can probably swear in Spanglish even if they aren’t anywhere near *fluent*.)

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