Close2You Flores Piccolo

The Close2You Flores Piccolo rabbit-style vibrator was an unexpected offering from a lovely lady at Orion, sent along with the Passione Rosa (from the same brand) for me to review. I have a number of rabbit vibes at this point, and I have a terrible time getting them to work for me, so I was eager to see if the Piccolo would end up on the yes or no pile.


I’m fast coming to realise that, when it comes to the way a toy is powered, I’m the kinda gal who likes to be able to plug things into the wall. I don’t want to class myself as a power queen, because I can get off on the gentlest of vibes, given the right circumstances, but in general, I usually need more power than a couple of AAA’s are capable of giving me.


For that reason, I was a little dismayed when I read that the Flores Piccolo is powered by exactly that: 2 AAA batteries. I was convinced that it wasn’t going to work for me, that it wasn’t going to have the power I needed to reach orgasm, but I was willing to put it to the test anyway.

When it arrived, I wrinkled my nose at the packaging. It’s similar to that of the Passione Rosa in its hetero couple friendliness, and while that does make sense if you consider the brand name, I kinda wish it was a little plainer. But that’s moot, cos that bit went in the bin. The inner box is much simpler, and it’s solid as well as inconspicuous, so is great for storing the toy. There’s a cute velveteen storage bag hidden away inside if your box has to go the way of the sleeve, though.


Along with the storage bag, there was an info leaflet in my box, as well as two AAA batteries and a sachet of lube, so I could get going with the Flores Piccolo right away. When I pulled it out of its little foam nest, I’ll admit to being surprised. The toy is absolutely tiny, so I didn’t expect it to have any weight to it at all. But it does. I’m not talking lbs mind you, but it does feel a lot heavier than it looks.


When I say it’s tiny, I’m not exaggerating. Well, I might be a little, cos 7 inches in total is pretty average, and I guess the 3.5 inches in insertable length is only just under the 4 I usually come across. No, the length isn’t what makes it seem so small to me, it’s the girth. It’s only 3 inches at the widest point, and that’s miniscule in comparison to what I’ve let my vagina get accustomed to.

But even though it’s a wee thing, the shaft has some lovely detailing. It’s made from silky pink silicone (it also comes in purple) that feels lovely to the touch, and there are a series of raised lines that wrap around the base of the shaft, offering a little bit of cheeky stimulation to the vaginal opening. The gently curved head benefits from the same treatment: four raised lines to provide any internal hot spots with a little extra sensation.


At the base of that pretty shaft sits the offshoot that is the clitoral arm. There aren’t any bunny ears here, just a chubby thumb of silicone that has a nice curve and a great flex. The sweet little curlicue at the base of the clit arm finishes the look off nicely, but it’s uber flexible and soft, so it doesn’t really have any purpose other than an aesthetic one.


As I said above, battery powered vibrators are usually lacking in oomph in my opinion (though on occasion, some can shock the crap outta me with their intensity), but the Flores Piccolo has something many of those vibes don’t: it has two motors! One on the tip of the shaft, and one in the tip of the clitoral arm, and because of that, I expected a little more from it than I’d usually get with a battery rabbit. Those motors can’t be operated independently, but as I’d place this firmly in the beginner’s category, that’s no big shakes.


To insert the batteries, you need to twist off the ABS plastic base, and pull out the inner plastic ‘tube’, taking care not to lose the rubber washer that makes your Flores Piccolo waterproof (and therefore easy to clean with soapy water or toy cleaner). Pop the batteries in, slip the tube back in, and screw the base back on. The controls are found on that base, one to switch the toy on and another to control it. There are 3 speeds and 4 patterns on offer, but they’re pretty standard, if I’m honest. There’s nothing here that isn’t in any other vibe on the market.


So, the question is, was the Flores Piccolo an instrument of pleasure, or did it play all the wrong notes?

Well, as a dual stimulator, it was a bust. It just didn’t stimulate any internal hot spots for me at all, no matter how many angles I tried, and trust me, I tried them all. On my front, back, knees… legs up against the wall, or hanging off the bed. I even tried it standing up, but even when it did brush over my g-spot, I couldn’t get enough of a grip on the slim, tapered end to stimulate the area firmly enough.


The ridges did feel nice in places, but they weren’t enough to get me off, and the vibes added nothing at all. There just isn’t enough power in the shaft for me to be able to get adequate sensation from something so small. What’s more, the clit arm didn’t reach my clit unless I was penetrating really shallowly, and a toy has to have mega texture for vaginal opening stimulation to bring me to orgasm.

The sad thing is, the Flores Piccolo doesn’t actually have terrible vibes. Yeah, they’re pretty buzzy, and that can be aggravating at times, but I’ve managed a clitoral orgasm probably 8 times out of ten using the tip of the shaft and those lovely ridges, so I can’t say I don’t feel it isn’t powerful. All I can say is, the size, shape, and power don’t add up to a rabbit-style vibrator that I can actually use in the intended manner. It just isn’t right for me.


However, I do think someone who is new to vibrators could get something out of this, provided it works with their anatomy. It’s unintimidating, petite, and pretty, and while the vibes aren’t the rumbly, powerful stuff toe curling orgasms are made of, they really aren’t too shabby. If you’re looking for a first rabbit that’s made from body safe, easy to care for materials, you could do worse than the Close2You Flores Piccolo.

The Close2You Flores Piccolo was sent to me by Orion in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.


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