Chemical [se]X2: Just One More Book Review

In just seven days’ time, a new book will be unleashed upon the world. Chemical [se]X2: Just One More is an anthology of fourteen supersexy short stories written by some of the hottest names in erotica and edited by two of my fave writers; Oleander Plume, creator of the most sexually rampant guitarist in all the known universe, and Mischa Eliot, a woman whose one-handed reads have been known to make me hungry in more ways than one.

Now, if any of y’all have taken a moment to have a peek at Scandarella’s info pages, you’ll know that, as a rule, I don’t review books. Why? Because I don’t have a frigging clue where to start. I can be objective as fuck about sex toys and such, but words are more personal. I mean, if a toy doesn’t do it for me, who’s gonna be offended if I say so? But if a story doesn’t work for me, well… there’s a creative soul directly on the other side of it, isn’t there. Ergo, I tend to refrain from flinging around my opinions of other folks’ words lest I accidentally say something that hurts their feelings.

And yet, when I was asked if I’d like to give Chemical [se]X2 a read, I didn’t hesitate to say yes. Partly because I fangirled that Oleander Plume had even considered asking me to review it, and partly because I’d seen a list of the anthology’s contributors. I knew my book review cherry popping would be a pleasurable experience cos they’re all incredible writers. I was certain that I’d be blown away with their pieces and I wasn’t wrong.

So, while each story is as individual as the person who wrote it, there is a common theme running through this anthology that ties it to a previous volume; aphrodisiac chocolates! I so love how each author weaves Acme’s cheeky confectionaries into their story. Sometimes very boldly, in the case of Oleander’s offering ‘The Friend Zone’, and others with subtlety, as in Jayne Renault’s ‘Come Away with Me Sweet Fairies’.

All manner of gender, identity, orientation, and (legal) age can be found between the pages of Chemical [se]X2, and many of the pieces are heavy with verbalised consent. That’s an issue which is close to the hearts of every writer who contributed to this book and it made me smile to see them showing that consent is most definitely sexy.

In these stories, friendships evolve, strangers tumble into outdoor orgies, strap-ons get strapped on. Indulgent nights result in unwitting revenge, sexualities are shaped, long-standing desires are fulfilled, and there’s a spot of BDSM in there, too.

Most of the pieces feature muggles in widely different sexy scenarios, but, to my everlasting delight, Angora Shade’s ‘Beast’ brings in a bit of the fantastical, and Delilah Night’s ‘Season’s Change’ took me to the underworld. Ah, my little black heart will ever beat for cryptids and trips to Hades!

As with every anthology, I have my favourite pieces, but unlike some other collections, I can honestly say that there wasn’t one that I didn’t thoroughly enjoy. They’re all brilliantly written and supremely sexy. Because they’re so short they’re fab for getting the engines running and I took every bit of advantage of that fact, slipping in a quick read while the Fella took a bath so that I was ready to pounce when he swanned into the bedroom.

Also, April was #30DayOrgasmChallenge month and while I didn’t get around to documenting all my orgasms, I can attribute a few of them to Chemical [se]X2. The scenes made me wanna touch myself, so I did. And I’m thinking that that fact right there is probably all the review this book needed.

As I said earlier, the book will be available to buy on 7th May. In the meantime, check it and all the contributing authors out on Goodreads.

Chemical [se]X2: Just One More was sent to me in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. No affiliate links have been used in this post.

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