Bound Nubuck Ankle Restraints

If there was ever gonna be a range of bondage products to have the Pokemon effect on me (gotta catch ‘em all) it would be the glorious Bound Nubuck Leather range. These beautiful Bound Ankle Restraints are the only product I have from it, but I knew as soon as I pulled them from the package they came in that I needed all the other matching pieces.


The Fella gave me his amused eyebrow lift when I started gushing about how lovely the Ankle Restraints are, and he asked me, “What sets them apart from all the other sets we have?”

On the surface, the answer to that question is nothing. I mean, they are gorgeous to look at, but so are many other ranges. To see what makes them a standout product in our bondage wardrobe, you have to look a little closer.


What you’ll see is a chunky pair of perfectly made brown leather cuffs. The main body is made from a 12 by 2.5 inch strap of soft, lightly padded leather, which is topped by a perfectly stitched strap of nubuck leather.


Nubuck is the stuff my sturdy tan work boots are made from. It’s basically leather which has been buffed to give it a velvety, suede-like texture that’s tougher than actual suede. Nubuck is hard wearing, long lasting and fantastic quality, which makes it a perfect choice for non-vegan bondage gear.

Fixed to that solid double layered base strap is another length of nubuck leather. This one adds another 6.25 inches onto the cuffs, making them 16.25 inches in total length, and that’s the maximum circumference of ankle they’ll accommodate. Seven inches is the smallest.


Complementing the gorgeous brown leather is a bunch of gold toned hardware – studs, two D-rings, lockable buckle, and a matching 5 inch connector chain. The thick linked chain is connected to the D-rings by robust spring clasps, making the cuffs plenty strong enough to survive even the most fervent escape attempts. The extra rings allow for attaching other restraints to the cuffs, making them fit easily into your favourite rig ups.


So, that’s what sets the Bound Nubuck Ankle Restraints apart, build wise. The colours aren’t usual, the gold, while gaudy sounding, is muted and classy, and they’re the kind of quality that lasts a lifetime with proper care.

In use, they’re possibly the most comfy set of ankle cuffs we have. I’ve never had bony, girly ankles, so even before I reached a 24 in dress size I often struggled with getting ankle cuffs that fit. These ones fit like a dream. The shiny leather backing does make me sweat a little, but it’s nothing too drastic.

We’ve used ropes, satin ties, other cuffs and our underbed restraint system with them, all to great effect. They’re especially pleasant to wear in uncomfortable positions because there’s no added discomfort from them. No chaffing, no digging in, just sweet easy restraint. Using them in a hogtie set up makes me really appreciate how comfy they are, though both the Fella and I were unhappy that our hogtie and wrist cuffs were black leather, so they didn’t match our lovely new ankle cuffs.


The strangest way we’ve used them has been as arm restraints. I know they’re for ankles, but bear with me. The Fella had a brilliant *rolls eyes* idea to use the cuffs above my elbows, keeping my arms outstretched in front of me, and he attached nipple clamps to the spare D-rings. Each time he told me to lift my arms the clamps pulled, so he got to indulge in a bit of tit torture without having to raise a finger. It was kinda hot that he was making me hurt myself, though I didn’t tell him that, I just gave him evil looks every time he made me do it.

The Fella’s sexy ankles!

But yeah, tugging, kicking, fighting…I’ve done it all, and the restraints haven’t even had to work to keep me from getting free, I’m completely trapped every time, which makes both me and the Fella happy. If you’d like to give these fab cuffs a go, you can pick some up here.

The Bound Nubuck Leather Ankle Restraints was sent to me by Sex Toys UK in exchange for an honest review. This in no way influences my opinions, which are now, and will forever be, my own. Affiliate links have been used in this post.

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